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The episode opens up to a body of water, waves crashing against the rocks. The camera cuts to grass and sticks, before slowly panning up to reveal a whale tooth scimitar standing upright in the ground. Aang's hand comes into view as he grasps the weapon's hilt and yanks it out of the ground. Cut to a shot of him holding it up while Sokka slides down a dirt slope.
Aang Hey, look! [Examines the sword.] A sword made out of a whale's tooth.
While Aang draws the weapon free from the ground, Sokka slides down the slope and pulls up behind the Avatar, snatching the weapon from his hands as Aang turned to show it to him.
Sokka Let me see that.
Sokka walks on for a little while, before he stops, not too far from Aang, to study the weapon closely. Cut to a shot of the scimitar in his hand. The scene switches into a flashback; Southern Water Tribe warriors are preparing their ships, loading them with supplies. The camera pans to the left as a warrior walks past, carrying a bundle, revealing that a younger Sokka is observing them, his back to the camera. Cuts to frontal shot of him as he looks at the scene wistfully, cradling his battle club. Flashback fades to present-day, where Sokka bears the same wistful expression while holding the whale's tooth scimitar in the same way as his club.
Sokka This is a Water Tribe weapon. [Turns to Aang, his expression serious.] See if you can find anything else.
Cuts to shot of Aang and Sokka searching the wooded area for more weapons. Katara walks toward them, curious.
Katara [Curiously.] Did someone lose something?
Aang [Rummaging through the bushes; somewhat cheerfully.] No, we found something!
Cut to shot of a spearhead lying on the ground beneath a few fallen leaves. Sokka kneels before it, brushes aside the debris and picks up the spearhead, examining it and running his fingers along its point, noticing ash on it.
Sokka It's burned. [Cut to shot of a tree trunk, scorch marks and sharp cuts running across its bark. Cut to shot of Sokka and the others.] There was a battle! Water Tribe warriors ambushed a group of firebenders. [He turns away from the tree and looking down the slope of the hill seeing a black spot on the ground.] The firebenders fought back, but the warriors drove them down this hill.
Cut to shot of Sokka racing down the hill along a dirt path, the camera panning downward. He leaps over a few large rocks in his way and continues forward. Cuts to shot of a sandy beach. Sokka appears on screen followed closely by Aang and Katara.
Aang [Intrigued.] So, then what happened?
Sokka [Disappointed.] I don't know. The trail ends here.
Katara [Pointing at something in the distance.] Wait, look! [Cut to shot of a Water Tribe ship, half obscured behind large rocks, sitting idly on the shore.]
Sokka [Happily.] It's one of our boats!
Katara Is this dad's boat? [She and Sokka run toward it. Cut to shot of entire ship as they approach.]
Sokka No, but it's from his fleet. [Strokes the boat off, while Aang appears behind them.] Dad was here. [Turns to Katara.]
The scene changes to a close-up of Iroh sipping a cup of tea, with a relaxed expression on his face.
Iroh [Exhaling.] Aahh! [Cuts to shot of entire room where he and Zuko are seated at a low-lying table.] See Prince Zuko, a moment of quiet is good for your mental well-being. [Pours Zuko a cup of tea.]
Zuko raises the cup to take a sip, but the ship suddenly jerks; the vibrations cause the tea in the cup to go flying, soaking Zuko's face and hair. Zuko grunts in frustration, pushes his ponytail back, and rises to see what the commotion is about. Cut to the deck of the ship, several firebenders stand poised, ready to attack. A large beast, called a shirshu, suddenly leaps onto the deck, a young woman mounted on its back. The firebenders flee from the beast. Cuts to closer-up shot of the woman, who slows down the beast's progress.
Firebenders Look out! Argh!
June [Holding a rolled up whip.] Get back! We're after a stowaway! [Cut to overhead shot of the ship's deck.]
Zuko [Arrives with Iroh.] There are no stowaways on my ship.
Cuts to shot of Nyla, the shirshu, who tears off a chunk of the metal deck flooring and hurls it in Zuko's direction. Alarmed, the prince ducks for cover, the firebenders and Iroh move to the side, and the metal piece hits the doorway leading to the main compartments of the ship with a clang as they turn around to watch it hit the door. Zuko looks on in frustration while the firebenders and Iroh take a firebending stance.

Cut to shot of the interior of the ship, a gaping hole present where the metal flooring once was. Nyla sticks his head inside and begins sniffing around. Cut to shot from his point of view, the scenery slightly warped and in black-and-white to reflect how he envisions things. A stream of green is visible, drifting through the air. The camera pans right and left as the beast surveys the entire room. It focuses on a single barrel which topples over, revealing that a strange man has been hiding in there. Cut to a shot above the deck where Nyla raises his head out of the hole. The stowaway appears, dashing away from the scene. Nyla shoots forward in hot pursuit of him. Cut to side-view of the man trying to flee; Nyla appears on-camera and lashes out his elongated tongue. Close-up of the tongue striking the man who falls onto the deck, paralyzed, and with a terrified look on his face.

Zuko [Shocked.] He's paralyzed.
June Only temporarily. [Lifts the man and slings him over her shoulder.] The toxins will wear off in about an hour. But by then, he'll be in jail and I'll have my money. [Walks to Nyla.]
Zuko But how did you find him on my ship?
June [Prepares to mount Nyla, the stowaway already slung onto his back.] My shirshu can smell a rat a continent away. [Mounts her shirshu.]
Iroh Well, I'm impressed. [June cracks her whip. Cuts to shot of the shirshu bolting off the ship and racing down the dock.] Very impressed. [Leaning over the ledge of the ship with Zuko, stroking his beard thoughtfully; Zuko look at him, disgusted.]
The scene changes to that night, the camera panning downward to show that Team Avatar has settled down for the night beside the Water Tribe ship. Cut to shot of Appa. Aang and Momo are lying on his right paw, all three fast asleep. The camera pans left, showing Katara having also drifted off in her sleeping bag. Sokka remains awake, poking a stick into a blazing campfire, looking worried. Cut to side-shot of him; the scene fades to the flashback seen earlier. A younger Sokka is seen walking by, carrying a large bundle in his arms, wearing face-paint. Cut to a shot of Hakoda standing beside a ship, having handed a bundle to a man in the ship. He turns and walks forward. Cut to a shot of Sokka who has halted in his tracks, his father approaching him and standing before his son.
Hakoda Sokka.
Sokka I'm coming with you.
Hakoda You're not old enough to go to war, Sokka, you know that.
Sokka [Desperately.] I'm strong, I'm brave, I can fight! Please, Dad!
Hakoda [Lays a hand on his son's shoulder; grimly and sadly.] Being a man is knowing where you're needed the most. And for you right now, that's here, protecting your sister.
Sokka I don't understand. [His eyes glisten.]
Hakoda Someday you will. [Sokka throws aside his bag and throws himself into his father's arms. Cut to close-up of him as he sobs and buries his face in his father's parka.] I'm gonna miss you so much.
The scene fades back to present day, Sokka still looking sullenly into the fire. Suddenly a strange noise can be heard, its source originating from somewhere off-camera.
Sokka [Alert.] Who's there? [Stands up, boomerang in hand.]
Cut to a shot of the campsite from several feet away. A pair of boots appears in front of the camera. Cut to shot of a man, hailing from the Water Tribe with white bandages wrapped around the upper left portion of his torso, stepping out of the shadows. He is clearly surprised to see them.
Bato Sokka?
Sokka [Quizzically, raising an eyebrow.] Bato? [Spirited.]
Aang [Having awoken, along with Katara.] Who the what now?
Katara [Cheerfully.] Bato!
Bato [Cuts to side-shot of Bato, Sokka running over to him, followed closely by Katara.] Sokka! Katara! It is so good to see you two. [Hugs Katara and Sokka.] You've grown so much! [Aang follows them, but remains standing a few feet away.]
Aang [Bows in greeting.] Hi, I'm Aang.
Sokka Where's Dad?
Katara Is he here?
Bato No, he and the other warriors should be in the Eastern Earth Kingdom by now. [Both siblings look crestfallen at this news. A gust of wind blows, causing them to shiver. Cut to a shot of Bato who shivers as well.] This is no place for a reunion. Let's get inside.
He turns and slings his arms around Sokka and Katara, leading them away. After a moment, he looks back at Aang and gestures for him to follow. Cut to an overhead shot of the shore, the campsite in the distance, as the group begins walking away. The scene cuts to a different location altogether, the moon hanging in a purplish-blue night sky. The camera pans downward to show the roof over of the entrance to an open courtyard. Cut to a shot inside the courtyard, a few nuns milling about, Appa and the group approaching.
Bato After I was wounded, your father carried me to this abbey. The sisters have cared for me ever since. Superior, [A woman turns around.] these are Hakoda's children. They've been traveling with the Avatar. I found them by my boat.
Mother Superior Young Avatar, it gives me great joy to be in your presence. Welcome to our abbey.
Aang Thank you, it's truly an honor to be here. If there's anything- [Sokka abruptly cuts him off.]
Sokka What smells so good, Bato?
Bato [Sniffs.] The sisters craft ointments and perfumes.
Sokka Perfume? [Pointing his thumbs at Appa.] Maybe we can dump some on Appa, because he stinks so much. [Waves his hand in front of his face.] Am I right? [Everyone is silent, a single person coughs.]
Bato You have your father's wit.
The scene cuts to the hut in which Bato is staying, with a tent on the opposite side of the door being the bed chamber, a fire with cousins in the middle, and various pelts placed and hung everywhere.
Katara Bato, it looks like home! [Bato, Katara, Sokka, and Aang file inside.]
Sokka Everything's here, even the pelts!
Aang [Sarcastically.] Yeah, nothing's cozier than dead animal skins.
Momo leaps from Aang's arms and starts hitting the head of a bear pelt. The bear's mouth closes, Momo is alarmed a retreats back to Aang. Katara and Sokka are by the fire. Katara opens the lid of a pot cooking over the fire as Bato joins them.
Katara [Surprised and delighted.] No way! Stewed sea prunes!
Bato Help yourself!
Sokka Dad could eat a whole barrel of these things!
Aang takes a bowl of stewed sea prunes and sniffs it, but looks away in disgust and sets it to the side.
Katara Bato, is it true that you and dad lassoed an arctic hippo?
Bato It was your father's idea, he just dragged me along. Well, the hippo did the dragging! [Momo, sitting by Aang, starts to eat the stewed sea prunes that Aang set aside, but ends up spitting it out.]
Aang [Sokka and Katara are slurping their stewed sea prunes as Aang speaks.] Hey, I ride animals, too! There was this one time when I rode a giant eel and I-
Sokka [Cutting Aang off.] So, who was it that came up with the Great Blubber Fiasco?
Bato [Chuckles to himself.] You knew about that?
Katara Everyone does!
Aang [Curiously.] What's that story?
Sokka [Waving Aang off.] It's a long one Aang, some other time.
Katara [To Bato.] You and Dad had so many hilarious adventures.
Bato Not all of which were hilarious at the time, but everything's funny in hindsight. [Chuckling.] Hey, Aang! Please put that down, [Aang is shown wearing a fur pelt on his head.] it's ceremonial and very fragile. [Aang puts the pelt back on the wall, and sits in the back of the room.]
Sokka Was it you or Dad that put an octopus on your head and convinced Gran-Gran you were a water spirit?
Bato Your dad wore the octopus, [Lowers his voice.] but I did the spooky voice.
The scene cuts to a seedy tavern in the Earth Kingdom. A man is thrown through the roof and land of the ground. Cut to a snake tattoo on a woman's arm. The camera zooms out, showing that it is June's tattoo. She calmly arm-wrestles a man, who gnashes his teeth and sweats. The shot changes to the back of the crowd where Zuko arrives.
Zuko [Annoyed.] Out of my way! [Pushing a man out of the way.] Step aside, filth!
Iroh [Apologetically.] He means no offense! I'm certain you bathe regularly!
Zuko approaches June, who is still arm wrestling. Iroh reaches her as well.
Zuko I need to talk to you!
June Well, if it isn't my new friends: Angry Boy and Uncle Lazy.
Her opponent strains to get the upper hand. Iroh laughs at her remark and June wins her match without breaking a sweat. The crowd cheers and throws money at the winner.
Zuko Your beast trashed my ship. You have to pay me back!
June [As she collects her winnings.] Well, I'd love to help you out, but I'm a little short on money. [To the crowd.] Drinks on me! [The crowd cheers.]
June moves to take sip of her drink, but Zuko grabs her wrist in anger.
Zuko Money isn't what I had in mind.
Cut to moths flying around a lantern.
Zuko I need you to find someone. [Cut to Katara's necklace.]
Shot changes to show June leaning on Nyla while Iroh and Zuko stand in front of June.
June [Sarcastically.] What happened, your girlfriend run off on you?
Zuko It's not the girl I'm after, it's the bald monk she's traveling with.
June [Unamused.] Whatever you say.
Zuko If you find them, I'll consider the damage to my ship paid for.
June [Scoffs.] Heh, forget it. [She starts to climb her saddle.]
Iroh Plus, we'll pay your weight in gold.
June [Stops and widens her eyes in surprise. She smiles. Cut to a side-shot of June walking over to Iroh.] Make it your [Pokes his stomach.] weight, and we gotta deal.
Iroh [Laughs with his hand on his stomach.] You got it!
June [As she turns back to Nyla.] Get on!
June takes Katara's necklace from Zuko, and shows it to Nyla. The camera shows the surroundings through Nyla's sight. As the shirshu looks around, the colored scents of humans are shown. Nyla soon finds Katara's purple scent on the necklace, and the threesome head off. The scene changes to an aerial shot of the abbey, and cuts to inside Bato's room.
Bato There's something I should tell you kids. I'm expecting a message from your father. [Aang is shown with his eyes closed, excluded from the group.]
Katara [Excited.] Really?
Sokka [Slightly demanding.] When?
Bato Any day now. Your father said he'd send a message when they found the rendezvous point. If you wait until the message arrives, you can come with me, and see your father again.
Aang looks toward his friends with a sad and worried look.
Sokka It's been over two years since we've seen Dad. That would be so incredible! Katara!
Katara I do really miss him, it would be great to see Dad. [Aang gets up to leave, but no one notices him.]
Bato It's been far too long, hasn't it? [As Aang leaves.] I'm not sure when word will arrive, but when it does-
Aang closes the door and heads toward the abbey gate. Cut back to inside Bato's room.
Sokka It would be great, but we can't. We have to take Aang to the North Pole first.
Katara Even if we do have time to wait for the message, who knows how far we'd have to travel. We don't have time for a long detour.
Bato I'm sure your father would understand, and be proud that his children are helping the Avatar.
The scene cuts to footprints on the beach at night. The camera pans upward to reveal Aang sitting on the bow of Bato's boat.
Aang I can't believe they would leave me.
An ostrich horse can be heard coming. A messenger arrives.
Messenger I'm looking for Bato of the Water Tribe.
Aang Uhhh, I know Bato!
Messenger Make sure he gets this! [Hands Aang the scroll and rides away.]
Aang curiously unravels at the message, finding that it is actually a map.
Aang It's the map to Sokka and Katara's dad!
Aang's curious look changes to frustration as he crumples the map and stuffs it inside his clothes. Shot changes to a further distance of Aang sitting on the boat. Cut to an aerial shot of the abbey. Cut to a door which Aang opens.
Aang Hey everyone! Sorry I was gone so long.
Katara [Turns to face him.] Hey, Aang, I didn't notice you left.
Aang Yup, but now I'm back. [Sitting down.] Sure could go for some delicious sea prunes!
Aang quickly takes some bites of sea prunes, but chokes them back up, yet he pretends to enjoy them. Katara, Bato, and Sokka look at him strangely. The scene changes to the herbalist's home that Aang visited to find a cure to Katara and Sokka's sickness in the past. Nyla growl can be heard, to which Miyuki hisses. The herbalist turns around to find Nyla, June, Zuko, and Iroh.
Herbalist Out for a bit of fresh air, are we?
Zuko We're looking for someone.
Herbalist I hope it's not Miyuki [To Miyuki.] Miyuki, did you get in trouble with the Fire Nation, again? [Miyuki meows.]
June The Avatar's been through here. Let's keep moving.
Cut to an aerial shot of the abbey. The shot changes to show Aang airbending a pile of hay to Appa. As he finishes his form, the map falls out of his sleeve.
Mother Superior Aha! I caught you. [Picks up the crumpled paper as Aang looks at her nervously.] You should be ashamed of yourself ... Littering in the courtyard.
Aang [Takes back the crumpled paper.] I'm sorry, I'll take care of this. [Bows. As Mother Superior walks away, Aang stuffs the map back up his sleeve.]
The scene cuts to Bato's ship the next day. Bato, Sokka, Katara, and Aang are seen walking toward it.
Bato This ship is sentimental to me. It was built by my father.
Aang looks down at the ground, noticing the tracks from the messenger's ostrich horse are still visible. He airbends the sand to cover the tracks and whistles nonchalantly. Aang walks up to Bato.
Sokka [To Bato.] Is this the boat he took you ice dodging in?
Bato Yep! It's got the scar to prove it. Ha. How 'bout you Sokka? You must have some good stories from your first time ice dodging. [Sokka begins to look saddened.]
Katara He never got to go. Dad left before he was old enough.
Bato Oh, I forgot you were too young.
Aang What's ice dodging?
Bato It's a rite of passage for young Water Tribe members. When you turn fourteen, your dad takes you- [Bato smile and puts his hand on Sokka's shoulder with a new thought.] You know what, you're about to find out!
June, Zuko, and Iroh followed Katara's trail to the Makapu Village. As citizens flee from Nyla in terror, he stops in front of Aunt Wu's shop. Wu remains outside her shop, completely calm.
Zuko [Annoyed.] Why are we stopping?
June Because the girl must have spent a lot of time here.
Zuko We have no time for this!
Zuko gets off Nyla and hangs the necklace in front of his face. Nyla appears agitated and he snaps at Zuko, who swiftly ducks down.
Zuko Hey! Watch it!
June [As Iroh laughs from behind her.] Oh look, he likes you!
Aunt Wu approaches Iroh, still calm.
Aunt Wu Care to hear your fortune, handsome?
Iroh At my age, there's really only one big surprise left, and I'd just as soon leave it a mystery.
The threesome leave on Nyla, and the scene cuts back to Bato's ship, which is now sailing close to shore.
Bato Ice dodging is a ceremonial test of wisdom, bravery, and trust. [Shot changes to on the boat.] In our village, ice dodging was done by weaving a boat through a field of icebergs.
Sokka How are we supposed to ice dodge without ice?
Bato You'll be dodging those. [Points to a group of tall, sharp, jagged rocks near the shore. Katara and Sokka appear nervous.] Sokka, you steer and call the shots, lead wisely. Katara, you secure the main sail. [Katara grabs a rope.] The winds can be brutal, so be brave. Aang, you control the jib. Without your steady hand, we all go down. Your position is about trust.
Aang [Blinks. Defensively.] I know that. Why wouldn't I know that? [Folds his arms.] I'm the Avatar; I know about trust. [He crosses his arms and looks away, but gives Bato a second glance.]
Bato For this is to be done right, I cannot help. [Sits cross-legged at the front of the boat.] You pass or fail on your own.
Sokka [Studies the rocky shores.] Aang, ease up on the jib. Katara, steady. [Katara looks at the shore with concern.] Aang, less sail. Katara, give him room. [The ship moves to the side and sails between some rocks.] Aang, helm to lee. Helm to lee!
Aang What does that even mean?
The waves knock Bato around. Sokka struggles while Katara and Aang close their eyes. The shot changes to show the boat pass between more rocks.
Sokka Great job!
Katara and Aang smile. Aerial shot of the boat heading toward a large bundle of rocks.
Katara There's no way through!
Sokka We can make it.
Bato [Stands up and grabs the side of the boat.] Sokka, you've already proven yourself. Maybe we should-
Sokka Aang, I'm gonna need air in that sail. [Aang nods.] Katara, I want you to bend as much water as you can between us and those rocks. Now!
Katara bends the water below the boat while Aang fires airbending blasts at the sail. Sokka groans nervously as the boat clears the rocks. When they reach clear water, Sokka sighs and relaxes. The rest of the group smiles at him. Fade to an aerial shot of Bato's boat beached on the shore. Shot changes to Bato carrying a small cup of purple paint.
Bato [Dips his fingers in the paint.] The spirits of water bear witness to these marks. For Sokka, the Mark of the Wise. [Uses his thumb to put an arc and small dot on Sokka's forehead.] The same mark your father earned. For Katara, [Uses his thumb to put a crescent moon mark on Katara's forehead.] the Mark of the Brave. Your courage inspires us. [Using his thumb to put an arc on Aang's forehead.] And for Aang, the Mark of the Trusted. You are now an honorary member of the Water Tribe.
Aang I can't. [Looks down.]
Katara Of course you can!
Aang [Rubbing off his mark and backing away.] No, you can't trust me.
Katara [Concerned.] Aang, what are you talking about?
Aang [Takes the crumpled map out of his sleeve.] A messenger gave this to me for Bato. [Katara takes it from him.] You have to understand. I was afraid you would-
Sokka [Angrily.] This is the map to our father! You had it the whole time? How could you? [Aang shrugs his shoulders.] Well, you can go to the North Pole on your own. I'm going to find Dad. [Walks away.]
Bato Now, Sokka. I think you should-
Sokka [Turns back.] Katara, are you with me?
Katara [Turns to look at Aang and closes her eyes.] I'm with you Sokka.
Aang sadly looks at Sokka, Katara, and Bato as they walk away. Cut to an aerial shot of the abbey. The shot changes to show Bato helping Katara secure her pack as Sokka puts on his own pack. Sokka and Bato off camera. Cut to Aang sitting on Appa with Momo next to him. Shot changes to show Katara walking in front of the camera.
Katara Good luck.
Aang Okay. You too.
Katara joins Sokka and Bato at the abbey gate. Mother Superior, in front of Appa, stares at Aang.
Aang Guess I should be moving on.
Mother Superior That would be best.
Appa growls. The shot changes to outside the abbey. Appa walks out and Aang notices three figures walk away in the distance.
Aang I'm an idiot, Momo. [Momo chitters.]
Cut to an aerial view of the abbey. The shot cuts to three nuns stirring perfume. The sound of rumbling alerts the nuns as they stare in fright as Nyla enters the abbey holding June, Iroh, and Zuko. The shot cuts to Nyla's point of view, who sees the purple scent and turns his head to follow it.
June We're getting close. [Whips Nyla, who runs out of the abbey and into the woods.]
Cut to a view of the sky amidst some trees and the camera pans down to show Bato, Katara, and Sokka walking through the woods. A wolf's howl can be heard in the distance.
Katara [To Sokka.] That wolf sounds so sad.
Sokka It's probably wounded.
Bato [Turns back to them.] No, it's been separated from the pack. I understand that pain. It's how I felt when the Water Tribe warriors had to leave me behind. They were my family, [Shot of Sokka, who looks sadly at the camera.] and being apart from them was more painful than my wounds.
Fade to another one of Sokka's flashbacks. The young Sokka stands at the end of an ice pier as eight ships travel away, fading into the fog. Frontal shot of the young Sokka fades to Sokka wearing a similar expression from the flashback as he stares at the camera.
Katara Sokka?
Sokka We need to go back. I wanna see Dad, but, helping Aang is where we're needed the most.
Katara [Smiles.] You're right.
Bato [Walks up to Katara and Sokka and puts his arms on their shoulders.] Your father will understand, and I know he's proud of you.
Sokka Thanks, Bato.
Bato I know where to go from here. [Takes the map from out of his Water Tribe outfit.] Take this in case you want to find us. I'll leave a message at the rendezvous point.
The camera pans up and cuts to Aang and Momo sitting on Appa with the abandoned Water Tribe ship behind them.
Aang Looks like we're going alone, guys.
Mother Superior [Runs on camera. Desperately.] Avatar, you must leave!
Aang [Annoyed.] Okay, I get it. Everybody wants me gone.
Mother Superior A group of people came to the abbey looking for you.
Aang Who?
Mother Superior A fierce looking woman with a horrible monster, and a young man with a scar.
Aang Zuko.
Mother Superior The beast was using the scent of a necklace to follow you.
Aang A necklace? [Gasps.] Katara!
Cut to a long path heading toward the abbey and the camera pans down to two figures walking toward the abbey. The shot changes to show Sokka and Katara walking down the path. Sokka hears a rumbling noise and puts his hand up to stop his sister from walking. Nyla jumps behind them and they both turn around in fear. Nyla looks at Katara.
June [To Zuko.] So this is your girlfriend. [Zuko jumps down.] No wonder she left, she's way too pretty for you.
Zuko [To Sokka and Katara.] Where is he? Where is the Avatar?
Sokka We split up. He's long gone.
Zuko How stupid do you think I am?
Sokka Pretty stupid. [Grabs his sister.] Run!
They start running, but Nyla uses his tongue to paralyze them.
Zuko What are we supposed to do now?
June [Nyla walks closer to Sokka and Katara.] It's seeking a different scent. Perhaps something that the Avatar held.
Nyla knocks the map off Sokka's pack and smells its blue scent and follows the trail. Cut to the gates of the abbey as Nyla breaks them down. Nuns scatter and the shot shows Nyla holding June, Iroh, Zuko, Katara, and Sokka. Nyla walks around in a circle.
Zuko What's it doing? It's just going in a circle.
The camera shows Nyla's point of view as he follows the blue scent trail up into the air and sees Aang flying down. The shot changes to Aang flying over Nyla, who stands on his hind legs and attempts to paralyze the Avatar with his tongue, throwing off his riders. Nyla falls down, too.
Katara [Looks up.] Aang!
June Up! [June cracks her whip. Nyla stands up and June mounts him.]
June and Nyla charge at Aang, but Appa knocks down Nyla by leaping on the shirshu's side. Appa growls and snorts at June and Nyla. Cut to Zuko and Aang facing each other. In the background, two nuns drag Sokka and Katara to the side of the abbey. Shot changes from Zuko to Aang to Zuko. Zuko firebends a blast at Aang, who stops it by waving his glider. Aang sends a blast of air at Zuko, who sidesteps it and sends a fire blast at Aang, who spins his staff to stop the blast. Aang sends an airbending blast at Zuko, who sidesteps it and sends another fire blast at Aang. Aang jumps to avoid the blast. Zuko moves in closer to Aang and sends two fire blasts at Aang's head and feet. Aang throws his staff and both jump and duck at the blasts. Zuko punches and kicks at Aang, sending fire blasts at him. Aang avoids these blasts and sends an air blast at Zuko's head. Zuko ducks and sends more fire blasts at Aang. Zuko and Aang both firebend and airbend, respectively, at each other at the same time, creating large explosion that forms a mushroom cloud. The shot changes to show Zuko and Aang fall on different roofs. Cut to Nyla and June lying on the ground. Iroh runs up to June and puts his hand on her cheek. June wakes up and stands up.
June [Whips Nyla.] Come on! Get up!
Nyla gets up. Shot of Iroh smiling. Cut to Nyla running across the abbey with June riding him. Cut to Appa's paw as Nyla lashes his tongue at it. Appa lands and falls down, paralyzed. Cut to a shot of June looking at Appa, who opens his eyes and slowly gets back up to his feet and growls. Nyla growls back and they charge at each other when June cracks her whip. The collision between the two beasts sends June flying over Appa, and she takes the opportunity to whip the sky bison. She lands on the ground and quickly rolls to the side before Appa stomps on the ground behind him where June had landed, cracking the floor.

Cut to Aang on the roof as he lifts his head and groans and gasps. Cut to Zuko running across the roof and sending a fire blast at the camera. Aang jumps into the air. Zuko sends a fire blast at Aang's feet. Aang jumps up and sends an airbending blast at Zuko. When Aang lands, Zuko sends a fire blast at him. Aang uses an air shield to stop it. Aang gets up and sends a stream of air at Zuko, sending him to an abbey corner tower. Aang runs toward Zuko and attacks him with an air blast. Zuko jumps off the roof and Nyla jumps on. As Aang runs away from the shirshu, Appa uses his tail to send an airbending blast at the roof. Cut to Sokka and Katara sitting by a wall.

Sokka I'm ... starting to get some feeling back! [Rubble from the roof falls on him.] Ow.
Cut to Aang jumping in the abbey courtyard stream and Nyla follows him. Cut to June and Nyla on the roof. They run to the side as a part of the abbey roof explodes. The dust clears to show Appa. Cut to Iroh examining some perfume bottles. He sniffs one and sneaks it into his sleeves. Cut to Aang standing by a well. Zuko sends him three firebending blasts. Aang jumps to the other side of the well to dodge them. Zuko sends another fire blast at him. Aang ducks and notices Zuko is carrying Katara's necklace.
Aang You've got something I want.
Aang jumps between the four beams of the well. He dodges Zuko's fire blasts by moving on all sides of the well. Zuko breaks two of the well's beams and sends the wooden structure away. Zuko jumps on the well's circular stone structure to join Aang. Zuko sends two fire blasts at Aang, who dodges them by stepping around the well. Aang sends two air blasts at Zuko. The shot focuses on well as the two opponents walk on top of the well. Aang snatches at Katara's stole necklace, but misses. Zuko lunges at Aang, who jumps onto his back. Cut to a shot of Aang flying through the air as he grabs Katara's necklace off his foot. Aang lands in the well. Zuko sends a fire blast down the well. The water from the well rises out and sends Zuko flying. Aang jumps out with the water, which rains a little before Zuko falls down. Zuko stands up.

Cut to Appa, who walks toward Zuko. Nyla's tongue lashes out at Appa from off-camera. Appa growls and the shot changes to show June riding Nyla. June cracks her whip and Nyla's tongue lashes out at Appa again. Appa falls down and Nyla looks toward Sokka and Katara. Mother Superior makes both of them smell a vial of perfume.

Sokka That thing sees with its nose. Let's give him something to look at.
Mother Superior The perfume?
Sokka nods. Cut to four pots of perfume. The nuns and Sokka push the pots. Cut to Nyla and Zuko cornering Aang. Zuko attacks Aang with a two fire blasts. Sokka and the nuns pour the perfume pots onto the ground. Katara waterbends the perfume into the air and pours it on Nyla. The shot changes to show Nyla's point of view as the perfume scents cloud his vision of Aang.
Iroh [Nyla paralyzes Zuko as Iroh looks at Nyla in concern.] June! No! [Nyla tongue lashes out and hits June, who falls back into Iroh's arms.]
Shot cuts to Nyla running around in a circle and bumps into more perfume pots. Nyla jumps over the abbey wall. Shot cuts to Aang picking up his staff and wiping his brow. Katara and Sokka stand next to Aang and smile at him. Cut to Zuko and Iroh lying down on the ground. Iroh cradles June in one hand.
Zuko Uncle? I didn't see you get hit with the tongue.
Iroh Shhh.
Iroh goes back to his position, smiling. June opens her eyes angrily upon learning this.

Cut to Appa flying with Team Avatar on his back. Cut to a closer shot of Sokka and Katara as Aang steers the bison.

Aang So ... where do we go?
Katara We're getting you to the North Pole.
Sokka Yeah, we've lost too much time as it is.
Aang [Turns to the group.] Don't you want to see your father?
Sokka Of course we do, Aang. But, you're our family, too. And right now, you need us more.
Katara And we need you.
Aang I wish I could give you a little piece of home, Katara. Something to remind you ...
Katara I'll be okay.
Aang Still, just a little trinket. Maybe something like ... [Holds up Katara's necklace.] this? [Closer shot of the necklace.]
Katara [Takes the necklace.] Aang, how'd you get that?
Aang Zuko asked me to be sure I got it to you.
Katara Aw, that's so sweet of Zuko. Could you give him a kiss for me when you see him?
Aang Sure.
Katara kisses Aang on the cheek and Aang blushes and twiddles his thumbs. Further shot of Appa flying toward the horizon.
Fade to credits.

Deleted scene[]

The following scene takes place immediately following the scene where Zuko and Iroh meet June for the first time as she catches the stowaway on Zuko's ship.[1]

The scene opens with a shot of the full moon. The camera pans down to reveal the Water Tribe ship and Team Avatar, who decided to make camp next to the boat.
Katara So, how long do you think it's been since someone was here?
Sokka is standing by the boat, while Aang and Katara huddle around a campfire. The camera cuts to a side shot, showing Sokka inspecting the boat.
Sokka Long enough for moss to grow on the hull. [He turns to Katara; unsure.] About three months.
Katara [Close-up of Katara; disappointed.] Oh. [She looks down, saddened.] So dad's probably long gone.
Sokka [Cut to a shot from behind Aang.] I wonder why they left this boat? There's nothing wrong with it.
Aang When was the last time you saw your dad?
Sokka [He turns away.] I don't want to talk about it.
Aang [The camera cuts to a frontal of Aang.] Sorry. [He looks down in guilt.] I didn't mean to bring that up.
Katara [Shot of Katara and Aang around the campfire.] It's okay Aang. Our dad left about two years ago, with all the other Water Tribe men.
Sokka [Sokka enters the shot and proceeds to lay down in front of the campfire; interrupting Katara.] Maybe we should all get some sleep.
Sokka pulls a blanket over himself. Fade to a shot of Aang lying on one of Appa's legs.







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