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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] After a close encounter with Amon, Korra took a leave of absence from Tarrlok's task force. But the Avatar has still been hard at work, leading the underdog Fire Ferrets to the pro-bending championship finals. Only one team stands in their way: the Wolfbats! Led by team captain Tahno, the brutal Wolfbats look to repeat as champs. Have the Fire Ferrets finally met their match?
The episode opens up to a zooming in aerial shot of the Pro-bending Arena. Cut to a close-up shot of a net as two earth disks fly in it and fall to the ground. Switch to Bolin as he quickly levitates and throws two more disks straight at the camera. The camera quickly pans to the left to show Mako throwing two fire punches and a flaming arc with his foot at the camera. The camera quickly moves on to Korra moving a small water blob around a bit before launching it forward. The scene switches to three images of Tahno suspended on a rope; the first one gets cut in two by Bolin's earth disk tearing through it, the second one gets incinerated completely by Mako's fire blast, and Korra's water blob takes off a large portion of the third image. Cut to Korra as she triumphantly jumps up, raising her left hand.
Radio host [Voice-over.] You're listening to "The Music Hour"! [Korra lets out another triumphant shout, and starts to confidently walk around.] Brought to you by Cabbage Corp, [Cut to Pabu who is asleep next to the radio.] Republic City's trusted name in technology for over fifty years.
Korra [In an upbeat tone while picking up a towel.] Man, I got a good feeling about tonight. I don't care if we are the underdogs. We can take those pompous Wolfbats.
Mako [Takes off his helmet.] It's going to be our toughest match ever, but I think you're right.
Bolin [Hugs Mako. Imitating announcer.] Introducing your new champs, the fantastic Fire Ferrets!
The radio begins to broadcast static and changes to Amon's speech as he interrupts the program. Korra looks at the radio in alarm.
Amon Good morning, citizens of Republic City. This is Amon. [Pabu squeaks and runs away from the radio.] I hope you all enjoyed last night's pro-bending match, because it will be the last. [Mako and Bolin walk up to the radio.] It's time for this city to stop worshiping bending athletes as if they were heroes. I am calling on the council to shut down the bending arena [Mako looks at Bolin and Korra before looking at the radio again.] and cancel the finals, or else there will be severe consequences.
Static returns and the radio is silent.
Bolin That guy's got some nerve.
Mako You think the council will give in?
Korra I'm not waiting to find out. We need to get to City Hall.
Front shot of the City Hall as the Fire Ferrets ride up to it on Naga. Cut to the main doors as Korra pushes them open.
Tenzin [Stands up from his chair; stern.] Korra, you shouldn't be here. This is a closed meeting.
Korra As the Avatar and a pro-bending player, I have a right to be heard. You can't cancel the finals.
Tenzin I know winning the championship means a lot to you. But as far as I'm concerned, we need to shut the arena down.
Korra What about the rest of you? Tarrlok, there's no way you're backing down from Amon, right?
Tarrlok Actually, [Stands.] Tenzin and I agree for once.
Tenzin The council is unanimous. We're closing the arena.
Mako No!
Bolin You can't!
Korra [To Tarrlok.] I-I don't understand. I thought you, of all people, would take a stand against Amon.
Tarrlok While I am still committed to bringing that lunatic to justice, I will not put innocent lives at stake just so you and your friends can play a game.
Mako [Stepping forward.] Pro-bending might only be a game to you, but think of what it means to the city! Right now the arena is the one place where benders and nonbenders gather together ... in-in peace! To watch benders ...
Bolin Beat each other up! In peace! [Pointing.] It's an inspiration to everyone!
Tarrlok I appreciate your naive idealism, but you're ignoring the reality of the situation.
Korra The reality is if you close the arena, you let Amon win!
Bolin [Points to Korra.] Yes, exactly what she said! Yes!
Tarrlok I'm sorry, but our decision has been made. This meeting is adjourned.
Tarrlok picks up the gavel. A metal cable knocks off the gavel head and Tarrlok gasps. Everyone turns to look toward the entrance of the courtroom as Lin enters the scene and coils her cable back, looking at the council.
Lin I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with the Avatar.
Tarrlok You do?
Korra Yeah, you do?
Lin I expected this kind of cut-and-run response from Tenzin. [Brief shot of Tenzin looking on indifferently.] But the rest of you? Come on, show a little more backbone. It's time that the benders of this city displayed some strength and unity against these Equalists.
Tenzin [Cut back to Tenzin and Tarrlok.] We must prevent the conflict between benders and nonbenders from escalating into all-out war! [Cut briefly to Tarrlok shifting his eyes.] The council is not changing its position, Lin.
Tarrlok Now just a moment, Tenzin. Let us hear what our esteemed Chief of Police has in mind. [Tenzin grunts and folds his arms.]
Lin If you keep the arena open, my metalbenders and I will provide extra security during the championship match. There's no better force to deal with the chi-blockers. Our armor is impervious to their attacks.
Tarrlok Are you saying that you will personally take responsibility for the safety of the spectators in the arena? [Tenzin looks at Tarrlok with a mixture of anger and suspicion.]
Lin [Determined.] I guarantee it.
Tarrlok [Somewhat scornfully and sarcastically.] It is hard to argue with Chief Beifong's track record. [Turns to the council.] If she is confident her elite officers can protect the arena, then she has my support. I am changing my vote. [Raises hand.] Who else is with me? [The other three council members raise their hands as Tenzin turns away in disappointment.] The arena stays open. Good luck in the finals.
The Fire Ferrets jump in their cheering.
Bolin All right!
Mako [Punches his fist into the air.] Yeah!
Korra [Jumps up.] Thank you!
Tarrlok And good luck to you, Chief Beifong.
Tenzin approaches Lin.
Tenzin A word please, Lin.
The scene cuts to a City Hall corridor where Tenzin is talking to Lin.
Tenzin Tarrlok's playing you and I don't want to see you get hurt.
Lin I know what I am doing and the risks that come with it.
Tenzin In that case, I'm going to be by your side during the match.
Lin [Annoyed.] You don't need to babysit me.
Tenzin It's for Korra. I want to make sure she's safe.
Lin [Throws her hands up in the air in annoyance.] Do what you want! It's not like I've ever been able to stop you before.
Korra [Walks up to them.] Excuse me, Chief Beifong. I wanted to thank you for your help, [Lin ignores her completely as she walks away.] it ... really ... means a lot ... [Annoyed, she turns and talks to Tenzin while pointing at her.] What is her deal? Even when she's on my side, she's against me!
Tenzin I've known Lin since we were children, she's always been ... [Tenzin pauses as he tries to find the right word.] challenging.
Korra What did your father do to make her hate the Avatar so much?
Tenzin My father and Lin got along famously. [Turns his head away.] I'm afraid her issues ... are with me.
Korra [Gasps in realization.] Wait a second ... [Smiles knowingly.] it all makes sense now! [Emphasizes her words with hand gestures.] You and Beifong, Beifong and you. You two were a [Brings her hands together.] couple!
Tenzin [Shocked.] What! How-? [Nervously glances around to see if anyone else is around.] Where'd you get that idea?
Korra Ha! [Pointing at him.] Your wife.
Tenzin [Angrily muttering while looking away.] Criminy! I'll have to have a word with her.
Korra [Folds her arms, smugly.] So ... Pema stole you from Beifong. I'm surprised our "esteemed Chief of Police" didn't throw her in jail.
Tenzin [Korra looks at him with a pleased expression.] Oh, she tried. [The camera slowly zooms toward Tenzin.] Anyway, Pema didn't steal me, Lin and I had been growing apart for some time. We both had different goals in li- [Comes to a realization. The camera quickly zooms out to show Korra again.] Why am I even telling you this? It all happened a long time ago and we've moved passed it.
Korra Hm, apparently Beifong hasn't.
Tenzin What do you ... [Stammers in confusion.] Of course she has! Anyway, this is none of your business! [Walks away quickly in annoyance and anger.]
Korra [Waving teasingly.] See you at home, Mr. Heartbreaker! [Tenzin hangs his head in embarrassment and Korra laughs as he walks away.]
Scene changes to a view Republic City and again to a cargo area where Amon is watching his people loading cargo into trucks.
Lieutenant [Approaching Amon.] I just got word. The council defied your threat. They're keeping the arena open.
Amon Perfect. [Cut to ground view of cargo being loaded.] Everything is going according to plan. [Cut to Amon as camera zooms in.]
Nighttime approaches where the Pro-bending Arena is surrounded by the ships of the metalbenders, changes to where officers are scouring the inside, looking for some undefined objects.
Officer All clear, Chief.
Camera pans up to reveal Lin standing at an entrance as Tenzin approaches from behind.
Tenzin How is the security sweep going?
Lin [Quickly and bluntly.] Fine.
Tenzin They've checked underneath the stands?
Lin [In the same manner.] Yes.
Tenzin And you have enough officers to cover all points of entry?
Lin [Turns her head to Tenzin.] I have the skies, the bay, and every nook and cranny of this place covered. [Turns her head back.] Now leave me alone and let me do my job.
Tenzin [Saddened.] Lin, with so much on the line it would be nice if we could help each other out, at least for one night.
Lin [Looks at him, her expression softening.] Like old times?
Tenzin Like old times.
Lin [Less harshly.] Okay, I'll try to be less abrasive than usual.
Tenzin I would appreciate that.
The scene changes, where the police airships protect the sky and police vehicles are parked outside the arena.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] The anticipation is palpable as we are just moments away from the championship match. [Cut inside the arena.] Will the Wolfbats' ferocity help them repeat as champs? [Cut to Shiro Shinobi.] Or will the underdog Fire Ferrets serve up a surprising bowl of smackdown soup?
Bolin [Cut to Bolin talking to Pabu.] Now I know there's a big crowd but don't be nervous. You're gonna do great, I believe in you. [Pabu looks at Bolin innocently.]
The Fire Ferrets are preparing themselves for the championship as the ring announcer comes up to the stage, light beaming down on him as the spectators cheer.
Ring announcer Introducing the challengers, the Future Industries Fire Ferrets!
The Fire Ferrets cosplayers cheer as the Fire Ferrets come to the arena. Hiroshi and Asami are sitting in the V.I.P. section as Asami blows a kiss to Mako and winks to him. Mako does the same to Asami, not noticing that Korra pulls a face of disgust. When they reach the arena, Bolin signals to Pabu.
Bolin [Whispering to Pabu.] You're on, Pabu.
Pabu jumps down and does his trick by moving around on his front paws before doing some backflips while Bolin uses an earth disk, removing the center for Pabu to backflip through and back, ending the performance with one paw standing.
Bolin Yes! Nailed it! [Whispering to his teammates.] He's so talented!
Ring announcer And their opponents, the three timed defending champions, the White Falls Wolfbats!
Bat-masked Wolfbats with purple capes howl and spread their wing capes while fireworks go off all around the arena. The Wolfbats' fangirls cry and howl in support as the Fire Ferret cosplayers boo.
Bolin Pfft, [To Pabu.] they got nothing on us, buddy. Anybody can howl. [Tries to howl.] Hm, whatever.
Tahno takes off his bat mask and unties his cape.
Korra [Angrily while fist pounding.] I'm gonna knock Tahno's stupid hair off his stupid head!
Shiro Shinobi The champs and challengers face off at the center-line and here we go! [Bell rings.]
The Wolfbats instantly move toward their opponents and Tahno attempts an uppercut on Korra with his waterbending fist. Korra moves back to barely dodge it and backflips, only to be hit by a waterbending blast from him.
Shiro Shinobi Tahno tries to clean the Avatar's clock with some dirty water boxing. [Mako firebends and misses while Ming takes two earth disks and kicks them to Mako, followed by two more, which is enough to force him back to zone two.] Ming shakes off Mako's attack and returns the favor. [Shaozu flips forward while Bolin kicks some earth disks toward him. One of his disks bounces off the side ropes and hits Shaozu, knocking him against the fence.] Shaozu gets fancy, but Bolin ricochets a disk off the ropes and says 'No, thank you sir!'
Mako [To Bolin in a cheerful tone.] Nice shot!
Tahno looks at the Fire Ferrets in slight irritation for that. Shaozu runs out the way of Mako's fireball just in time.
Shiro Shinobi The waterbenders slug it out, looking evenly matched. [Tahno waterbends a prolonged stream of water at Bolin, forcing the earthbender into zone three.] Tahno gets a little too worked up and unleashes a deluge on Bolin that would certainly elicit a foul. [The center of the ring lights up and the Wolfbats are allowed to advance.] Or apparently not.
Mako [To the referee.] What's the big idea, ref? That was a hosing foul! [Referee signals it was not and Mako looks at him in anger.]
Shiro Shinobi And the Wolfbats advance despite Tahno exceeding the waterbending time limit. [The match continues as Korra begin to waterbend, only to be hit by Tahno's own attack. Bolin launches a disk at Tahno, who dodges, as Korra rolls to the side. Mako dodges a disk from Ming and begins firebending back at him.] A questionable call by the officials. [Ming lifts up a disk under Mako's foot, tripping him forward, before launching another disk at Mako, sending him back into zone three.] Ming trips up Mako with another dirty trick!
Cut to Tenzin and Lin looking on from the crowd.
Tenzin [Angrily.] Oh come on, refs! There was some funny business in that last play!
Lin [Amused.] Wouldn't have guessed you knew the rules of pro-bending?
Tenzin [Clears his throat.] I've been brushing up. That Wolfbat blatantly bent a disk outside of his zone.
Cut to overhead view of match. Ming launches another disk as Tahno runs forward in preparation to attack, before cutting close-up.
Shiro Shinobi The Ferret brothers are backed up to zone three and the Wolfbats smell blood. [Tahno freezes the water when Bolin jumps back, causing him to slip, get hit by a fire blast and fall out of the arena. The crowd boos. Cut to Shiro.] Looks like Tahno snuck in an illegal icing move but once again there's no call. [Cut back to match. Tahno and Shaozu both attack Korra as Mako rolls out of the way of an oncoming disk and attempts a fire blast back.] I don't know what match the refs are watching but it's obviously not this one. [Tahno and Ming both attack Korra, who gets pushed back into zone three and the Wolfbats advance. Mako sends out a firebending blast, but misses.] Oh ... a splash-and-clash sends the Avatar to zone three as well. [Mako moves in front of Korra and attempts to firebend to protect the Avatar from the triple elemental attack, but both get pushed out of the arena. The bell rings as the Wolfbats gather together.] It's a knockout! The Wolfbats win the championship for the fourth year in a- [The Wolfbats turn around to celebrate their victory. Cut to Shiro Shinobi.] Hold on a second, folks! [Cut to Korra as she clings to the edge of the stadium, holding Mako by the collar.] Scratch that! The Ferrets are still alive, but just barely. [Korra holds Mako, swinging to throw Mako up onto the arena as she falls and Mako firebends at Tahno, sending him flying and knocking him down as Ming and Shaozu look at him in surprise. Tahno stands, infuriated, as the bell rings. Mako winks at him smugly while in a fighting pose.] What an unbelievable move! These Ferrets aren't just bending the elements, they're bending my mind! [Cut to Tahno glaring angrily and growling.] The underdogs survive to see round two.
The Fire Ferrets huddle together before round two.
Korra What's wrong with these refs?
Mako They've been paid off; it's the only explanation. [Closer shot of Mako.] Someone wants us to lose.
Korra [Closer shot of Korra turning to look over her shoulder at the Wolfbats.] If the Wolfbats are gonna fight dirty, [Turning back.] then so should we.
Mako No we can't! [Closer shot of Mako.] The refs have it out for us. If we're gonna win this thing, it has to be fair and square.
Korra [Closer shot of Korra. Disappointed.] Argh, that's no fun but ... all right.
Ring announcer Round two! [Bell rings.]
Shiro Shinobi [Mako firebends, only for it to be blocked by Shaozu. Korra waterbends at Ming, who blocks it with firebending. Bolin sends a disk at Tahno, who blocks it with waterbending. Tahno waterbends twice at Korra, who dodges and blocks them.] The opening salvo is a brutal call as both sides give it their all. [Korra starts to waterbend, but her right foot gets iced. Tahno kicks her back with waterbending.] But once again, Tahno sneaks in a little ice to get the upper hand. [Bolin sends an earth disc at Shaozu, sending him back. Ming attempts to block a firebending blast with a disk but is sent backward. Mako dodges three firebending blasts that were aimed at his head.] Wowzers! Those look like illegal head shots to me! [In slow motion, Mako dodges another blast to the head. Bell rings. Camera zooms out to show that all players are still on the arena floor.]
Ring announcer Round two will be decided with a tie-breaker!
Cut to close-up of a coin that is flipped. The coin is caught by a hand and zooms out to show the teams facing each other with the referee in the between them looking at the coin.
Referee [Camera zooms in as he gestures toward them.] The Fire Ferrets win the coin toss. Which element do you choose?
Korra [Steps forward; determined.] I'm taking this one. Let's go! [Cut to Tahno smiling smugly.] You and me, pretty boy!
Tahno [Stepping forward.] Thought you'd never ask.
The other team members move away from the center as the center elevates itself with Korra and Tahno in the middle, preparing to fight. Korra and Tahno move around for the first strike.
Tahno [Stopping still to mock her.] Come on, little girl. Give me your best shot.
Korra narrows her eyes and waterbends at Tahno. Tahno dodges it but gets hit under the chin by a stream of water. The scene rewinds to show the replay from a farther distance. Korra had sent the first stream of water as a distraction and used her leg to waterbend the final blow. Tahno had attempted to retaliate after Korra's first shot, but Korra's surprise hit to his chin causes his waterbending jet to quickly lose form. Tahno collapses out of the ring and the bell rings.
Korra [Close-up. Smugly.] Hmph, chump.
Tahno's girls are shocked from the tie breaker along with the Fire Ferret cosplayers. Tahno's helmet lands right into one of the Fire Ferret cosplayer's hands. Cut to the ring announcer.
Ring announcer Round two goes to the Fire Ferrets! [The Fire Ferrets' color lights up for the second round. Cut to Korra as she jumps down from the center to be praised by the brothers.]
Mako [High five to Korra.] Nice one!
Bolin That's the stuff. You are my herooo-ah!
Mako [Hopeful.] We might actually win this thing!
Cut to Tahno being helped to his feet. He shakes off his team members in rage and fixes his hair.
Tahno [Close-up. Enraged.] Let's send them to a watery grave!
Cut to Tenzin and Lin watching in the crowd.
Lin [Impressed.] I can't believe your sweet-tempered father was reincarnated into that girl. She's tough as nails.
Tenzin [Turns his head to Lin.] Reminds me of someone else I knew at that age. You two might get along if you would only give her a chance.
Lin [Close-up. Shifts her eyes to the side.] Hmph.
Cut to shot behind Korra as Tahno glares at her, annoyed.
Shiro Shinobi One round apiece: [Cut to Korra looking determined.] who wants it more? [Bell rings. Cut to Tahno waterbending. Cut to side-view of Wolfbats. Ming blocks a water blast with a disk before launching another. Shaozu and Tahno both launch their own attacks. Cut to Bolin as he dodges a water blast and launches a disk forward. He is hit by a water blast and sends another disk forward.] The Wolfbats fly out of the gates, swinging with bad intentions. [Cut to Ming launching a disk. Shaozu jumps over him and sends out a fire blast.] The challengers are showing a lot of heart but the champs are really starting to find their rhythm now. [Tahno runs and jumps off a pole to dodge an oncoming disk and launches his own water blast.] Can the Ferrets hang in there with the best, [Ming flips forward and launches a disk at Korra.] especially when the best are frankly getting a little help from the refs? [After being hit by the disk she is narrowly missed by another. She launchers her own water blast at Tahno who blocks it.] It's all down to this final round! [Cut to Mako sending out multiple quick fire blasts.] Mako is leaving it all in the ring [Cut to Ming launching a disk forward before bending up another to bring behind his back.] but it looks like Tahno and Ming are up to more shenanigans! [Ming breaks the disc into Tahno's water and Tahno waterbends the broken disc into three blasts, quickly knocking Bolin and Mako off the arena. In slow motion, Korra is hit by the water and manages to stay grounded until the rocks reach her and knock her off the arena.] Oh, this has gone too far! [Cut to under water shot as the three land in the water.] That water had rocks in it!
Referee [Cut to Referee.] Knockout!
Crowd begins an uproar. Cut to Tenzin and Lin.
Tenzin [Furiously while waving his hands.] Oh, come on! Those were illegal head shots! Open your eyes, ref!
Shiro Shinobi [Cut to Shiro.] Well, folks it's a controversial call but the Wolfbats notch a nasty knockout to win the match! [Cut to Wolfbats celebrating and waving at the spectators.] For the fourth year in a row, they'll be crowned tournament champions.
Tahno [Close-up. Removing his helmet.] I barely broke a sweat! Anybody else wanna scrap with the champs?
In slow motion. Cut to a male spectator putting on an Equalist mask. Cut to a female spectator putting on mask. Cut to another man putting a mask on. Cut to close-up of a box of popcorn as a hand reaches in to grab an electrical glove from within. Cut to another hand doing the same. Cut to a man pulling his glove out of the popcorn and lifting it up in line with his face. Cut to Tenzin as he expresses his outrage over the match as Lin turns to look at him. He turns his head and realizes that an Equalist is standing behind Lin.
Tenzin Look out!
The Equalist grabs Lin by the shoulder and electrocutes her, knocking her unconscious. Tenzin airbends at the Equalist but is also electrocuted by a female Equalist behind him. Cut to Tenzin falling to the ground next to Lin. Cut to an Equalist as he sneaks up behind a metalbender cop and electrocutes him into unconsciousness. Cut to a view of the stands as Equalists electrocute metalbender cops from behind. Cut to another cop being electrocuted from behind as the crowd continues to look at the arena below. Cut to Korra as she surfaces from the water along with her teammates and immediately notices the electricity in the stands.
Korra [Close-up. Stunned.] What?
Cut to the side of the water as the Lieutenant drops onto the platform underneath the arena. Cut to Korra as she gasps. Cut to the Lieutenant who charges his kali sticks. Cut to Korra and her teammates in the water as she tries to waterbend at him. The Lieutenant jabs his electrified kali sticks into the pool causing her water to drop back into the pool before it could hit him. The Fire Ferrets are electrocuted and they all scream in pain before becoming unconscious. Spectators are screaming in fear. Cut to Shiro Shinobi.
Shiro Shinobi Folks, there is some sort of electrical disturbance in the stands. Metalbender cops are dropping like bumbleflies. There appear to be masked members of the audience wielding strange devices on their hands. [An Equalist opens the door and comes into the commentary booth.] One of them is in the booth with me right now, folks! He is leveling one of those glove devices at me now and I believe he is about to electrocute me. I am currently wetting my pants. [The Equalist releases the electricity from his glove.]
Cut to Tahno and the Wolfbats as they look around in confusion and fear. Cut to Amon and a group of Equalists as they rise from the ring's center platform. Cut briefly to Tahno who looks around in fear. Cut briefly to Amon. Cut to Korra in the water, unconscious. Cut to Bolin as the camera pans up past Mako and Korra, all three unconscious. Korra is dragged out of the water. Cut to Lin and Tenzin who are also unconscious and the spectators screaming as the Equalists subdue them. Cut to behind Amon and his group as the Wolfbats stare at them.
Tahno [Side-view. Looking at the referee.] What's going on here, ref?
Referee [Lifting his arms in confusion.] I don't know!
Cut to overhead view of Tahno and the Wolfbats moving away as Amon and the Equalists approach them.
Tahno [Close-up.] All right, you want a piece of the Wolfbats? Here it comes!
Tahno launches a water blast at Amon evades it and darts forward. Side-view of the Wolfbats as they all begin to bend at the Equalists. Amon dodges Tahno's attack and turns his attention to Shaozu. Shaozu attempts to hit him with firebending, but Amon dodges and moves behind him, grabs his arm and swings him around once and moves forward with him as he screams. Tahno attempts to save him with waterbending, but his hands become restrained with a bola. Ming's hands also become tied up with a bola and he steps backward before his legs are bound with a second bola. Cut to view of two Equalists now holding Tahno in front of Amon with Ming and Shaozu on the ground.
Tahno [Fearfully pleading.] Wait, please don't do this! [Frontal view.] I'll give you the championship pot, [Cut to Amon raising his hand.] I'll-I'll give you everything just [Close-up.] please don't take my bending!
Cut Amon as he places his thumb on Tahno's forehead and takes his bending away. Cut to a frontal view of Amon. Switch to a side-view of the platform as the Equalists drag the Wolfbats' bodies near the edge of the ring, and kick them off into the water. Cut to a massive banner with the Equalist symbol being unrolled. Cut to wide-view of entire arena as more banners are unrolled. Cut to the Lieutenant as he drags Korra out of the water to be tied up. Cut to Korra close-up who seems half conscious and begins having more visions about Aang. First, Aang and Toph stand in front of a row of metalbenders while Toph points toward the camera and says something. Fade to Yakone at a trial meeting with Aang seen standing behind him. Fade to Yakone standing up. Fade to Aang in the Avatar State, with Yakone cowering in front. Cut to close-up of Aang as his tattoos stop glowing. The scene switches back into the present as the Lieutenant ties the Fire Ferrets to one of the arena supports. Cut to Amon as the camera pans up to show him holding a microphone.
Amon I believe I have your attention, benders of Republic City. [Cut to wide-view the arena with Equalist group standing on the platform.] So once again, the Wolfbats are your pro-bending champions. [Side-view of Amon as he turns around to face the camera.] It seems fitting that you celebrate three bullies who cheated their way to victory because every day, [Amon points. Cut to behind Amon looking at the crowd.] you threaten and abuse your fellow nonbending citizens [Cut to the spectators.] just like the Wolfbats did to their opponents tonight. [Cut to the Wolfbats as they crawl out of the water pit.] Those men were supposedly the best in the bending world and yet it only took a few moments for me to [Cut to a side-view of Amon.] cleanse them of their impurity. Let this be a warning to all of you benders out there: [Turns to face camera.] if any of you stand in my way, [Cut to spectators.] you will meet the same fate. [Spectators gasp in fear and shock. Cut to frontal view of Amon and Equalist group.] Now, to my followers: for years the Equalists have been forced to hide in the shadows, but now we have the numbers and the strength to create a new Republic City. [Cut to the Fire Ferrets, who have regained consciousness. Amon continues speaking in the background.] I'm happy to tell you that the [Close-up of Fire Ferrets.] time for change has finally come. Very soon, the current tyrannical bending regime will be replaced by a fair-minded Equalist government. You and your children will no longer have to walk the streets afraid! It's time to take back our city.
Mako How are we gonna get out of here?
Bolin smiles as the camera cuts to Pabu swimming in the water toward them. Cut to close-up of Pabu. Cut back to Fire Ferrets as Pabu jumps toward them.
Bolin Pabu! Listen up, buddy. [Frontal view. Chatters his teeth at Pabu while Korra and Mako look on in consternation.]
Mako [Annoyed.] Stop fooling around!
Bolin I'm not! I'm trying to save us! [Side-view of Pabu who begins to chew on the ropes. Cut to frontal view of Bolin.] See? Pabu's not just a one trick poodle pony. [Korra and Mako smile at him.]
Amon [Cut to Amon.] For centuries, benders have possessed an unnatural advantage over ordinary people. [The shot changes to the stands where two Equalists hold out their electrical gloves near the spectators threateningly.] But thankfully, modern technology has provided us with a way to even out the playing field. [Cut to a closer shot of an Equalist as the camera zooms out to show the electrical glove he holds out.] Now anyone can hold the power of a chi-blocker in their hand. [Cut to Amon, camera circles around him.] My followers and I will not rest until the entire city achieves equality, and once that goal is achieved, we will equalize the rest of the world. [Close-up.] The revolution has begun! [Camera zooms out. Raises his fist in the air.]
Cut close to Amon as the camera pans up revealing an Equalist airship as it appears above the Pro-bending Arena. An area of the glass dome smashes and ropes with platforms on the end are lowered down through the hole. Cut to outside the Arena showing the airship above with the ropes going inside the roof. Cut back inside showing a wide-view of the arena as the ropes continue to descend on the Equalist group. Cut to closer shot of the Equalist group. Amon and the Equalists climb onto these platforms and are lifted out of the arena. Cut to audience as two Equalists depart with Amon's group in the background. Cut to Lin regaining consciousness as other Equalists leave. Cut to Tenzin as Lin rises to her feet and moves toward Tenzin as he sits up.
Lin [Squatting besides Tenzin.] Tenzin! [She turns toward Amon and his group of Equalists.]
Cut to behind Lin as she watches Amon's group leave. Cut to frontal view of Lin with Tenzin standing behind as explosives detonate. The scene rewinds showing a wide-view of the central platform as it explodes. The scene repeats from an aerial shot of the platform. Cut to behind Lin as she recoils and lifts her arm to cover her face from the blast. The entire explosion shakes the arena and the crowd begins to scream in fear. Cut to Pabu and Bolin as both watch debris fall nearby.
Bolin [Turning to face Pabu.] It's okay, Pabu. Just a little explosion. [Chatters to Pabu quickly.] Keep chewing, you're almost through it! [Pabu moves forward to keep chewing through the ropes. Close-up of Pabu as he chews through the ropes, freeing the Fire Ferrets. Cut to wide-view of the Fire Ferrets standing up. Korra runs immediately toward the water.] Yes! Great job, buddy!
Korra runs off the platform, freezing the water in the pool. Cut to aerial view of Korra as she looks up. Briefly cut close-up of Korra's determined face.
Korra [Cut to behind Korra, the brothers watching on. To the brothers.] I'm going after Amon!
Mako [Korra turns and moves away. Calling back.] Be careful!
Cut to wide-view as Korra jumps into the water. Cut to underwater as Korra begins waterbending herself up in a massive water cyclone. Cut to above water as Korra erupts from beneath and the camera follow her as she makes her way toward the hole in the roof. Cut a frontal view of Korra looking determined until she realizes she is not going to make it. Cut to side-view as she gets higher the water begins to lessen until eventually there is not enough for her to reach the ceiling. Cut to frontal view of Korra as she begins to fall, with an outstretched hand toward the ceiling, as she begins to scream.

Cut to the Equalists making their escape as the camera zooms out. Cut briefly to a cable being shot through the air. Cut to Korra falling before being caught by cable as it wraps itself around her waist. Korra looks up and the camera cuts to see Lin as she circles Korra, being held up by another cable. Cut to Korra as she prepares herself. Cut to wide-view of arena, before switching back to Lin. Lin shoots Korra up and out of the arena. Cut to side-view of Lin as Korra flies past. Cut to aerial view as Korra soars toward the ceiling. Cut to side-view of the top of the arena. Korra flies through the hole toward the Equalists. Cut to a frontal view of Korra as she firebends the Lieutenant and an Equalist off the rising platform. Cut to view underneath the airship as the Lieutenant falls and Korra firebends at the Equalist again to knock him off before grabbing the rope. Cut to above Korra as she looks down briefly before turning toward the airship. Cut to Amon rising on the platform as he looks at her. Cut to Korra as she overcomes her hesitation punches out a fireball as the camera zooms out. Cut inside the airship as the fire blast knocks the Equalists back except for Amon, who simply looks on and walks away. Cut to Amon as another fire blast goes past him before turning away.

Cut to Korra looking determined before she looks below. Cut to the arena as the camera pans back to show the entire area with Lin's police force in flames. Cut to Lin as she metalbends up onto the rooftop and shoots her cables toward the airship. Cut to Korra as an Equalist approaches her only to be grabbed by the cable. Cut to aerial shot of the roof as Lin slams him down onto the glass. Cut to two more Equalists sliding down Korra's rope. Cut to side-view of Korra as the Equalists knock her off the platform.

Cut to underneath the glass roof as Korra slams down on it. Cut to aerial shot of Lin and the roof as she tries to metalbend onto the nearest rope as the Lieutenant approaches. Cut to side-view as the Lieutenant strikes her down with his kali sticks. Cut to frontal view of Lin as she gasps in pain. Cut to side-view of them both as Lin falls forward to the ground. Camera zooms out as three Equalists rush toward her. Korra firebends at one to aid Lin, knocking him down. Cut to the downed Equalist who rolls over and attempts to stand up but is stood on by Korra. Cut to frontal view of Korra and the remaining two Equalists as she firebends at both before preparing another attack. Cut to the Lieutenant as he moves to deal a knockout blow to Lin until he gets hit by a fire blast from behind. Cut to behind the Lieutenant as falls to the ground before quickly recovering to a kneeling stance. Korra moves to firebend at him but he quickly dodges. Cut to side-view as the he rolls out of the way. He runs away as Korra chases after him. Cut to overhead view as he stops to turn and fight her, attempting to strike with his kali sticks which Korra dodges. Cut to behind Korra as she leaps up and firebends from her feet, which he avoids. Cut to wide-view of rooftop as they continue to fight as the two Equalists move to aid the Lieutenant. Cut to behind Lin as she sits up noticing the Equalists.

Cut to close-up of Lin as she shoots her cables toward them and the camera zooms out. Cut to the Equalists as the cables wrap around them and are spun out of their way. Cut to Lin as she twirls around, breakdance-style, in order to generate enough velocity to push herself onto her feet. While spinning around, she bends the metal slabs under the two Equalists and catapults them away in opposite directions. As she pushes herself up, she retracts her metal cables. Lin turns to look at Amon's airship. Cut to view underneath airship as Lin looks up and fires a cable toward it. Close-up of the rope and platform as the cable wraps around a rope. Side-view of Lin as she is lifted into the air. Side-view of rooftop and airship as Lin flies toward the airship.

With a flash of lightning, the camera cuts to Korra protecting herself from the Lieutenant's attacks, by having her arms crossed in front of her; she jumps backward out of his range. The Lieutenant surges forward. Cut to a side-view of the fight as Korra ducks under his wide swing. She retaliates by grabbing hold of his left wrist and kneeing him in the stomach with her left leg. The Lieutenant is swung around in a half-circle motion, and is slammed roughly on the glass ground behind her. Cut briefly to overhead view as he lands on the glass with a grunt of pain. Korra instantly retracts her left leg and prepares for a flaming half-moon kick. Cut to a frontal view of Korra as her kick reaches its zenith; the Lieutenant's left hand kali stick bounces away after he released it due to his fall. He manages to turn around to block Korra's attack by knocking her foot away with his other kali stick. The Lieutenant jumps up, during which he switches his remaining kali stick to his left hand, and attempts to kick her head, but she ducks. Korra attempts to hit him with two firebending punches, but he dodges them both. In slow motion, Korra narrowly misses with a firebending kick, and the Lieutenant prepares to strike back with his kali stick. Cut to a frontal view on normal speed of the Lieutenant as he brings down his attack. Frontal view of Korra as she narrowly dodges the weapon, before countering with an elbow to the face. Cut to a close-up of the Lieutenant as he is knocked backward, falls down and rolls over, before standing back up, albeit with the usage of his kali stick as support. Cut to Korra as she runs toward him with a determined look on her face. She twists around her own axis to build up momentum and launches two more firebending arcs at the Lieutenant. Cut to a point of view from the side of the arena looking up; the Lieutenant is flung off the roof and tumbles down it toward the water. Cut to Korra as she heavily lands on the glass, which cracks underneath her feet. Switch to her alarmed face as cracking sounds are heard. Cut to an overview shot at the moment the ceiling breaks and she falls through. As she plunges down screaming, the camera moves back to show Lin looking down from above.

Cut to Lin as she releases her cables and shoots them at the frames of the ceiling, helping her to gain more speed to reach Korra. Cut to side-view of Korra as she continues to fall. Cut to aerial view as she falls in to smoke and Lin follows closely behind sending a cable in to a nearby Equalist flag. Cut to the flag behind impaled by the cable. Cut back to Lin as she fires another toward Korra. Cut to the smoke cloud as the camera follows the cables direction toward Korra, who catches it. Cut to side-view of the smoke cloud as both exit toward the stands. Cut briefly to the Equalist flag, now stretching and tearing. Cut back to behind Lin and Korra as they approach the stands. Cut to side-view of the stands as both land safely.

Lin [Helping Korra up.] You all right?
Korra [Side-view of both.] I'm fine, thanks to you.
Lin Don't mention it, kid. [Both turn to look at the fleeing airship. Cut to view of them looking with the airship above.] Looks like we lost this one.
Cut to side-view of stands. Mako rushes toward Korra, followed by Bolin. Mako hugs her.
Mako [Relieved; hugs Korra.] I'm so glad you're okay!
Bolin [Side-view of all three. Hugging both.] Me too! [The Fire Ferrets smile at each other.]
Camera pans to Lin as Tenzin approaches, placing a hand on her shoulder.
Lin [Ashamed.] I can't believe Amon did this. I played right into his hand.
Tenzin He played us all. [Close-up.] Republic City is at war.
The camera pans up from the burning pro-bending ring to the hole in the ceiling and cuts to the credits.






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