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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Korra and Jinora have entered the Spirit World. With Tenzin's daughter as her spiritual guide, the Avatar has one mission – to close the spirit portal before Harmonic Convergence. Meanwhile, Unalaq has been working with the dark spirit Vaatu, who was imprisoned by Avatar Wan ten thousand years ago. Will Korra be able to close the portal and stop Unalaq from enacting his deadly plan?
Cut to a night time shot of the Eastern Air Temple. The camera pans down from a higher view of the mountains to a lower one of Tenzin and his siblings sitting around a campfire in the ancient airbender meditation circle.
Tenzin I can't believe my little girl had to guide Korra into the Spirit World instead of me. If anything happens to her I won't be able to forgive myself.
Kya [Touches Tenzin's shoulder reassuringly.] She's very smart, and she obviously has a strong connection to the spirits. She'll be fine.
Bumi Yeah, Dad went all the time!
Tenzin They won't have their bending in there. They'll be defenseless!
Bumi [Close-up of Bumi's frowning face; clearly and slightly offended.] Ahem? Excuse me? But I've never had bending, and I don't think I'd call myself defenseless.
Tenzin Of course you aren't, because you have your ... [Glances at Kya.] um ...
Kya [When Tenzin looks to her for back-up, she raises her arm and awkwardly responds with a cheesy grin.] Positive attitude?
Bumi [Frowns.] I would've said acute intellect and cat-like reflexes, but whatever.
Tenzin Why don't you two get some sleep. I'll take the first watch.
Kya Wake us up if you need some company.
Bumi Or if any interesting spirit-y stuff happens, like their bodies start floating around and you need someone to help you grab them before they fly off!
Kya [Shocked.] Bumi!
Bumi [Folds hands together, speaking in a more innocent tone.] I'm just saying, we're here if you need us.
Tenzin I know you are. Thank you. [Puts his hand on Jinora's head.] Please come back soon.
Cut to a close-up of the meditating Jinora, before the background changes to the Spirit World, where she opens her eyes. Cut to Korra and Jinora standing on a spirit field.
Jinora Isn't it beautiful?
Korra [Apprehensive.] Just ... stick close to me, okay? This seems nice, but you never know when we'll run into some dark spirits. Huh! [Touches a flower, and it turns into a butterfly.]
Jinora Look! It's like it's made of jewels! [Chases the butterfly.] The spirits are so much more beautiful in their own world than they are at home.
Korra Jinora, be careful! Hold on! [Runs after Jinora.] Uh! [Looks down. It appears she has stepped into a meerkat prairie dog spirit's hole.]
Meerkat prairie dog spirit #1 Hey! Watch where you're going, you giant clod!
Korra Sorry!
Meerkat prairie dog spirit #1 This is a residential area, in case you hadn't noticed. Who do you think you are, stomping through here like that?
Korra [Smugly.] I'm the Avatar.
Meerkat prairie dog spirit #2 [Bursts from ground.] The Avatar? [Sniffs Korra.] Not impressed.
Korra I'm trying to find the spirit portals? I opened one-
Meerkat prairie dog spirit #3 I heard Unalaq did that!
Korra No, I did, but-
Meerkat prairie dog spirit #4 Well if you opened it, how come you don't know where it is? Huh?
Korra B-because I was at the South Pole!
Meerkat prairie dog spirit #5 I don't trust her.
Meerkat prairie dog spirit #6 Get out of our world!
Meerkat prairie dog spirit #7 We don't need you!
Meerkat prairie dog spirit #8 You don't belong here!
Korra Get away from me! [Tries to use her bending but nothing happens.]
Meerkat prairie dog spirit #1 Did you guys see that?! She tried to bend at us, in our own holes! Get her!
The spirits jump at Korra. She manages to dodge some, but some latch onto her and turn into sticky blobs.
Korra Jinora!
Jinora Korra! Stay calm! Your energy is upsetting them. You're only making it worse!
Jinora runs to Korra and tries to get the spirits off her. The other meerkat prairie dog spirits march around them in circle, and a hole opens through which they both fall down into spirit waters. Cut to spirit waters. The girls both hold their breath and hold onto each other's arms. Korra makes a face when she sees a very large dark spirit swimming toward them. The spirit swallows them, and they are teleported to a river that spirals down a rocky slope. The river soon forks and Jinora goes one way, Korra the other.
Jinora Ahhh!
Korra Jinora!
The river takes Korra off a waterfall, and she falls screaming into nothingness. An aerial shot of Korra as she lands on her back, the darkness around her disappearing immediately. Cut to a side-shot from between nearby trees, showing that she is lying on the ground in a forest.
Korra [Groans and sits up.] Jinora? Jinora!
Cut to a shot from behind her as she is facing three dark spirits staring her down. Korra begins to panic, breathing heavily. She turns around, her eyes darting everywhere and she runs away from the spirits before her. Cut to an overview shot of her running through the forest. She suddenly stops and takes a step back. Cut to a shot from behind her, a large insect-like dark spirit threatening her. The creature growls at her, lashing out, and forces her to continue. Cut to a closer shot of Korra as she walks backward, further into the dark forest. When she nearly bumps with her back against a tree on which a small round dark spirit with fingers for feet is crawling, she turns around.
Korra Jinora.
The camera pans in a circle showing the forest and the dark spirits that surround her. Right before the camera comes back to Korra, she starts sobbing like a child.
Korra [With a child's voice.] Jinora.
As the camera stops spinning and Korra comes back into view, she has turned into her four-year-old self. Scared, she drops to the ground on her behind and begins to cry. Cut back to a more far off shot, revealing that little Korra is surrounded by dark trees. The camera pans right and halts at the rim of the dark forest on a brighter-looking, green meadow. Jinora is standing there, hands to her mouth.
Jinora Korra! Where are you! Hello? I'm lost. [Cut to a closer shot as she scans her surroundings.] Can anyone help me?
She looks over her right shoulder upon hearing a sound and the camera pans to the left, showing a cooing Furry-Foot flying over a hill and approaching Jinora. Cut to a facial close-up as Jinora squints her eyes. Cut to a frontal shot of Furry-Foot.
Jinora [Voice-over.] Furry-Foot? [Close-up of Jinora as her expression turns ecstatic.] Is that you? [Smiling brightly, she starts running up to her friend. The shot switches to a more further off one, as Furry-Foot lands in front of her and Jinora throws herself at him for a hug.] It's so good to see you again! [She steps back to appraise her friend.] You're so big here. [Rubs his belly, causing him to tap his foot in delight; cut to frontal shot of Jinora.] I don't suppose you know where Korra is, do you? [Her expression drops.] We were supposed to go find the spirit portals, [Starts looking around.] but I don't know how to find anything down here.
Cut to a further off shot as Furry-Foot coos and starts to flap its wings. The dragonfly bunny spirit flies over Jinora, who happily smiles up at him, and lands behind her. As she jumps up in the air, he runs forward so she can land on his back. Together, they take off, the camera panning up to follow them. Cut to a close-up of Jinora smiling contently, her eyes closed and her hair waving in the wind. Cut to a side-shot of Furry-Foot flying over a hill, the camera slowly panning to the left to follow them. Cut to a slightly darker looking scene with a forest in the background. Furry-Foot flies into the scene and heads for the forest. Cut to a shot of the empty, yellow sky as Jinora, smiling brightly, comes floating into view, followed by Furry-Foot's face. Her excited expression changes to one of wonder and her mouth drops open. Cut to a shot from behind Furry-Foot, panning up. The scene of big, twisted roots change to tall trees in which a building is suspended upside down by vines.
Jinora [In awe; voice-over.] It's like an awesome tree house! [Cut to frontal shot; serious.] Wait, I've read about this place. [Cut to the building.] Grandpa Aang came here. It's Wan Shi Tong's Spirit Library.
Cut to dark forest, camera panning down. Korra, still in her four-year-old body, has retreated to below a tree, her knees pulled up against her chest. Cut to a closer shot, tears shimmering in the corners of her eyes. She looks up upon hearing a strange cry. Cut to a downward looking point of view from between the branches as the scene rapidly closes in on Korra. Her wondering expression changes to one of shock. Cut to a frontal shot of a young dragon bird spirit speeding down, its eyes glowing. It flies right into the camera, filling the screen. Cut to Korra as she flails her arms and cowers in fear.
Korra Ahhh! [She smacks the creature down, which glistens as she made contact.] Get away!
She slowly cracks open her eyes. Hesitating, she slowly starts to crawl forward. Cut to a shot of the dragon bird spirit sprawled on the ground. Its right wing sparkles pink, though as the glimmer subsides, a hole in its wing forms. Squeaking, it pushes itself upright on its wings. It flaps its right wing once, shedding some of the pink glimmers, and tucks it away, diverting its head in pain, before laying down in sadness. Korra places her left hand near the spirit, who looks up at the motion. Cut to a ground shot, showing both Korra and the spirit. Korra sports a remorseful expression.
Korra [Reaches for the spirit.] I'm sorry I swatted you. [Picks it up gently.] You just scared me.
As the spirit squeaks, Korra stands up. She looks to the right upon the sound of footsteps, her face slowly being illuminated by an approaching light. Cut to a shot of the approaching person, who clad in an Earth Kingdom attire and carries a lantern, though his face still shaded.
Iroh You two look lost. Maybe I can help you.
Korra [Frontal shot. Korra's eyes widen in recognition, and the dragon bird spirit turns its head to look at the approaching man.] I know you.
Iroh I was good friends [Lifts the lantern to illuminate his face, revealing himself to be Iroh.] with Avatar Aang.
Korra Iroh!
Iroh Hello, Korra.
Cut to dark forest, where Iroh is leading Korra out of the location.
Iroh I'm glad you came to visit us in the Spirit World, Korra. You came just in time. [Korra smiles at Iroh, before looking ahead and smiling in awe.] We're having a little tea party, to celebrate May-Jim's wedding. [Cut to Korra's point of view as the forest ends, revealing a clearing with a house.]
Cut to the spirits around the table, with a pair of conjoined frogs seated at the end, donned with garlands.
Korra How can you marry each other? Aren't you ...
May Complete opposites? I know!
Jim I tried to fight it, but she really grew on me!
Iroh The Spirit World is very mysterious, but so is love. Help yourself to some tea and cakes. [Hands Korra a slice.] They are spirit cakes, so you won't gain any weight- [Chuckles as he pats his bulging belly.] of course, you won't lose any either!
Korra This part of the Spirit World isn't so scary. [A spirit takes the cake away, revealing Wan's teapot; excitedly.] My teapot!
Iroh That's right. It was yours long, long ago. [Takes the teapot.] When you were Avatar Wan, you used it to carry the light spirit, Raava, around- until the two of you became one. It is my favorite thing I found here. [Pours the tea into Korra's cup.] You know, when you make tea in it, you can still taste a little light in every cup.
Korra takes a sip and smiles contently.

Cut to Wan Shi Tong's Library, where Furry-Foot and Jinora descend. Cut to the interior, where multiple Knowledge Seekers are managing the shelves. Jinora looks at the library in awe.

Jinora Wow. I could just stay in here forever, reading.
Wan Shi Tong swoops down and lands next to her, leading a gust of wind that flaps her clothes.
Wan Shi Tong The last human who said that is still here.
Wan Shi Tong turns to his right, and Jinora follows suit. The scene zooms out to the shelves, revealing Zei's body, which had already decomposed to a skeleton.
Jinora Professor Zei!
Wan Shi Tong I see that you have some knowledge of the past, so you should know that humans are no longer allowed in my library. Get out. [Furry-Foot flies back and hides behind the pillar.]
Jinora I thought anyone could come in if they brought you some new knowledge?
Wan Shi Tong Those are the old rules. Besides, what has a little girl got to teach Wan Shi Tong, he who knows ten thousand things?
Jinora Well, since you've been down in the Spirit World, the humans have invented radio. [Folds her arms smugly.]
Wan Shi Tong Yes, I am well aware of the radio.
Jinora But do you know how it works?
Wan Shi Tong Of course I do! There is a box, and inside the box, there is a tiny man who sings and plays musical instruments.
Jinora Actually, when we speak, our voices produce sound waves. Radio takes those sound waves and converts them into electromagnetic energy that is transmitted through the spectrum-
Wan Shi Tong All right, enough. I did not know this. [He turns his head to glare at the Knowledge Seeker.] Apparently, I have been fed some misinformation about the existence of tiny men in boxes. [The Knowledge Seeker hangs its head in shame, before walking away, whimpering.] Still, I am not interested in that human garbage. Now, go away.
Jinora My grandfather was the Avatar, and I came to the Spirit World with the new Avatar to find the spirit portals. I would think that you'd wanna help me.
Wan Shi Tong You came with the Avatar, hm? Well, why didn't you say so! Fine, you may look around. But don't break anything- I'll know. [Soars off into the skies.]
Jinora Come on, Furry-Foot, we gotta hurry!
Cut to Iroh's teashop, close-up of a Pai Sho board.
Iroh They say that the game of Pai Sho was invented by the spirits ... although some of them don't seem to grasp it very well. [Far shot of the table, where a radish lotus spirit is playing against Iroh.]
Radish lotus spirit Just hold on. I'm thinking. [Scratches his head.]
Iroh As you can see, it is a game that requires great patience. But time does not mean much to us here.
Korra How long have you lived here?
Iroh Oh, I've been here for many years. I had always enjoyed the company of the spirits, [Cut to a far shot of the teashop, where a dark craggy mountain is in the background.] so when my work was done in the material world, [Close-up of Iroh.] I chose to leave my body behind and come to the Spirit World! It can be a wonderful place, and I've made so many friends. [Iroh offers a toast to May-Jim, who return the favor. Cut to Korra, who begins to look downcast. Iroh continues sipping his tea, before turning to Korra, with a concerned look.] Korra, what's wrong?
Korra I came here with my friend, but I lost her and now I'm all alone.
Iroh You're not alone Korra, it's okay.
Korra No! It's not okay! Jinora's gone and I need to find her! She's lost, and we need to go home! [The radish lotus spirit shrivels.] I don't like the Spirit World, I don't want to be here anymore! [Korra screams high-pitched.]
As Korra screams and throws a tantrum, the dark cloud above the mountain grows in size. Cut to the teashop, which becomes darkened, and the spirits turn dull and angry.
May Did you say something to her?
Jim Me? You're the one with the big mouth!
Iroh Korra, please stop! Look at what you're doing to everyone!
Korra [Looks around; guiltily.] I did that?
Iroh In the Spirit World, your emotions become your reality- especially for the Avatar, because you are the bridge between the two worlds. You must try to stay positive. [Wipes a tear from Korra's face.]
Korra I'm sorry.
The spirits calm down before returning to their normal color. The dark cloud above the mountain also retreats back to the peak, causing the sky to brighten up.
Iroh There, you see?
Korra I can make the sun shine?
Iroh Even in the material world, you will find that if you look for the light, you can often find it. But if you look for the dark, [Iroh's expression gets serious.] that is all you will ever see.
Korra I'm looking for my friend. I want her here now! [Korra closes her eyes and prays hard for Jinora to appear. When she opens her eyes, she discovers Jinora isn't there, and her face becomes puzzled.] Why didn't she come out like the sun?
Iroh I'm afraid finding her won't be so easy.
Korra But what am I supposed to do?
Iroh Sometimes the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else. [Cut to the injured baby dragon bird spirit.] This little fellow needs to go home as well. Maybe if you help him find his friends, you will be able to find yours. [The dragon bird spirit flies onto Iroh's hand, and he passes it to Korra.]
Korra I'll take him home! Where do I go?
Iroh The dragon bird nest is located there, at the top of Hai-Riyo Peak.
Iroh points toward the dark craggy mountain, which is filled with dark clouds.

Cut to Wan Shi Tong's Library.

Jinora Ugh, it's not in here either! I have to find the portals. Korra is probably waiting for me there right now! I need to find a map that shows where the spirit portals are, could you help me? Thanks, this is it! The Tree of Time! That's where Avatar Wan imprisoned Vaatu! The elders believe that as long as the portals are closed during the Harmonic Convergence, Vaatu will remain imprisoned and the battle between good and evil will not be fought again. But, if both portals are open, spirit energy is amplified greatly. During the Harmonic Convergence, this energy will be great enough to allow Vaatu to break free from his bonds, and the material world will again risk being consumed by darkness. We have to warn Korra!
Unalaq Leaving so soon? When Wan Shi Tong told me he had a visitor, I had to see it with my own eyes. I can't believe Tenzin sent his daughter here instead of coming himself - what kind of a father is he?
Jinora Better than you. Wan Shi Tong, how can you be helping him?
Wan Shi Tong Unalaq has proven to be a true friend to the spirits - unlike the Avatar.
Jinora Why would you wanna help Vaatu escape? He'll destroy everything!
Unalaq Don't believe everything you read. Why don't you come with me, so you can do some firsthand research? [Furry-Foot turns dark and grabs Jinora by the shoulders.]
Jinora Furry-Foot ...?
Cut to the foot of Hai-Riyo Peak.
Korra This looks scary. Will you come with me?
Iroh This is something that you must do on your own. The people who have been coming to the Spirit World lately have brought darkness and anger. So that is what you see now. But you have light and peace inside of you. If you let it out, you can change the world around you. Besides, look at this little fellow. This mountain is his home. When you first met him, you were frightened. But does he seem scary to you now?
Korra No!
Iroh Many things that seem threatening in the dark become welcoming when we shine light on them. It was good to meet you. Come visit me again - in this life, or the next.
Korra Bye! Okay, time for you to go home. Light and peace ... light and peace ...
Cut to a platform above Korra where three dark shishi stand.
Korra I'm not afraid of you. You're not scary! You just look that way. I have light inside! It's okay, you can be my friends. My name is Korra, and I'm taking this dragon bird home! Iroh said you could be nice. Do you wanna help me? All right, now let's close that portal and go find Jinora.
Cut to Spirit World intersection.
Korra That's where Vaatu is.
Vaatu So you've returned, Raava. The Harmonic Convergence is coming soon, and this time, I'm going to wipe you out for good.
Korra I think you've said that before, Vaatu. But I'm here to close the portal. You're not getting out.
Vaatu You might want to reconsider- that is if you want to save your friend.
Unalaq appears, levitating Jinora in front of him, and encircling her with purple water. Jinora's body slowly changes its color to purple.
Korra Jinora! [To Unalaq.] I can't believe I trusted you! You made me think you wanted to restore balance with spirits, but this- this isn't balance, it's madness! Now let her go!
Unalaq If you want your friend to make it out of the Spirit World, you'll open the other portal now.
Jinora Don't do it Korra!
Unalaq What will it be? Open the portal- or lose your friend's soul forever?
Korra Stop! I'll do it. [Opens the portal.] Now let Jinora go. Ahhh! [Screams as Unalaq waterbends at her.]
Unalaq You should've come through the portal. Then you could do this!
Jinora Ahhh! Korra!
Jinora is carried away by dark Furry-Foot. Unalaq uses his technique on Korra.
Korra Ahhh!
When Korra is almost covered with the purple light, dragon bird spirit attacks Unalaq and carries Korra away, with her body changing color to normal again.
Vaatu I'll see you soon, Raava. Once the Harmonic Convergence comes, I'll be free from this prison, and then I will have my revenge!
Cut to the ancient airbender meditation circle near the Eastern Air Temple.
Tenzin Korra! What was it like? Did you manage to close the portal? Was Jinora able to help you?
Korra Tenzin- I'm ... I'm sorry.
Tenzin Where's Jinora? W-Why isn't she waking up? Korra! What happened to my little girl?
Fade to credits.






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