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This article is about the real world.

The episode begins by showing a coast before panning down to in the middle of a forest where the gang is asleep, except for Momo. Switch to a view from inside Sokka's open mouth, looking out. A spider has set up its web over his mouth. Momo discovers the spider and inspects it with great interest. When a flies lands on the web, Momo tries to grab it. As he plunges his hand completely in Sokka's mouth, Sokka opens his eyes immediately in surprise. He shoots up and starts to spit out the remains of the spider and its web.
Sokka [Angrily.] What are you doing in my mouth? [Momo chitters happily while lying upside down on Sokka's belly, chewing on the fly he "rescued" from the spider's web.] Momo, you need to be a little more sensitive to my boundaries.
The lemur seems to notice something else on his left. He completely ignores Sokka's comment and climbs on his face, where he erects himself and pricks up his ears to determine what it is he heard. He chitters loudly, waking up Katara, who was sleeping on a nearby sawed off tree trunk.

Switch to Aang, who is still sleeping soundly on Appa's forearm. He wakes up as the ground begins to shake. Kahchi, sitting atop a rhino, jumps out of the thicket. Katara gasps as two more emerge from the bushes on the other side of the camp.

Mongke [Shouting from up above as he looks over the campsite.] Give up! You're completely surrounded!
An overview shot of the campsite shows that four rhinos are circling around the gang.

Close-up of Vachir, as he fires two flaming arrows toward Sokka, who was trying to crawl away like a caterpillar in his sleeping bag. The arrows pin the back of the sleeping bag to the ground while Sokka crawls out. He moves out of the path of a third arrow just in time.

Sokka [Crawling toward Appa.] Come on! Come on! Come on!
Sokka climbs aboard Appa, where Aang's already waiting for him. Switch to a closer shot of Katara, as she also makes her way toward Appa. Just before she reaches him, she stops in her tracks and turns around.

Kahchi spins his Guan Dao around and plants it in the sawed of tree trunk Katara was sleeping on a bit earlier. Next to the tree trunk lie some of Team Avatar's supplies.

Katara My scrolls!
Aang [Shocked.] My staff!
He jumps off Appa's head, while Sokka just manages to get on.

Switch to the Guan Dao blade into the stump, right next to a wooden box. The camera pans to the right to reveal Katara charging Kahchi with a water whip. She freezes the blade solid to the trunk, giving her the opportunity to grab the box of scrolls. She heads back toward Appa just as Kahchi manages to break his weapon free of the ice.

Cut to Ogodei, who is swinging his chains around. He throws them around a tree and pulls it down to impede Aang's progress toward his staff. It has no effect, as Aang just somersaults over the fallen tree.

Close-up of Yeh-Lu, as he ignites one of the hand grenades hanging on his belt. He throws it at Aang, who has reached his staff by now. The explosive lands right beside him, but the fuse is still burning. Aang swirls his staff around and knocks the explosive out of the way and into the woods. Aang propels himself into the air with airbending while the bomb explodes. He lands on Appa's head.

Aang Yip yip!
Appa rises from the ground, leaving the Rough Rhinos behind. Mongke shoots a fire ball at them as they fly over. Katara and Sokka quickly duck and cover their heads, as the fire ball just misses them. As Sokka erects again, he notices something on the ground.
Sokka [Stretching out his arm over the saddle as if he wants to grab it.] Wait, my boomerang!
The camera zooms out on Sokka's boomerang, which still lies in the middle of their besieged camp.
Katara [Grabbing Sokka's arm.] There's no time!
Sokka [Annoyed.] Oh, I see, [Turning to Katara.] so there's time to get your scrolls [Turning toward Aang.] and time to get your staff, [Looking back at Katara with his hand on his chest.] but no time for my boomerang?
Katara [Cheerfully.] That's correct!
Sokka [Bowing his head in defeat by this totally honest answer.] Oh.
Cut to a shot of Mongke, who angrily turns his head as Appa disappears at the horizon.

Screen changes to a small village at the edge of a cliff, surrounded by open, green fields. Appa landed nearby a small, wooden house.

Aang [To a sulking Sokka.] Sorry about your boomerang, Sokka.
Camera moves back to show how Sokka sits on the ground in a gloomy mood. Katara is buying supplies is the background.
Sokka [Sadly.] I feel like I've lost part of my identity. [He jumps up and moves Aang's hat slightly so that he can point at Aang's arrow.] Imagine if you lost your arrow, or Katara lost her ... [Makes a hair loopies gesture with a somewhat bored look.] hair loopies.
He slowly saunters over to the stall, where Katara gives him a loving hug in order to comfort him before she holding her hands in front of herself while smiling lovely at Sokka.
Merchant Here's your produce, ponytail guy.
Sokka [He picks up the basket full of supplies, looking dejected at the nickname.] I used to be boomerang guy ...
Aang and Katara follow Sokka with looks of sympathy as he walks away. The merchant heads toward Katara, who gives him some money.
Merchant [Surprised, after inspecting the money.] Hey, Water Tribe money!
Katara I hope that's okay.
Merchant [Clutching the coin.] So long as it's money. [The merchant closes his shop, while Katara walks over to Aang, who is trying to console a crying Sokka as the camera pans up to show just the merchant's head.] Have a nice Avatar Day!
Aang [Interested.] Avatar Day?
Merchant [Turning around while waving.] You guys are going to the festival, right?
They all look at each other for a moment, trying to figure out what to do. Aang and Katara smile at each other, while tears still run over Sokka's face.

The camera pans down to reveal an overview shot of Chin Village. Switch to a shot of several festive, green lanterns hanging over the street. The shot tilts down. Aang, Katara, and Sokka are standing in the middle of the busy street, looking around in interest.

Aang There's a holiday for the Avatar. Who knew?
They turn around as a large effigy of Avatar Kyoshi rolls by.
Katara [Pointing at the float.] Look! They made a giant Kyoshi float!
They run to the side. Switch to a close-up of Kyoshi's head. Aang, Sokka and Katara emerge from a side street.
Sokka And here comes Avatar Roku! [Roku effigy rolls by.]
Overview shot of the main square that is packed with people. The giant float of Kyoshi and Roku are being pulled to the middle.
Aang Having a huge festival in your honor is great, but frankly, it's just nice to be appreciated.
Sokka And it's nice to appreciate their deep-fried festival food! [He takes a huge bite out of the food-item he is holding.]
Katara [Pointing at a giant float of Aang coming down the street.] Aang, look!
Aang That's the biggest me I've ever seen!
Close-up as Aang's float pulls up besides that of the other two Avatars on the main square. The camera pans to the right of the floats as a villager carrying a torch comes running down the street.
Sokka Now a torch, that's a nice prop. It's bright, dangerous ... [Sniffs.] smells manly. But I'm not sure I could carry it off.
Sokka takes another bite of his food as Katara points at the runner.
Katara [Surprised.] Hey, what's that guy doing?
With a loud scream, the runner jumps through the effigy of Kyoshi, causing it to catch fire. The fire spreads rapidly over the whole effigy.
Villagers [Chanting as Kyoshi's effigy is consumed by the flames.] Down with the Avatar! 
The villagers continue chanting while the runner sets fire to the Roku effigy next. The camera zooms in on Aang, Katara, and Sokka, who are utterly shocked by the turn of events. Sokka's mouth falls open and food drips out.

Cut to a shot of another town atop a hill. As two people are walking down the quiet street, a shadowy figure quickly passes them by on the roof. The Blue Spirit lands in front of the two people and unsheathes his dual dao swords as he jumps at the man carrying two baskets, suspended on a long pole. He swiftly cuts the baskets off in one fluid motion. The terrified man cowers back, as the Blue Spirit moves in to collect his prize. He hangs the baskets over his shoulders and heads for the woman, who is carrying a large piece of fruit on her head. The Blue Spirit snatches the fruit off her head and disappears as swiftly as he had come. The man and woman are left in confusion as to what just happened.

Switch to a scene in the forest. The camera follows the descent of a fly that is snatched out of the air by a chameleon resting on a branch. The Blue Spirit is making his way through the thicket. The mask of the Blue Spirit is placed in a hollow part at the base of a tree. Zuko peeks around the trunk. The camera zooms toward a cavern where Iroh is sitting. He looks up when Zuko drops the barrels of food at his feet.

Iroh [Wondering.] Where did you get these?
Zuko [Angrily, while walking away.] What does it matter where they came from?
Iroh [Seriously.] Mmmm ... [Takes a bite out of one of the cupcakes Zuko brought. The jam drips of his chin. In delight.] ... mmmm!
Switch back to the burning effigies of the Avatars in Chin Village as the chants continue. The mayor signals to the torch-bearer, who is now on the roof, to throw his torch. The torch-bearer grins as he takes aim and throws his torch with a grunt right into the right eye of Aang's float. The crowd cheers in approval, while Aang looks at his own effigy burn with a look of pain on his face, closing his own right eye. Katara runs to the front and uses her waterbending to extinguish the flames with water from two large pots nearby.
Villager [Angrily pointing an accusing finger at Katara.] That party pooper's ruining Avatar Day!
Aang looks angrily at the villager. He airbends himself to the top of his own float and lands on the left shoulder of his still smoking effigy.
Aang [Angered.] That party pooper's my friend! [He takes off his hat and throws it away to reveal his arrow.]
Tong [Pointing in shock at Aang.] It's the Avatar himself!
Villager [Scared.] It's going to kill us with its awesome Avatar powers!
Aang No, I'm not, I ...
Aang raises his hand. Several villagers run for cover in fear. The villager that spoke earlier throws himself into the audience. Aang looks at his hand and quickly hides it behind his back.
Tong [Crawling back on his feet.] I suggest you leave! [He waves them away with a gesture of his hand.] You're not welcome here, Avatar!
Katara turns to face the mayor.
Katara Why not? Aang helps people.
Aang [Landing beside Katara.] It's true! I'm on your side.
Camera zooms in slowly on the mayor.
Tong [Calmly.] I find that hard to swallow, [Raising his voice.] considering what you did to us in your past life! It was Avatar Kyoshi; she murdered our glorious leader, Chin the Great.
Aang [Utterly shocked.] You think that I ... murdered someone?
Villager #2 [Lisping and slurring.] We used to be a great society before you killed our leader. [Pointing at himself as the camera zooms in on him.] Now look at us!
The villagers next to him look at him in disgust.
Aang [Frightened by the appearances of the old man.] Huh!
Katara [Katara places her arms on Aang's shoulders and starts to defend him.] Aang would never do something like that. No Avatar would. [Shaking her head in disapproval before pointing an accusing finger at the villagers.] And it's not fair for you all to question his honor!
Villager #3 [Raising his arm to emphasize his remark.] Let's tell her what we all think of the Avatar's "honor"!
He turns around to shake his rear at Aang and blows a raspberry; the villagers cheer in approval.
Aang Give me a chance to clear my name!
Tong The only way to prove your innocence is to stand trial.
Aang [Confidently.] I'll gladly stand trial!
Tong You'll have to follow all our rules. That includes paying bail.
Aang No problem.
Close-up of Aang's face. His confident look quickly disappears as the camera cuts to the next shot, where he is cuffed with his hands and head stuck in a wooden panel and thrown behind bars. Katara holds her hand before her eyes in shame while Sokka leans against the prison bars. His arms are crossed and he looks annoyed at Aang.
Aang [Apologetically.] How was I supposed to know they wouldn't take Water Tribe money?
Cut to a panning down shot of the panoramic view of the village. The frame freezes for a moment on the open prison courtyard, where Aang's tunic is clearly visible. Switch to a shot from inside the prison, where Sokka, Katara, and Momo are still standing before the chained up Aang.
Sokka So some people don't like you, big deal! There's a whole nation of firebenders who hate you. Now let's bust you out of here!
Aang I can't.
Sokka [Upbeat.] Sure you can! A little [Theatrically jumps back and pretends to airbend by blowing air. Katara looks ashamed for her brother. He moves to the back of the room to "cut" the air.] swish-swish-swish! [He makes a grotesque movement with his arm before thrusting his face in the camera.] Airbending slice! [He resumes his place beside Katara, who is still looking annoyed by her brother. He makes a circular motion with his hands and points toward the door.] And we're on our way!
Aang looks at Sokka with big eyes.
Katara [Slightly mocking.] I think what "Master Swish" is trying to say [Serious tone as she looks at Aang.] is that you're supposed to be out saving the world. You can't do that locked up in here.
Aang [Unhappy.] I can't do that with people thinking I'm a murderer either. I need you guys to help prove my innocence.
Sokka How're we gonna to do that? The crime happened over three hundred years ago.
Aang [Cunningly.] That's okay, Sokka. For some reason, I thought you were an expert detective.
Sokka [Content.] Well, I guess I could be classified as such.
Katara [Aiding Aang by playing Sokka's ego.] Yeah! Back home, he was famous for solving the mystery of the missing seal jerky.
Sokka [Bragging.] Everyone wanted to blame it on the polar leopard, but I figured out it was Old Man Jarko wearing polar leopard boots! [Katara holds her hand to her brow, annoyed by Sokka's monologue.] See, a real eight hundred-pound polar leopard would have left much deeper tracks. [Aang is making fun of Sokka, Katara holds her hand to her mouth to refrain herself from bursting out in laughs.] Okay, I guess I am pretty good.
Aang So, you'll help me with my case?
Sokka [Pretends to ponder about the question. Katara stares at him, trying to figure out what he is doing.] Fine! But I'm going to need some new props. [The camera spins around. When it stops again, Sokka is wearing a hat with a monocle.] I'm ready. [Katara looks surprised at his new outfit and giggles. Sokka extends his monocle to investigate her.] What?
Cut to a wagon being pulled by an ostrich horse through the forest. An Earth Kingdom soldier sits in the front, holding the reins. Switch to the inside of the wagon, where a wealthy man in playing with his chest full of gold pieces. He is thrown to the front when the cart suddenly stops. The man looks around in fear, quickly closing and locking the chest with the precious metal. His scared eyes shift from side to side to as he hears rumbling noises outside. He clutches the chest protectively. The cold sweat is dripping down his face. He sighs in relieve as the noise died down, but he swiftly cowers back in fear as two swords pierce the top of the cart. A fist comes crashing down through the ceiling. When the aghast man looks up, he sees that it were the blades of the Blue Spirit that wrecked his cart. He anxiously holds up his treasury toward the Blue Spirit, while trying to stay away from him as far as possible. The Blue Spirit snatches it out of his hands and disappears, leaving the surprised man. The camera moves back to reveal the shocked man in his chart and the unconscious soldier on the ground.

Cut back to a panoramic view of Chin Village, lying at the edge of the tall cliff and surrounded by pastures of green. Switch to on overview shot of a patch of sand, right outside the village wall. Three people are standing nearby a small shrine.

Tong This is the crime scene. [Cut to Sokka, who inquisitively looks around. He gazes directly into the camera lens through his magnifying glass, making his left eye appear huge. He moves on to investigate the walls of the shrine, while the mayor is standing at the edge of the cliff, pointing down at something.] This is the footprint of the killer, Kyoshi. [Sokka quickly squats beside the footprint to take a closer look at it.] It was at sunset, 370 years ago today, that she emerged from the temple, and struck down Chin the Great. After that tragic day, we built this statue to immortalize our great leader. [They all look up at a statue of Chin the Great, who has a raised left hand in triumph.] Feel free to appreciate it.
The mayor leaves Katara and Sokka alone to investigate things further. Sokka moves in to examine the statue from every possible angle, while Katara looks curiously at him. Sokka is investigating the base of the statue, when something catches his attention. He looks through his magnifying monocle in order to take a better look at the right foot of the statue. His eyes widen as he makes a discovery. He swiftly runs over to the shrine that is facing the statue and examines the stone it is made of.
Sokka This temple and this statue were cut from the same stone. [Runs back over to the statue.] And we know that the statue was built after Chin died.
Katara [Excitedly drawing her conclusions.] So if they were built at the same time, that means–
Sokka interrupts her before she can reach a conclusion.
Sokka [Shouting.] Shhh! I wanna solve it! [Pointing at the temple.] That means Kyoshi never set foot in this temple!
Katara That's a big hole in the mayor's story, [Disappointed.] but it's not enough to prove Aang's innocence.
Sokka You're right. [Blows soap bubbles with his dragon shaped pipe, while thinking about their next course of action.] We need to go to Kyoshi Island.
Katara walks in the frame, looking at his pipe.
Katara [Surprised.] Where did you get that?
Cut to the prison in which Aang is being held. An elephant rat sniffles his way over to an acorn. He picks it up and jumps away. Aang, still cuffed, leans dispirited against the wall of the prison. A low voice emerges from the shadows at the other side of the prison.
Scary prisoner You got a bald head. [Aang looks up in wonder to see who is talking. Switch to Aang's angle of view. A man is standing in the shadows, only his outline is visible.] Some nice tattoos. [The man emerges from the shadows. He has a strong build, earrings in both ears, and his body has a large snake tattoo that covers the top of his chest and down his right arm. He suddenly charges Aang, letting out a load growl. He is stopped in his tracks by the chains around his neck. Aang slides down the wall in fear, while the man addresses him calmly.] You're going to fit in real well around here.
Aang smiles awkwardly as the man balls his fist.

Switch to an overview of Kyoshi Island. A man in the watchtower signals the approach of Appa by ringing a bell. Cut to a shot of Oyaji's house as Appa's shadow slides over it. The man looks up. Two laughing, little children pass him on their way to great Appa and his riders. Appa lands right in front of the large, wooden statue of Kyoshi which is completely rebuilt. When Appa touches the ground, everyone in the village has gathered around to great them. They are all clapping as The foaming mouth guy makes it to the front. He sees Appa and all he can do is squeal. He gestures toward Appa in wonder, before letting out a load squeal and starts to foam before fainting. Some of the villagers look at him while doing his thing, feeling awkwardly. Sokka waves at the people. Koko, who was standing in the front with her hands raised high, notices that something is off.

Koko [Angrily stamping her foot on the ground.] Where's Aangy?
Katara [Gently breaks the news to Koko.] He couldn't be here, Koko.
The villagers sigh in disappointment.
Koko [Nagging.] I wanted to see Aangy ...
The foaming mouth guy woozily stands up again, staggering a bit. He looks from left to right, wipes the foam of his face and pulls his tunic over his head, before subtly sneaking away. The rest of the villagers do the same with the exception of Oyaji.
Katara Oyaji! Aang is in jail. The town of Chin says he murdered their leader in a past life.
Sokka They say it was Kyoshi.
Oyaji [Shocked.] Kyoshi? That's crazy talk! I'll take you to her shrine. Maybe something there will help you clear her name.
The threesome is walking up a gentle slope.
Sokka [With feigned casualness.] So, uh ... what's Suki up to? Is she around?
Sokka looks around while Katara gives him a loving smile.
Oyaji Actually, she and the other warriors left to fight in the war. You kids had a big impact on Suki. She said you inspired her and she wanted to help change the world.
Sokka [He disappointedly slants his eyes.] Oh, well ... that's great.
They walk under a large paifang gate toward a temple at the top of a hill.
Oyaji This temple was converted into a shrine to Kyoshi. The clerics tell us these relics are still connected to her spirit. That's her kimono.
Katara [Approvingly.] She had exquisite taste.
Oyaji Please don't touch!
Katara quickly lets go of the robe.
Sokka These fans ... [He picks up one of the fans and waves it back and forth.] They were her weapons, no?
Oyaji [Sternly.] Also refrain from touching the fans.
Katara [Squatting beside a really big pair of brown boots.] These were her boots? Her feet must have been enormous!
Momo peeks out one of them. Katara looks surprised to see him there.
Oyaji [Proudly.] The biggest of any Avatar.
Katara [Realizing something.] Wait a minute ... big feet? [A flashback shows the much smaller footprint they saw at the edge of the cliff outside Chin Village.] Little footprint? [She happily exclaims her findings.] There's no way–
Sokka clears his throat to cut her off.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Special outfit? Hat and pipe? These things mean anything to you?
Katara [Sarcastically.] You're right. I'm sorry. [She bows slightly in a mocking gesture.] Please.
Sokka [Dramatically raises his hand in the air.] Aha! [Showing his own boots to Oyaji.] There's no way Kyoshi could have made that footprint. [Moves toward Katara to explain everything to her.] And therefore there is nothing linking her to the crime scene.
Katara [Unimpressed.] Brilliant, Sokka. [Rolls her eyes.]
Cut back to an overview shot of Chin Village at sundown. Aang is sitting in a circle with three other inmates.
Scary prisoner [In a very friendly voice that does not stroke with his scary appearances.] This girl you're talking about? She'll come around. You just gotta hang in there.
Aang removes his head and hands out of the wooden panel.
Aang [Hopeful.] You think so?
Scary prisoner Sure.
Prisoner #2 Yeah.
Sensitive ruffian You're a catch.
Aang [Doubtful.] I don't know ...
He rests his head on the board.
Scary prisoner Hey! You're smart, handsome, funny. Not to mention you're the Avatar.
Aang [Smiling sincerely.] You guys are great.
Sensitive ruffian [Tears stream down his face while he talk in a very soft voice.] Don't be afraid to tell her how you feel. [He dries his tears and sniffs.]
Switch back to Kyoshi's shrine at Kyoshi Island. Oyaji brings Sokka's and Katara's attention to a painting that depicts Kyoshi and some of the villagers.
Oyaji This piece is called "The Birth of Kyoshi". [Sokka investigates the painting thoroughly.] It was painted at sunrise on this day this island was founded. Why, it was today in fact, three hundred and seventy years ago.
Sokka [Sokka spins around in shock, spitting out some of the bubbles he swallowed. Very surprised.] Three hundred and seventy years? Wait, [He grabs Oyaji by his collar.] are you sure it was today?
Oyaji Oh, seeing how it's Kyoshi Day, yes, [He pulls himself free from Sokka's grasp and throws him back a little.] I'm sure.
Sokka [Staring at the painting again.] This ceremony didn't take place at sunrise. It took place at sunset. [Addresses Katara.] Look at the shadows.
Katara They point east. So the sun must have been in the west.
Oyaji So what?
Sokka [Shoves Katara out of the way as she yelps.] If Kyoshi was in the ceremony at sunset, she couldn't have been in Chin committing the crime. She has an alibi! [Points his pipe dramatically toward the camera upon making his conclusion.]
Katara grabs the pipe out of his hand and slams him hard on the head with it causing him to fall down.

Cut to a far off shot of Chin Village by night. The camera moves in slowly and keeps zooming forward, even when the picture changes to inside the prison. Sokka and Katara confront the mayor with their findings, while Aang listens intently at the bars.

Katara Honorable Mayor, we've prepared a solid defense for the Avatar. We did an investigation and found some very strong evidence.
While Katara talks, a broadly smiling Sokka leans in toward Aang and points at himself to emphasize that he was the one that discovered the evidence. Aang flashes his teeth in return.
Tong Evidence? [Dismissive.] Hmph! That's not how our court system works.
Aang Then how can I prove my innocence?
Tong Simple. I say what happened [He points to himself, before pointing to Aang.], then you say what happened, and then I decide who's right. [Everyone gasps at once, horrified by this news.] That's why we call it justice. Because it's "just us."
The mayor exits the room, laughing maniacally, leaving Sokka, Katara and Aang standing there with their mouths wide open in shock.

Cut to an overview of the amphitheater, the statue of Chin and the temple on the edge of the cliff. Switch to a back shot of the mayor. The camera pans to the left to reveal that every villager has gathered in the amphitheater. Katara and Sokka are seen sitting at the front.

Tong [Emotionally.] Everyone loved Chin the Great because he was so great. Then the Avatar showed up and killed him, and that's how it happened.
He walks away with a giant smile on his face.
Guard [Very deep, monotone voice.] The accused will now present its argument.
Sokka [Raises his hand before his mouth to say some quiet, encouraging words.] You can do it, Aang. Just remember the evidence.
Aang [Still tied up, unsure.] Right ... evidence. [He shifts his eyes to the left while he is trying to remember what to say. Enthusiastically.] Ladies and gentlemen ... I'm about to tell you what really happened. And I will prove it with facts. Fact number one. [Raises his finger to count along but blanks out.] Uhhh ...
Sokka [Whispers.] The footprint!
Aang Oh, yeah. You see ... I have very large feet. [The camera tilts down to reveal his small feet. The villagers are unimpressed by his argument.] Furthermore ... your temple matches your statue. [The villagers look from one to the other, not knowing where Aang is going with this.] But ... I was in a painting at sunset. [He quickly ends his exposition with a big smile.] So, there you have it, I'm not guilty.
The camera switches view from Aang to the unimpressed crowd, to pan further down toward Sokka and Katara, both with big smiles on their faces, but their eyes reveal that they are fake. Sokka gives Aang a "thumbs up" gesture. Momo sits on Katara's lap, looking very confused.
Sokka [Mumbles to Katara while they continue to smile.] He's dead.
Cut to Zuko's and Iroh's hideout in the forest. Zuko sits next to the campfire as Iroh walks into the cave to inspect a new tea set.
Iroh Looks like you did some serious shopping. [He picks up a big, gold-colored teapot.] But where did you get the money?
Zuko [Lazily resting against a tree trunk.] Do you like your new teapot?
Iroh To be honest with you [He puts the pot down.], the best tea tastes delicious whether it comes in a porcelain pot or a tin cup. [Iroh walks over to Zuko and squats down beside him.] I know we've had some difficult times lately. We've had to struggle just to get by. [Places a hand on Zuko's shoulder who closes his eyes as if he was holding something back.] But it's nothing to be ashamed of. There is a simple honor in poverty.
Zuko There's no honor for me without the Avatar.
Iroh Zuko ... [Sighs.] Even if you did capture the Avatar, I'm not so sure it would solve our problems. Not now.
Zuko [Turns away from his uncle.] Then there is no hope at all.
Zuko wants to stand up and leave the cave, but Iroh grabs him by the shoulders and sits him down.
Iroh No, Zuko! You must never give in to despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts. [Zuko bows his head as he listens to his uncle's wisdom.] In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.
Zuko turns to face his uncle, who looks back at him with a sad look upon his face. Abruptly, Zuko pulls free from Iroh's grasp and heads out into the forest.

Switch back to an overview shot of Chin Village.

Katara Mayor Tong, I'd like for the court to hear one last testimony.
Tong I've already told you, it's just me and the accused. You can't call any witnesses!
Katara This isn't just any witness. I'm going to call ... [Spreads her arms.] Avatar Kyoshi herself!
The villagers murmur among themselves while someone exits the temple. The guard escorts Aang in Kyoshi costume, to the front.

Close-up a skeptical looking mayor. As Katara sits back down, Sokka leans toward her, pointing at Aang.

Sokka [Whispering.] What are you doing?
Katara [Hopeful.] Well, she is Aang's past life. Maybe wearing her stuff will trigger something.
Sokka [Plays with his magnifying glass.] I do believe in the power of stuff.
Tong [Angry.] This is a mockery of Chin Law!
Katara [Pleading.] Please! If you could just wait one more second, I'm sure Kyoshi will be here!
Switch to Aang who is standing in the middle of the square, hiding his face behind one of Kyoshi's fans. He peeks over the fan.
Aang [Higher pitch.] Hey, everybody! Avatar Kyoshi here. [Rapidly blinks his eyes.]
Tong [Walking over to Aang.] This is ridiculous! [Points at Aang while he addresses the audience.] For the murder of Chin the Great, this court finds the Avatar–
Aang looks down in defeat, but is suddenly engulfed in a tornado of earth. Tong holds on to his hat to prevent it from being blown away. The sky darkens and when the tornado dies down, Aang is gone and the spirit of Kyoshi has taken his place.
Kyoshi I killed Chin the Conqueror. [A flashback shows how Chin earthbends an earth column beneath one of his subjects as he was offering something to Chin. Voice-over.] A horrible tyrant, Chin was expanding his army to all corners of the continent.
A close-up of Chin the Great fades to a shot of a map, where the trail of his campaign can be seen. He had concurred everything save to Ba Sing Se. The scene switches to a large army standing by the shores of the sea, ready to attack when given the order.
Kyoshi When they came to the neck of the peninsula where we lived, he demanded our immediate surrender. [Kyoshi calmly walks toward him to face his challenge.] I warned him that I would not sit passively while he took our home. But he did not back down.
Chin and Kyoshi stand face to face. Kyoshi is around a foot bigger than him. Chin takes a fighting stance, but Kyoshi is unimpressed. She grabs one of her fans and points it at him. A powerful gust of wind washes over the surprised Chin and strips him of all his clothes, except for his underwear.
Kyoshi On that day, we split from the mainland.
Close-up of Avatar Kyoshi as her eyes glow for a second, signaling the Avatar State. She jumps up and stretches one of her fans to the left as she lands. A powerful fissure rips through the earth and explodes at the edge of the cliff. She repeats that move to the right now with the same effect. Kyoshi calmly closes her fans and slams them into the ground, causing the whole peninsula to shake. Chin still stands in his earthbending stance.

The camera shoots from inside the ground as it opens up to reveal how Kyoshi made a large crack in the earth. With a series of wide arm movements, she bends the lava up from underneath the landmass to sever it completely. As the wall of lava dies down again, chunks of rock fall to the ground. Kyoshi spins around and creates a powerful gale right beside Chin, blowing part of his army away and making the rest run away in fear. An overview shot shown how lava has seeped into the sea and how the island is being blown away from the mainland. Chin holds on to his hat as he watches the island go. He screams in anger while the rocks under him start to cave. An overview shot reveal how he plummets to his death in the waters below.

The overview shot in the flashback fades for the present day overview shot of that same cliff where now a temple is build.

Kyoshi I created Kyoshi Island so my people could be safe from invaders.
She slants her eyes and is engulfed by the sand tornado once more. Tong kneels to the ground and covers his head. While the sandstorm keeps spinning around Kyoshi, the darkness is lifted. Sokka holds Katara protectively in his arms while she clings on to Momo. When the tornado disappears, Aang is standing there once again, swaying from side to side. Katara catches him right before he collapses.
Aang [Confused.] So, what just happened?
Katara [Awkwardly.] Uhhh ... you kind of confessed. Sorry.
Tong [Standing up in the background.] And I find you ... [He brushes himself off and points at Aang.] Guilty! Bring out the Wheel of Punishment!
The villagers break out into cheers as they hear the sentence. Momo looks around, before covering up his eyes with his tail.

Cut to Iroh who is bending over the supplies.

Zuko Uncle ... [Switch to a close-up of Iroh with Zuko on the background.] I thought a lot about what you said.
Iroh [Iroh's sad expression clears up as he hears Zuko talk.] You did? Good, good.
Zuko It's helped me realize something. We no longer have anything to gain by traveling together. [Iroh's brightened expression quickly disappears again.] I need to find my own way.
Iroh bows his head in sorrow. Zuko looks at his uncle for a moment before grabbing his backpack and walking away. The camera zooms in on Iroh's face.
Iroh [Calling after Zuko.] Wait!
Iroh hands Zuko the reins of the ostrich horse. Zuko mounts it, looks at his uncle one last time and heads off, leaving a broken Iroh.

Switch back to a panning down shot of Chin Village where Aang stands before the Wheel of Punishment.

Guard [Deep, monotonous voice.] The accused will now spin the Wheel of Punishment to determine his sentence.
Aang turns to looks at Sokka and Katara who are giving him glances of sympathy.
Aang I said I would face justice, so I will.
He gives a good spin on the wheel. The camera pans down the amphitheater.
Villager [Hoping.] Come on, torture machine!
Villager #2 Eaten by bears!
Villager #3 Razor pit!
Katara [Begging.] Community service! Please stop on community service!
Sokka and Katara look very worried as the wheel starts to slow down. It passes by "strangled by a platypus bear" and "eaten by sharks." Aang anxiously awaits his punishment. The wheel comes to a halt.
Guard [Monotone.] Looks like it's "boiled in oil."
The villagers cheer loudly, while Aang looks scared and Katara and Sokka who are just absolutely shocked.

Suddenly a lit bomb bounces into the scene and detonates into the temple. The blast makes the whole amphitheater shake. Sokka and Katara raise their arms to protect their faces from the blast.

Everyone looks up when Mongke starts to talk.

Mongke We've come to claim this village for the Fire Lord! [Close-up.] Now show me your leader so I may ... [Kahchi swings his Guan Dao back and forth, slicing through the statue of Chin the Great. While it crumbles down, Mongke continues with a grin.] dethrone him!
Villager That's him over there!
A scared villager points immediately toward the mayor. The mayor squeals and hides behind the Wheel of Punishment.
Tong Ahhh! [Commanding.] You, Avatar, do something!
Aang [Apathetically.] Gee, I'd love to help, but I'm supposed to be boiled in oil.
The mayor tips the wheel one slot further. It now rests on a picture of a sweeping man.
Tong There, community service! Now serve our community and get rid of those rhinos!
Aang smiles as he rushes forward and jumps out of his Kyoshi costume to face Kahchi, who readies his weapon. A he charges Aang, Aang opens his fans. He quickly spins out of the rhino's path and uses his airbending to lift Kahchi out of his saddle and blows him off the cliff with another gust.

Kahchi's rhino still proceeds toward the mayor, who peeping over the wheel and quickly hides behind it as he sees the rhino coming toward him. He squeaks in fear when the rhino's horns embedded themselves into the wheel, missing the mayor's vital part by inches.

Aang turns to face Mongke who does not look pleased with the defeat of Kahchi.

Mongke [Raising his hand while shouting his command.] Rough Rhinos, to the town!
Vachir shoots three burning arrows at the down setting fire to the roof of a nearby building. Mongke uses his firebending to burn down another house. Lit arrows keep raining down on the rooftops. Close-up of Yeh-Lu as he rides by a hay wagon and drops some lit bombs in it. The wagon explodes, destroying the house next to it. Ogodei rides past another house and pulls down its support beams with his chains.

Close-up as he lets out a loud scream and spins his chains above his head. He throws them at Katara who easily deflects them with a water whip. The chains wind themselves around Ogodei. She hits the rhino on the rear with another whip of her water and the animal dashes away with Ogodei on it.

Sokka comes down a stair between two members of the Rough Rhinos. He adjusts his monocle so it would reflect the sunlight right into the eyes of Vachir. The archer turns and blindly shoots a burning arrow at Sokka. The arrow pierces his hat and embeds itself in the saddlebag of Yeh-Lu that is filled with bombs. Sokka smiles and ducks for cover. Yeh-Lu notices what is going on and tosses the saddlebag away, but it is too late. The force of the blast smacks him and his rhino into a nearby wall. As Sokka covers his head to protect himself against the flying debris, Yeh-Lu's helmet rolls by. Another bag lands right beside Sokka, his boomerang is sticking out of it.

Sokka [Raises his arms in the air and exclaims ecstatically.] Boomerang! You do always come back!
Sokka notices that Vachir is aiming at him. He quickly weighs his options and throws his dragon-shaped pipe at the archer. The pipe slides over the burning arrow and extinguishes the fire. While Vachir looks surprised at his extinguished arrow, Katara sneaks up behind him and cuts his saddle cord with her waterbending. Vachir slides down, but his foot is still stuck in his saddle, so he is dragged away by his rhino when Katara whips it on its rear.

Switch to Aang who is having a standoff with Mongke in an alley. Mongke uses his firebending to increase his speed as he charges Aang. Aang jumps over him and is forced to raise an air shield to protect himself from Mongke's fire blast. He loses his fans and headdress as he slides down. Aang creates an air scooter and they charge each other again. He avoids Mongke's fire blast by quickly riding under the rhino's belly and emerges behind Mongke. He directs a powerful gale at the colonel, but he slides to the side to evade it. They charge at each other a third time, this time with Aang on foot again. When Mongke fires a powerful blast that consumes the whole alley, Aang jumps up and propels himself right through the blast using airbending, feet first. He crashes right into Mongke, sending him flying through a wooden fence.

Cut to a scene of fireworks. Later that night, fireworks go off in the village.

Tong From now on, we'll celebrate a new Avatar Day in honor of the day Avatar Aang [Camera pans down to show Katara, Aang, and Sokka, each holding a bowl and grinning happily.] saved us from the Rough Rhino Invasion.
Sokka [Looks questioningly into his bowl.] What is this?
A close-up of the bowl reveals several Aang-shaped pieces of dough.
Tong That's our new festival food! Un-fried dough. May we eat it and be reminded of how on this day the Avatar was not boiled in oil.
The villagers cheer, but the gang gives each other some uncertain looks. They each pick up a dough cookie. Cut to a closer shot of Katara as her cookie droops in her fingers.
Katara Happy Avatar Day, everyone!
Uncertainly, she chews it down. She looks down at her bowl, confused of what to make of it. The camera pans to the right to show how Aang also sticks a cookie in his mouth, although half of it is still dangling out of his mouth.
Sokka [Stares skeptically at his dough-cookie.] This is by far the worst town we've ever been to.
While Aang slurps the rest of his cookie inside his mouth, Sokka finally eats his and stares skeptically again at the next cookie.
Fades to credits.






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