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The episode begins with the camera panning up from the Si Wong Desert to Wan Shi Tong's Library and Appa. The words "FOUR WEEKS AGO ..." fade on and off the camera. Cut to Toph holding up the sinking library.
Toph No! Stop sinking!
Cut to Appa growling as sandbenders tie him with ropes. One sandbenders tugs on a rope tied to Appa's head. Appa lifts his head, sending the sandbender flying and tumbling through the sand. Two more sandbenders let go of their ropes and scatter to avoid Appa's tail. Appa becomes more annoyed.
Toph Don't make me put this down! [Lets go of the library and sends a slice of sand at the sandbenders, which misses completely. She grabs the library again.]
Ghashiun Put a muzzle on him!
One sandbender throws a rope around Appa's mouth, but Appa breaks it and makes the sandbender fall down. Another sandbender throws a rope around Appa's horn and Appa's sends the sandbender that tried to put a muzzle on him flying through the air. Appa takes off, but a sandbender throws a rope around Appa's leg and uses sandbending to secure his feet. The other sandbenders follow his lead and they all force Appa to the ground. A sand-sailer sails next to Appa. The sandbenders use their sandbending to drag Appa with three sailers. Cut to Toph, still holding onto the library.
Toph [Regretfully.] I'm sorry, Appa. [She sniffles and closes her eyes.]
The camera pans to the right to show Appa. Cut next to Appa, who lowers his eyes. Fade to the sun and pan down to the sailers crossing the desert. On one of the sailers, Ghashiun lowers his mask and signals them to stop.
Ghashiun Ransack his saddle. Who knows what treasures are stashed in there!
Two sandbenders run up to Appa, who growls when they approach.
Ghashiun He's tied up good. He can't hurt you.
The two sandbenders jump onto Appa's saddle, stirring some sand. Appa sneezes, sending the center sailer into a sand dune. Cut to Ghashiun and a sandbender, who talk while, in the background, two sandbenders throw the contents of Appa's saddle in the background onto the ground.
Sandbender #1 [To Ghashiun.] What's your father gonna do when he finds out we lost a sand-sailer?
Ghashiun Nothing. It's the one we stole from the Hami Tribe. [To the two sandbenders on Appa's saddle.] Did you empty the saddle? [Walks up to Sokka's club among a sleeping pad and parasol.] That's it? Nothing but garbage!
Sandbender #2 [Jumps off Appa with the other sandbender and kicks a box.] Doesn't matter. We'll still make a profit from selling him to those beetle-headed merchants.
The other sandbender picks up the parasol and opens it. Cut to a small camp of merchants which the sandbenders bring Appa to using the two remaining sand-sailers. Three merchants walk around Appa's head to bargain with Ghashiun.
Merchant #1 [Walks to the side of Appa's head.] How's his temper?
Ghashiun Uh, pretty good. [Appa roars, startling two of the merchants. Ghashiun chuckles.] Most of the time.
Merchant #2 I bet someone will pay a fortune for him in Ba Sing Se.
Merchant #1 All right, you've got a deal.
Cut to Ghashiun with two sandbenders on either side of him. He is handed a box which he opens and closes before walking to the side. A large beetle drags Appa onto the merchants' caged sled. Cut to an overhead view of Aang gliding over the desert.
Aang Appa! Appa! [Closer shot of Aang, who blows his bison whistle.]
Appa's eyes widen and the camera switches to his point of view as he hears the high-pitched whistle. Aerial view of Appa rocking the sled.
Ghashiun [Sailing away with his sandbenders.] He's your problem now! [Laughs.]
Merchant #2 What?
Appa slams his tail against the ground, and starts flying.
Merchant #1 We need the shirshu spit darts!
Merchant #2 [Pulls a dart out of his robe.] Got 'em! Okay big fella, you're gonna take a nice little snoozle. [Blows three darts at Appa's feet.]
Appa collapses to the ground cut to Aang, who lands his glider.
Aang Appa! [The camera pans up to the empty desert. Aang's eyes start watering and he closes them.] No. [Opens his eyes with anger.] No! [Slams his glider against the ground, using airbending to send sand up into the air.]
Further shot as the sand forms a giant mushroom cloud. The camera shows the tiny mushroom sand cloud from Appa's point of view from far away. Appa's sighs as two merchants begin to talk.
Merchant #1 We've gotta get rid of this one. He's too much trouble.
Merchant #2 [Appa's vision starts blacking out.] We could sell it for parts.
Trainer [Sighs.] I understand [The camera fades from black to show a circus trainer standing outside a cage.] you've had a rather hard time lately. That's too bad. You probably felt you had no choice but to behave outrageously, like a wild animal. [Cut to outside the cage, where the trainer pats Appa on the head.] But don't worry. You won't anymore. [Frontal shot. Darkly.] Because I am going to break you.
The shot changes to show Appa's cage next to other animal cages. Fade to a large circus tent. Inside, the trainer rolls a cart of cabbages and gives one to a platypus bear. He passes Appa, who tries lifting his chained legs and biting off the chains. The trainer gives a cabbage to a lion vulture.
Trainer Hungry? [Walks up to Appa.] Don't worry, I'm going to feed you too. [Shows a cabbage to the drooling Appa.] But not yet. [Takes away the cabbage as Appa tries to slurp it up. Walks up to the lion vulture.] First, I'm going to show you how you'll earn it. [Gives the cabbage to the lion vulture and opens the cage.]
The lion vulture flies around the room and the trainer uses a fire whip to control it. Appa pays little attention to the man and looks at the cart of cabbages. He uses air suction to bring the cart closer to his cage and sucks up a cabbage. Cut to the lion vulture flying through two hoops and making loops. It grabs the third ring with its beak and throws it at the trainer, who catches it. Appa continues sucking cabbages into his mouth while the trainer's back is turned.
Trainer Of course, when you perform, the hoops will be flaming. And if you are careful, you won't get burned. [Appa belches loudly and the circus trainer quickly turns around.] You're about to be sorry. [Firebends a whip and creates a fire in front of Appa's cage, causing Appa to panic.] It's obvious that whoever your previous owner was, he had no idea how to handle you properly.
Cut to the circus tent at night as carnival music plays and people gather round the entrance. Cut to tent flap opening where people walk past outside. A small boy walks past, but walks back when he sees Appa try to suck up a bale of hay in the tent. The boy looks questioningly at Appa, who licks the bar of the cage. The boy looks understandingly at the sky bison and the boy's father walks behind him.
Fire Nation man [To the boy.] I'm gonna to go get a bag of sizzle crisps. [Pointing at the ground.] Stay here and [Pointing at Appa.] stay away from that monster. Behave yourself or [The boy flinches slightly.] you'll regret it.
The boy runs into the tent and rolls the bale of hay right up to Appa's cage. Appa licks the boy's face in appreciation and starts munching down the hay. The shot changes to above Appa's head, and the boy runs away once he hears voices.
Trainer [Walking in front of Appa with the circus master, Shuzumu.] He's a difficult creature, stubborn and willful. I need more time with him. It's too risky right now.
Shuzumu [Closer shot of him and the trainer.] Too risky? What are you talking about? [Raises his hands up.] This is the circus, home of fear and danger. [Points at Appa.] I want the wind buffalo to perform tonight.
Trainer [Turns to Appa.] If you don't behave yourself, you'll regret it. [Firebends a flame in front of Appa, causing the bison to reel back in fear, and walks away.]
The boy peers out the tent flap at Appa, reassuringly smiling.
Fire Nation man [Grabs the boy's shoulder.] Let's go.
Unnamed Fire Nation boy [Waves at Appa.] See you later, buddy.
Appa sighs and puts his head on the cage floor. Fade to the circus tent, still at night. Cut to inside, where two women perform by holding three spinning plates in each hand and five men in the background with painted faces form a human pyramid. The two women walk to the sides to reveal two platypus bears balancing on balls. Cut to the applauding crowd. In the front row, the boy from earlier tries to get some sizzle crisps from his father, but the man holds it away from the boy.
Shuzumu [Voice-over.] Ladies and gentlemen, now for something truly special. [Frontal shot. Creates two flames with his hands.] A noble beast, so magnificent and rare, it hasn't been seen by human eyes in generations. I give you ... the wind buffalo!
Shuzumu gestures toward a curtain which drops to show Appa dressed in a costume complete with make-up. The audience laughs at the creature, while the boy looks at it with concern. Appa walks onto the center ring.
Trainer Up. [Appa shakes his head and turns around in a circle. The audience laughs.] Up, you insolent cow! [Summons a firebending whip and snaps it at Appa.]
Unnamed Fire Nation boy [Stands up.] Run away! Get away from him! [His father makes him sit back down.]
Appa flies up into the air, swirling. The crowd gasps and starts clapping.
Fire Nation man Fabulous!
Appa flies through a fiery ring and stands on a platform with one leg. Cut to the boy, who looks concerned. Appa flies through a second ring and his costume catches on fire. Appa knocks down the next ring with his tail. The ring hits the trainer on the head and knocks him down. Appa lands and looks at the laughing crowd. He focuses on the young boy and sees Aang laughing in a flashback. Appa shakes his head, and his costume hair falls off.
Unnamed Fire Nation boy Go, you can do it.
Appa takes off, but a blast of fire stops him.
Trainer Get back here, you stupid beast! [Creates a fire whip.]
Appa knocks the man up into the air with his tail. Cut to outside the circus tent, where the trainer flies out. Appa flies out of the tent through the ceiling, leaving his costume behind. The boy looks up at Appa flying away and smiles. Appa flies over the desert and sees a large crater. Cut to Appa's flashback of the library which had been there before. Cut back as Appa lands in the center of the pit and looks around. He tries digging with his chained feet, but gives up and falls asleep.

Cut to Appa flying over the desert and his stomach grumbles. Cut to a purple egg which Appa tries to eat, but a gilacorn snatches it and runs away. Appa flies to a cactus, scaring away a jackalope. He eats the cactus, but roars in pain and spits it out due to the sharp prickles. Cut to Appa flying again, this time more wearied. He sniffs for food and flies toward the Si Wong Rock. Cut to the buzzard wasp nests, which Appa flies into and starts eating, but quickly flies out when the buzzard wasps start attacking. Appa uses airbending to knock down all of the buzzard wasps, which scatter afterward. Appa lands, panting, and licks the yellow substance on his feet and arms until he stops and begins to rest.

Cut to Appa flying across the setting sun. He finds a barn, takes a drink out of the trough, eats some hay, and falls asleep. In his dream, he sees the Eastern Air Temple. Five baby sky bison fly through the air, and circle around their mother. They gather close to her. Cut to Sister Iio, who holds a bowl of apples for the young airbending monks.

Iio Choose well. A sky bison is a companion for life.
Further shot of the sky bison family landing and Iio throws the mother an apple. Shot of Appa and the camera pans to the younger Aang, who offers the apple. Appa sniffs the apple and Aang gives it to him. Aang hugs Appa, who returns the affectionate gesture by knocking Aang down to the ground and licking his face.
Aang I guess this means we'll always be together. [Laughs as Appa continues licking his face.]
Cut to Aang, who is dreaming while camping at the Serpent's Pass. He laughs and holds his arms out in the same manner as seen in Appa's dream.
Aang Always.
Camera pans to the side and fades to Appa waking up.
Farmer [Wielding a pitchfork.] Ahhh! It's some kind of monster!
Appa stands up and the farmer backs away. The farmer's wife enters the barn and holds up a torch. Appa backs away from the flame, standing on his forelegs. The farmer and his wife run away screaming. Appa breaks a hole in the ceiling to escape. Cut to the farmer and wife as they watch the sky bison fly away. Cut to Appa flying over the Serpent's Pass. Cut to a ship and cut to a shot of Iroh looking overboard. Iroh gasps when he sees Appa fly overhead.
Zuko [Sitting up on the deck floor.] Uncle? What are you looking at? Is there something out there?
Iroh [Nervously.] Uh, it's nothing. Go back to sleep. [Zuko lies back down and Iroh sighs.]
Cut to a forest. Appa flies down and crash lands in front of a tree growing over a passage. He bites some grass and stands up when he hears squealing from the passage. Cut to in front of the passage where a boar-q-pine runs out of the shadows and toward the camera. Appa roars at the boar-q-pine, which tackles him and they fall down a cliff. They stop rolling when they reach a clearing, Appa's fur being prickled with some of the boar-q-pine's quills.

The boar-q-pine roars at Appa, and Appa roars back. They start to circle each other, the camera first showing a view with Appa in front before switching to the boar-q-pine in front. The boar-q-pine charges at Appa, knocking him into a tree which falls down. Appa grabs the tree with his mouth and throws it at the boar-q-pine, who jumps over the trunk and charges at Appa. Appa stands on his rear legs, grabs the charging boar-q-pine, and throws it to the side. The shot changes to a farther distance where the dust from the sliding boar-q-pine rises above the tree tops and scatters some birds. In a closer shot, the boar-q-pine stops sliding and runs away, squealing. Appa pants and grabs a quill from his leg, roaring in pain as the camera zooms back.

Cut to the passage. Appa flies over the hill and walks into the passage, collapses and falls asleep. Cut to the outside of the passage, in which time changes from evening to night, and it starts raining. Fade to a berry bush where a hand picks a berry. The shot changes to the next day, showing the Kyoshi Warriors picking the berries, and pans to the right. On one of the bushes, a Kyoshi Warrior picks up a clump of Appa's fur.

Kyoshi Warrior #1 Must have been some fight.
Suki Wait, let me see that. [The Kyoshi Warrior hands the clump of fur to her.] No, it couldn't be. [The camera pans up to show Appa's trail of fur on the cliff. Suki follows the trail and gasps when she reaches the top.] Appa? Oh, no. [Close-up of Appa, who backs away into the passage in fear as Suki walks up. She stops and kneels down, putting several berries and an apple on the ground.] It's gonna be okay, Appa. [Stands up and back away.] I have to leave, but I'm gonna be back soon with help.
Suki walks down the cliff. Appa walks up the fruit and looks at it. Cut to a later time where Appa rests in the passage. The camera pans down to Suki leading five Kyoshi Warriors up the side of the cliff.
Suki No sudden movements. He's been lost for a while and he looks like he's hurt. [Closer shot of the Kyoshi Warriors.] He's shy around people and scared. Stay low and stay quiet.
Kyoshi Warrior #1 I can't believe you found the Avatar's bison. Didn't you just see the Avatar a few days ago?
Suki Yes, so he can't be too far from here. [Walking up the hill.] It's our responsibility to get Appa back to him safely. This could be our most important mission yet. [The Kyoshi Warriors peer over the top of the hill at Appa, who growls and shakes his head at the intruders.] Give him some space! [The other Kyoshi Warriors take a step back. Suki takes a step forward.] Appa, it's me, Suki. I'm a friend. [Appa growls and Suki slowly approaches Appa.] I want to help you. You're hurt. We can help you feel better. [Appa growls in response.] And we can help you find Aang. [Appa softly growls and Suki places her hands Appa's nose and Appa lies down with Suki kneeling in front.]
Cut to Appa's shackles and boar-q-pine quills on the ground and pan to Appa surrounded by the Kyoshi Warriors. Appa licks one of the warrior's faces. Close-up of Appa's ear as he hears footsteps thundering. Lightning strikes a nearby tree, causing it to fall down and blocking the pathway. Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee arrive on mongoose lizards.
Azula [Holding a clump of Appa's fur.] My, my, you're easy to find. It's really astounding my brother hasn't captured you yet.
The camera pans down to show the Kyoshi Warriors standing in front of Appa. Appa growls at Azula and the Kyoshi Warriors draw their shield fans.
Suki What do you want with us?
Azula Who are you? The Avatar's fan girls?
Ty Lee [Beat.] Oh, I get it. Good one, Azula.
Suki If you're looking for the Avatar, you're out of luck.
Mai [Aerial view; Mai sighs.] I knew this was a waste of time.
Azula No Avatar, huh. Well, that's okay. Any friend of the Avatar [Jumps off the mongoose lizard.] is an enemy of mine! [Firebends at Appa, who the Kyoshi Warriors protect by moving their shields together.]
Azula firebends at Appa. The Kyoshi Warriors protect him by moving their shield fans together. Ty Lee and Mai jump off their mongoose lizards. Mai faces two Kyoshi Warriors and throws three shurikens, pinning a Kyoshi Warrior to a tree.
Kyoshi Warrior #2 Huh? [Looks at the weapons on her right arm in confusion.]
Mai You're so colorful, it's making me nauseous. [Throws a bunch of darts at the second Kyoshi Warrior.]
The Kyoshi Warrior unsheathes her sword and uses it to deflect the darts. She swings at Ty Lee, who manages to get behind the Kyoshi Warrior and perform chi-blocking.
Ty Lee You're not prettier than we are.
Cut to a side-view from the woods. Suki defends Appa from Azula's firebending blasts with her fan shield. Closer shot of Azula summoning blue fire. Shot changes to Appa and Suki. Suki takes the blast and deflects it to the side where it sets the fallen tree behind them on fire. Appa looks frightened at the flames.
Azula Afraid of fire, I see. That's good. You should be.
Suki [Unsheathes her sword.] Go, Appa! Fly away from here!
Appa flies up and Suki charges Azula with her sword. Slow motion shot of Azula jumping up and knocks the sword out of her hand and into a tree. Azula fires another blast at Suki, who blocks it with her shield. Suki tries kicking Azula, but Azula uses the opportunity to knock down Suki. Cut to Appa flying overhead, who looks down and flies back. Cut to Azula, preparing to strike another firebending blast. A Kyoshi Warrior in the background throws her fans at Azula, who ducks and kicks a firebending blast at the other Kyoshi Warrior and pursues her. Suki stands up and waves a torch at Appa.
Suki Get out of here! You have to find Aang! We'll be okay!
Appa backs away from Suki and flies away. A blue firebending blast hits Suki's shield. Suki steps back and wields her fan.
Azula [Calmly.] Don't you know fans just make flames stronger?
They charge at each other, Azula firing another blast and Suki deflecting it. As they clash, the scene action freezes. Cut to Appa flying near the tree tops, which fades to an aerial view of a river, which Appa flies over with a flock of birds. Fade to Appa flying through the rain. Cut to a fleet of Water Tribe ships while Appa flies through the sky in the distance. On one of the ships, Hakoda looks up and watches the sky bison. Frontal shot of Appa flying through the mountains and soon reaches the Eastern Air Temple. Appa walks inside and the scene flashes back and pans up to show the calf Appa and his siblings running through the air temple. Cut to the present where he continues walking and finds a circle of railing. Fade to the past, where Appa and his siblings gnaw at the railings. Fade to the present where Appa gnaws the now dusty railing and coughs. Fade to outside the air temple, where Appa crosses a bridge. Appa reaches a balcony and sees a man meditating and looks over-joyed. Appa runs over to the man knocking him down and licks the man's face.
Pathik [Blinks in confusion.] Hello. I am Guru Pathik. [Aerial shot as Appa flies to the back of the balcony and closer shot as he growls at the guru.] I know I'm not the person you expected. And I didn't expect to be licked by a giant tongue just now. [Side shot of Appa and Pathik on the balcony.] The world is full of surprises.
Appa growls at the guru. Pathik lies down and closes his eyes. Later, he opens his eyes and looks at Appa, who growls in return. Pathik closes his eyes again and later opens one eye at Appa. Appa snorts in return. Fade to night time, this time Appa asleep and snoring. Pathik stands up and rubs his hands together. He walks over to Appa and places his hand on Appa's upper stomach.
Pathik Oh, dear. You've been through so much recently. Hurt and betrayed. So twisted up inside. [Moves his hand.] You're still full of love. Ah. But fear has moved in where trust should be. [The camera shows a further shot of the balcony and pans up to the Air Temple; voice-over.] I've been expecting you and the young Avatar for quite a long time. I had a vision many years ago of helping him. That's why I came to the Eastern Air Temple. [Closer shot of Appa and Pathik.] Oh, your emotions are so turbulent. Like swirling storm clouds. [Puts his hand on Appa's forehead.] Let the clouds in your mind be gentle, peaceful ones. [Appa purrs and the shot fades to black.]
Appa wakes up and looks around hostilely. He notices some fruit right in front of him and gobbles it up and follows a path of fruit. Cut to a raised platform which Appa approaches on top of the platform, Pathik feeds a bird some seeds while another bird perches on his head and two squirrels.
Pathik Someone looks very well rested, [Cut to Appa, whose fur on one side of his head is slightly messed up.] judging by your bed head. [Appa growls and shakes away the bed head.]
Fade to the moon and pan down to Pathik meditating. Appa paces behind him twice and collapses. Pathik opens his eyes and places his hand on Appa's side. He stands up, holding a scroll.
Pathik I have prepared a message for Aang. May I attach it to your horn? [Appa mutter in agreement and Pathik ties the scroll to Appa's horn. Cut to the leaves falling overhead and pan down to Appa and Pathik.] You and the Avatar's energies are mixed. You have an unbreakable bond. By reading your energy, I can sense where Aang is. [Appa licks him.] Funny, what invisible strings connect us all. [Places his hand on Appa's forehead. Further shot of the Air Temple as a path of light illuminates a pathway.] I'll see you again, great beast. [Closer shot of Pathik and Appa.]
The camera fades to white. Cut to Appa flying toward Ba Sing Se at night. He flies over a wall. Another shot of Appa shows two Dai Li agents on the roof who descend once they see Appa. Appa continues flying over the city and his eyes widen when he hears a high-pitched whistle. Shot changes to three pygmy pumas standing on a roof top as Appa descends. Cut to Aang's bison whistle. A further shot shows Aang asleep with his bison whistle and a curled-up Momo at his sides.

Cut to Long Feng blowing on his own high-pitched whistle. Long Feng steps out of the shadows. Appa growls at him and takes a step back, leaving a single footprint in the mud. Long Feng earthbends the slab of rock beneath him, causing it to swirl around and capture Appa underground. Shot of Appa's footprint in the mud fades to a further shot of the dust around the slab of rock dissipating. Fade to credits.






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