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Shiro Shinobi [A black and white news reel starts to play. Narrating a newsreel with jazzy music in the background.] Welcome to Republic City, the place of hopes, dreams and Spirit Wilds! [Frame slides off to the side to reveal a shot of a few highways snaked around the Spirit Wilds vines and Satomobiles travel on them without incident.] This metropolis truly has something for everyone. Visit Air Temple Island, the hub for all airbenders as they travel the world, helping others. Or take a stroll through beautiful Avatar Korra Park, named in honor of "You-Know-Who"! We've missed her these past three years and we can't wait to welcome her home. Get well soon, Korra! And of course, you'll want to see our most unique attractions: the Spirit Wilds. Here, spirits and people live harmoniously together. [Cut to a shot of Gommu sitting among a group of spirits as he gives a thumbs-up to the camera.] Like this old codger, and his new pals. Yes siree, this town is truly on the up and up! Come be a part of the action in Republic City!
The final shot of the narration, a shot of Central City Station with a large crowd around the entrance, switches from black and white to color as the narration ends.
Raiko [Addressing the crowd.] And of course, my biggest thanks goes to Asami Sato and Future Industries. She brought our old central terminal into the modern era. Ladies and gentlemen, the world is entering a new age of peace and prosperity. Soon, Prince Wu will take his rightful place on the Earth Kingdom throne. [Cut to a shot of Wu striking a pose for a reporter about to take a photograph.] And thanks to our updated rail system, Republic City and the Earth Kingdom will be united like never before!
The crowd applauds as Raiko and Asami cut the ribbon to ceremoniously open the new station. Fade to a shot of Asami talking to a reporter, who is being approached by Prince Wu.
Wu Hey there! Asami, right? Great train house. Maybe you can give me a personal tour sometime, what do you say?
Asami [Annoyed.] I do like the idea of putting you on a train and sending you far, far away.
Wu [Chuckles.] That's ... that's funny. I like funny dames. Maybe I should introduce myself. I'm Prince Wu, future king.
Asami Yeah ... I'm aware of who you are.
Wu Don't let my reputation intimidate you. I'm still human just like everyone else. Only more human, like, extra human, or, hmm, superhuman.
Asami [With a questioning look on her face.] Superhuman?
Wu So, what do you say? Can I show you a low-key night out with a superhuman soon-to-be king?
He wiggles his eyebrows, with Asami giving him an even weirder look. Mako interrupts them.
Mako Prince Wu! President Raiko has some really important ... king stuff to talk to you about.
Wu [Disappointed.] Now? [Sighs.] Fine. [To Asami.] Think over the offer. [Blows her a kiss-hand and walks off.] I'll be back. [ Asami rolls her eyes.]
Mako He's a real charmer, huh?
Asami He's ... something. How can you stand being his bodyguard?
Mako Well, I just remind myself that once he's on the throne, I go back to being a detective.
Asami And that works?
Mako [Sarcastically.] I also go home, and smash my head into the wall for an hour, you know, just to get the stress out.
Asami [Laughs lightly.] It's good to see you, Mako. It's been too long. You hear from Bolin lately?
Mako I haven't talked to him for a while, but he's coming in a few days for the coronation. And Beifong told me that Korra is getting in tonight.
Asami I can't wait to see her. [Cut to a close-up.] It's going to be weird, having the old Team Avatar back in the city after all these years.
Cut to Tenzin, Prince Wu, President Raiko and Lin Beifong.
Tenzin After your coronation, the United Forces will escort you to Ba Sing Se.
Wu Right. About that. Are we all positive that the Earth Kingdom is safe enough for me to return? I don't have to remind everyone what happened to my great-aunt three years ago?! [He starts imitating Hou-Ting suffocating.] May she rest in peace.
Raiko Prince Wu, I assure you, Kuvira has the Earth Kingdom pretty much stabilized at this point.
Wu [Skeptically.] Uh ... define "pretty much".
Tenzin Well, the roving bandits have mostly been dispersed.
Wu Mostly?
Lin Don't worry kid. The chances of you being assassinated are almost zero.
Wu Almost?
A small village of the State of Yi in the Earth Kingdom is shown. A villager is seen sweeping the street when a jeep nearly runs him down. After it stops, three bandits jump out and walk into a shop.
Shopkeeper Get out of here! We don't have anything left.
One of the bandits earthbends a fissure toward the counter, destroying it and revealing several hidden sacks of goods. The bandits take them.
Bandit #1 Now you don't have anything left.
They proceed to load the stolen stuff into their jeep. Hearing a noise, they look up to see Lefty grumbling far above them. Opal and Kai, who are standing on his back wearing wingsuits, jump down to engage them. The bandits gasp and make a run for it, but they are quickly overtaken by the airbenders. Kai blasts air at the front of the jeep, stopping it in its tracks and launching the bandits out. Opal catches them with a gust of air, and the airbenders tie the bandits up.
Kai It's safe to come out, everyone! The airbenders are here.
The governor comes running out of a building toward Opal and Kai.
Governor You finally made it! So where are the rest of you?
Opal Actually, it's just the two of us, but we're going to do everything we can to help. I'm Opal, and this is Kai.
Kai It's nice to meet you.
Governor [Shocked and upset.] What? I called Master Tenzin because my state has been under siege by bandits for months. They blocked all the roads, cut off our supply lines, and all he sent is you two kids?
Kai Hey, us two kids just took care of those three guys for you.
Governor There are hundreds more where they came from. My citizens are going hungry. Our entire state is on the brink of collapse.
Opal Unfortunately, the Air Nation is spread thin right now. We're all you have.
Governor lets his head hang in disappointment. Cut to a train riding a maglev rail. It makes two turns before heading into a mountain range.
Bolin We just got some good news. [Salutes Baatar Jr.] Two more Earth Kingdom states have agreed to join us.
Baatar Jr. Excellent! Thank you, Bolin. [Takes a folder from Bolin and turns to Kuvira, who is looking at a map.] We're ninety percent there, Kuvira.
Varrick [Slaps knee enthusiastically.] That's great! Zhu Li, dish out some of that special celebration tea!
Zhu Li salutes Varrick and goes off to get the tea. Kuvira metalbends two cutouts of states onto the map in front of her. Zhu Li offers her tea.
Kuvira None for me. I won't celebrate until the Earth Kingdom is one hundred percent reunited.
The others all put their cups back onto their saucers, and Bolin spits his tea back into his cup. The train makes a sudden stop and everyone staggers, spilling their tea onto their clothes. Kuvira stays perfectly still, despite facing backward. She only moves when the train comes to a dead stop. As the others try to mop the tea out of their clothes, the driver walks up to Kuvira and salutes her.
Kuvira Why have we stopped?
Driver Apologies. There are rocks on the tracks. It's most likely bandits. We're sending troops to handle the situation.
Kuvira Call them off. I will take care of the bandits myself.
Cut to a wide shot of the train, showing a pile of rocks in front of it. Kuvira climbs to the top of one of the carts and waits. She spots the bandits on the crest of the ridge to her left. They jump down, surfing on rocks while also earthbending boulders at Kuvira, who effortlessly dodges them and starts shooting slabs of metal at them, which she uses to either blind the bandits or bind their limbs together. After easily defeating every bandit, she metalbends their bonds further to pile them together. Cut to all of the bandits blinded with a slab of metal and attached to the maglev rail by their wrist bonds. Kuvira removes all of their blindfolds and bends them back into her backpack.
Female bandit #1 You're ... Kuvira.
Kuvira And you're the bandits who have been causing chaos where I'm trying to establish order, aren't you?
Female bandit #1 [Nearly crying.] We're sorry, we didn't know this was your train and ...
Kuvira bends a metal band over her mouth, silencing her.
Kuvira [Angry.] Don't talk over me! [Drops the slab over the bandit's mouth.]
Male bandit #1 Please, take mercy on us!
Kuvira Stop groveling as if this is the worst day of your life. This ... is a good day. I'm going to give you all the opportunity to rehabilitate yourselves, and become productive members of your nation. Right now, you're lost, but pledge your loyalty to me, and I'll give you a new purpose in your lives. Of course, if you don't want to join, you could always stay right here. Hopefully, someone saves you before the next train speeds through, but I wouldn't count on it.
Male bandit #1 No, we'll join. Don't leave us here.
Female bandit #1 We pledge our loyalty to you, Great Uniter.
Shot focuses on Kuvira again, who smiles out of the bandits' view. Fade to a hotel in Republic City with jazzy music playing in the background. Outside, there is a small crowd. Inside, two men open up the door for Prince Wu and Mako. Wu is spinning his cane around his arm, before casually catching it.
Mako I don't know why we're leaving so early if you're just getting a haircut. The dinner at Air Temple Island isn't until later tonight.
Wu Because I'm not just getting a haircut, it's a spa day! We're talking minimum four hours.
Mako Are you kidding me? [Pushes the button to call an elevator.] What are you having done that takes four hours?
Wu A rejuvenating tea-leaf skin wrap. Have you ever gotten one of those, Mako?
Mako Yeah, I'm ... not interested.
Wu [Chuckles.] You will be. [Elevator doors close. He continues on the ground floor.] So while your hands soak in a bubbling milk-bath, your feet are in a tub full of these little sucker-fish that literally eat your calluses away. Gobble them right up! Crazy, huh?
Mako That's disgusting!
Wu Then, they scrape your skin with blocks of sea-salt and lube you up with seaweed-infused aloe, wrap you in tea leaves, put you in a hot box for four hours, and bam! You're done! [He looks through the door at the crowd, half of which is cheering for him, the other half is booing him.] Mako, look at all my fans! They must be in town for my coronation.
Mako [Doubtful.] I don't know if all those people are your fans.
Two more men open the doors for them as they walk outside. Wu does some poses for the cameraman waiting for him, while he goes up to two of his fans and takes a picture with them. Mako sees a few shady figures approaching, all with a hand behind their backs.
Mako [Acting on his suspicion.] Wu, we have to get you out of here! [Lifts the prince from the arms of his fangirls and into the limo as it is being struck by pies. Shouts to the driver.] Go! Go!
The limousine takes off while another pie hits it.
Wu What just happened out there?
Mako I think those were Kuvira's supporters in the crowd.
Wu [Notices a stain on his belly.] Oh no! Mako, I've been hit! It's a gusher!
Mako [Calmly and dryly.] That's not blood. It's strawberry pie.
Wu [Tastes it.] Oh. Yeah, you're right. [Puts a hand on Mako's shoulder.] But that was close. I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there.
Mako You would have been hit by a pie. It's really not that big of a deal.
Wu Or I could have been killed! I don't know what I'd ever do without you! Wait a second. Did you say strawberry pie? [Grabs throat.] I'm allergic to strawberries! [Falls onto his knees.] I don't think I can breathe! Get me to the hospital! Wu down!
Mako [Looks over to Wu with annoyance.] You're allergic to bee stings!
Wu [Relaxes.] Oh. Yeah, you're right. [Sits on the floor and rests his elbow on Mako's knee; Mako does not look pleased.] I always get those two mixed up.
Cut to a scene of Kai and Opal feeding Lefty, as a train blares its horn in the distance.
Kai Look! A train made it through!
Opal Maybe they brought food and supplies!
Cut to the town, where a large crowd has gathered on the platform. Kai and Opal make it to the front, just as the doors open and Kuvira's men exit the train, with Bolin being one of them.
Kai Hey, what's your boyfriend doing here?
Opal If he's here, he must be with Kuvira and my brother. This isn't going to be good.
Kai [Shouts.] Bolin!
Bolin [Enthusiastically.] Kai! [They give each other a hug.] Wow, you are a lot heavier than you used to be. You're really growing up.
Kai What's up with your new hair? You look like a stiff.
Bolin [Annoyed.] Hey, Kuvira says it makes me look intelligent and professional.
Opal [Ruffles up Bolin's hair, back to its original design.] Don't believe everything she says.
Bolin Opal, I can't believe you're here too! [Gives her a hug.] I missed you so much.
Opal I missed you too.
Baatar Jr. Look who it is. It's good to see you again, little sister.
Kuvira What a wonderful surprise. A happy reunion for my favorite couple.
Baatar Jr. [Inquisitively and cordially.] How's Mom doing?
Opal [Slightly angry toward her brother.] Like you care. She still hasn't forgiven you.
Baatar Jr. You know, for someone who claims to be so enlightened, Mom can really hold a grudge.
Opal I guess when her son betrays her ...
Kuvira [Interrupts the arguing siblings.] Please, Opal, we're not here to bicker with you about something that happened three years ago. We're here to help this town, just like you.
Opal [Even more hostile toward Kuvira.] I've heard how you help towns. By conquering them.
Kuvira I know the rumors about me can be pretty nasty, but I am giving everyone in this nation a better future. And with Bolin's help, and my fiancé's ideas, we're laying the ground work for the people to achieve their own greatness.
Opal [Surprised.] Your fiancé?
Kuvira You haven't heard? [Baatar Jr. and Kuvira look at each other.] Your brother and I are getting married.
Bolin [Awkwardly.] Isn't that great, sweetie?
Kai slides away as Kuvira walks up to Opal and puts a hand on her shoulder.
Kuvira I know things got heated with your family when Baatar and I left Zaofu, but don't you think it's time to forgive and forget?
Governor [Governor interrupts them.] What are you doing here? [Shot cuts to him standing in front of his people.]
Kuvira [Turns to address him directly.] Hello, governor. I was wondering if you and I could talk privately.
A brief exterior shot of the train is shown, before it cuts to the inside, where the governor is sitting at a table and Kuvira is looking out the window.
Kuvira So, have you had time to rethink my generous offer?
Governor Generous? You want to take everything. How is that generous?
Kuvira Governor, your state has been overrun by bandits. They have you outnumbered and outsupplied. The question's not if they'll take over; it's when. Unless you sign our deal. Agree to the terms, and you'll have the full force of my army backing you. You will remain in charge, just under my supervision. I will save your life, and the lives of your citizens. I think that's pretty generous.
Governor [Slams the contract and jar of ink from the table and stands up.] I know how you manipulate states, and force them to join up under you. I know the only reason you want this region is because it is rich in ore. [View cuts briefly to Kuvira, who is surveying the governor with thin eyes, unimpressed at his outburst.] They might call you "The Great Uniter", but you're destroying everything! I'll never turn the great state of Yi over to you!
Kuvira [Angrily advancing on the governor.] You have a lot of pride, but it cannot protect your people. [The governor sinks into his chair, while Kuvira stands over him, an arm on his chair, berating him.] Your pride will not stop the hordes as your city crumbles to the ground. And your pride will certainly not feed your hungry when all that is left is rubble!
Governor [Obviously insulted.] Leave! Get out of my state!
Kuvira You will perish, unless you take my generous offer.
Cut to the exterior of the train. The small group outside the train door watches as the governor storms off in a rage. As they watch him go, Kuvira appears at the door.
Kuvira It's time to go. We're not wanted here.
Bolin [Surprised.] What happened?
Kuvira It appears we can't make a deal right now. [Kuvira makes as though she would walk on, but moves back when Kai speaks.]
Kai Wait! Aren't you guys going to stick around and help?
Kuvira [Hands Kai the contract.] Here's the contract. We'll wait at the border for one day. You get the governor to sign it, and you'll have all the help you need. [Goes inside the train again and Baatar Jr. follows her.]
Bolin [Disappointed.] I guess ... I got to go.
Opal [Desperate.] Don't! Please, you can't turn your back on these people!
Bolin I'm not! I wanna help, but if the Governor wants us gone, there's ... there's nothing I can do. I'm sorry. [He tries to hug Opal, but she angrily pushes him away.] Hey ... Opal, please.
Opal [Angry.] Leave, if that's what you're going to do. [Turns around while folding her arms.]
Bolin sighs in disappointment, before walking inside with the rest of Kuvira's men.
Kai You know, we might not need their help after all. The roads may be impassable, but not the skies. We can use Lefty to fly to all the nearby villages, pick up supplies, and fly back.
Opal You're right. We can save this town ourselves.
An overhead shot of Kai and Opal next to the departing train cuts to a farm with a couple of hippo cows chewing on hay. The shot cuts to a wide shot, showing Opal and Kai talking to a farmer, with a big pile of supplies on Lefty's back.
Farmer Sorry we couldn't give you more. That's all we could spare.
Opal Every little bit helps. Because of you and the other farmers around here, we have more than enough food to feed the town until we can get some reinforcements. [Both Kai and Opal bow to him. He bows back.]
Kai Thanks!
A far shot of the farm shows Lefty taking off.
Kai So ... you and Bolin doing okay?
Opal [Uncertain.] I don't know. It's really tough having a long distance relationship. And I can't stand that he's working with Kuvira.
Kai I can tell. But it does seem like he found his calling, doesn't it? He loves helping people.
Opal Maybe. It's just ... he's changed a lot since he's been around her.
Kai He's growing up.
Opal I just hope we're not growing apart. [A short pause; more upbeat.] Speaking of long-distance relationships, how are you and Jinora doing?
Kai Actually, we're doing fine. [He is interrupted by the whir of an engine.] You hear that?
A biplane emerges from a cloud below them.
Kai It's more bandits!
A bandit sitting on the wing fires a grappling hook, which catches the net of supplies in the back. Lefty struggles as the plane pulls on the net, tensing the line.
Kai We're hooked!
The bandit ziplines over onto Lefty, while the airbenders try to blast him away with little success. He lands, unfolds a double-bladed sword, and starts cutting the tethers holding down the supplies. Kai manages to land a blow, causing the bandit to lose his balance, leaving him holding onto only the net. A second air blast from Kai's feet connects also, and the bandit falls completely off Lefty's back, although his tether saves him. He swings around Lefty and lands on the other side of the supplies, where he begins attacking Kai again. As they battle, the bandit cuts the last tether, dodges Kai's next air blast, and manages to cut through Kai's wingsuit before the plane pulls the supplies away.
Kai [Jumps after the supplies, but misses.] No!
As the bandits' plane veers to the left and out of sight, Kai tries to unfold his wingsuit as he falls, discovering that his right wing is sliced through. He spirals out of control toward the ground. Opal sees this and jumps after him, as her wingsuit is still intact. She catches Kai by the arm, and together they form a larger, stable wing. Lefty catches up with them and they gently land on the back of the beast. Cut to the town, where Lefty lands, the airbenders climbing down in front of the eagerly waiting people.
Governor What happened? Where's all the food?
Opal We were attacked in mid-air. We lost everything.
Kai It might be time to make a tough call. [Withdraws Kuvira's contract from his suit and hands it to the governor.]
The Governor looks over his people, who all look miserable. Seeing no other option, he takes the contract and signs it, handing it back to Kai.
Governor Here. Tell Kuvira to save my people.
Kai For what it's worth, I think you made the right decision.
Governor [Saddened.] Did I ever really have a choice?
A shot of Kai cuts to Air Temple Island at sunset, then to the dining area. Inside it, three groups have formed: Raiko, his wife and Prince Wu; Lin and Mako standing guard and Asami with Tenzin's family.
Meelo When Korra gets here, I bet she's not even going to know who I am.
Ikki Why is that?
Meelo Because Meelo the boy [Meelo appears against a cheery background with a poorly done crayon drawing.] has turned into Meelo the man!
The background changes to one of a dragon and platypus bear, their attires satirizing fighting games. Meelo strikes a "tough guy" pose.
Ikki [Back in reality, sarcastically.] Right. You're completely unrecognizable.
Cut to Prince Wu, Raiko and Buttercup.
Wu [Chuckles.] You've never had the tea leaf wrap? You have no idea what you're missing. The face massage alone is to die for.
Cut to Lin and Mako.
Mako [Annoyed.] Ugh. This coronation cannot come soon enough. I can't wait to go back to being a detective.
Lin [Guilty.] Right ... umm ... yeah, about that ...
Mako [On his guard.] What?
Lin I don't know how to tell you this ... you're going to Ba Sing Se ... with the prince.
Mako [Grabs Beifong by the shoulders in disbelief.] No!
Lin I tried to get you out of it, but it's over my head. [Mako grunts.] Wu personally asked Raiko. He says he doesn't know what he'd do without you.
Mako [Distraught.] This can't be happening! I'm not even an Earth Kingdom citizen; I work for the Republic City Police Department.
Lin Not anymore. [Both Lin and Mako glance at Raiko, who is laughing with Wu.] You're just a pawn in Raiko's diplomatic game. You can try talking to him, but I don't think he's going to let you quit.
Mako [Sighs.]
An Air Acolyte walks in.
Acolyte There's a Southern Water Tribe ship pulling up to the dock!
Children [Perfectly synchronized.] Korra!
They run off, the scene cutting briefly to Tenzin as a smile breaks across his face. Cut back to the village in Yi, where Kuvira's forces have occupied the town. A line of soldiers with metal helmets and faceplates march in. A door in the side of the train opens up, and bipedal mecha tanks exit through the opening. Kuvira's men are handing out food packages to the citizens; one of them gives a little boy an apple. The boy bites into it and smiles up at the man. Other children are playing on one of the mecha tanks. Bolin is handing out food from one of the jeeps. Kuvira steps forward and addresses the gathered crowd.
Kuvira The State of Yi is now under the full protection of my army. [Crowd cheers. Kuvira turns to the Governor.] Proclaim your loyalty, if you wish to keep your post.
Governor [Angrily.] I pledge my loyalty to you, Great Uniter.
A banner drops from the gate in front of the town, revealing the logo of Kuvira's army. Opal, watching from the crowd, has a disappointed look on her face, and she looks at Bolin, who spots her in the crowd, excited. She turns away in shame at his perceived betrayal, much to Bolin's disappointment. He continues handing out food packets, though halfheartedly. Cut to the dock at Air Temple Island, where Naga and Tonraq disembark from their ship.
Tenzin [Walks up to Tonraq; the two men shake hands.] Tonraq. It's good to have you back in the city. And everyone is excited to see the Avatar again.
Tonraq [Surprised.] What do you mean? Isn't Korra already here?
Tenzin No, we thought she was coming with you.
Tonraq Korra left the South Pole six months ago. She's written me letters. She said she was here in Republic City.
Tenzin I assure you, your daughter is not here.
Tonraq [Worried.] Then where is she?
Cut to a small arena somewhere in the Earth Kingdom. Korra is engaging an earthbender in a cage fight. She is struck several times by flying stones and knocked backward off her feet.
Korra [Gets up and taunts her opponent.] Is that all you got?
Her opponent keeps attacking her and an agitated Korra attempts to strike back with little success. After an intense exchange of earthbending between the two, the earthbender battling Korra launches herself to the top of the wall and bends a rock Korra shot at her straight back, sending her tumbling into the far wall. For a moment, Korra struggles to rise before collapsing to the ground, unable to get back up. The triumphant earthbender raises her arms victoriously as the crowd above cheers.
Announcer We have a winner!
Cut to a far shot of the arena as the bell rings. The scene fades to later on; the crowd is gone and Korra is sitting in the stands, taking the wrappings off her wrists. The announcer walks up to her.
Announcer Here. [Throws her a bundle of cash.] For your lackluster participation.
Korra [Responding indifferently as she picks up the bundle and her bag.] Thanks.
Announcer You know, you look very familiar. [Suddenly exclaiming.] Yeah, you ... you kind of look like that Avatar girl!
Korra [Showing her black eye and blankly responds.] I get that a lot. [Walks off.]
Scene cuts to an overhead shot of Korra walking away from the announcer around the rim of the ring, while the announcer watches her leave.
Announcer Whatever happened to her anyway?
Korra [Walking into shadow.] I wouldn't know.
Roll credits.






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