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Tenzin Earth. Fire. Air. Water. Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.
Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] Republic City welcomes a new citizen into our arms. Avatar Korra! After years of seclusion in the South, this master of water, earth, and fire seeks to add airbending to her list of skills. And under the tutelage of Tenzin, Avatar Aang's son, she should go far. But will this cool, calm, collective master of air be able to tame this hotheaded teen?
The episode starts with Oogi flying down toward the ground of Air Temple Island. As the camera pans down, it shows the air temple beside the Yin and Yang courtyard with the mountains and the rest of Republic City behind it.
Korra [Voice-over.] And, in the final round, the Buzzard Wasps [Cut to Korra who is reading aloud from the newspaper.won with a decisive knockout! [Lowers the paper and looks across her table; camera moves back, revealing Tenzin sitting opposite Korra; smiling; excitedly.] What do you say we go to the arena tonight, [Raises an eyebrow.] catch a few pro-bending matches?
Cut to a side shot of the dining room. Besides the table Korra and Tenzin are sitting on, there are three more tables occupied by other people, all donned in the yellow and red attire, typical of the Air Nomad culture. Air Acolytes of both genders are eating and drinking together.
Tenzin [Dismissively.] That sport is a mockery of the noble tradition of bending. [Takes a sip from his cup.]
Korra Come on, Tenzin! I've dreamed about seeing a pro-bending match since I was a kid [Cut to a frontal shot; pleading look on her face.] and now I'm just a ferry ride away from [Pointing behind her.] the arena.
Tenzin [Cut to a close side shot; decisively.] Korra, you're not here to watch that drivel. You're here to finish your Avatar training. [Switch to a shot of a disappointed Korra.] So, for the time being, I want you to remain on the island.
Korra [Annoyed.] Is that why you're keeping the White Lotus sentries around, [Cut to a wider shot of the room revealing several sentries in White Lotus attire.] to watch my every move?
Tenzin Yes. In order to learn airbending I believe you require a calm, [Cut to a bored-looking Korra.] quiet environment, free from any distractions.
Korra [Smiling softly.] All right, [Cut to a close side shot of Tenzin.] you're the master.
Switch to a shot from behind Korra as she turns around and looks out the window behind her with a longing look upon her face. The camera slowly zooms in on her, before switching to a shot outside of the dining room window through which the golden building that houses the pro-bending matches can be seen. The scene slowly moves toward it.

Switch to Tenzin and Korra walking outside underneath a wooden shed. A ring-tailed flying lemur soars by as the camera slowly pans to the left as the duo is walking on. Korra is now wearing typical Air Nomad attire instead of her usual Water Tribe clothing.

Tenzin So, my mother informed me that [Switch to a close side shot of the two.] you've never been able to airbend before.
As Tenzin mentions that, Korra stops in her tracks and sighs deeply, while the scene keeps following Tenzin as he walks on. Cut to a broader shot as Tenzin turns to face her. Korra has modified her outfit a bit by stripping up her sleeves, leaving her arms bare.
Korra [Placing her right hand on her head.] Yeah, but I don't know why. The other elements came so easily to me, [Cut to a frontal shot; frustrated.] but every single time I've tried airbending- [Sticks out tongue and makes a raspberry as the accompanying noise. Erects herself again and puts a hand on her hip; annoyed.] nothing.
Tenzin [Placing his right hand on her shoulder.] That's perfectly all right. You just need to be patient. [Cut to a back shot of Korra as Tenzin starts to roll down her stripped up sleeves.] Often the element that's the most difficult for the Avatar to master is the one most opposite to the Avatar's personality. [Frontal shot of Korra.] For Aang, it was earthbending.
Korra [Glances to the ground; sadly.] Yeah. Well, I'm about as opposite an airbender as you can get.
Tenzin [Broader shot as Tenzin turns to resume walking, smiling softly.] Let's begin your first lesson.
Korra stares dumbfounded at Tenzin's back. Switch to back shot of both Tenzin and Korra as they climb some stairs. As the camera moves up with them, Tenzin's children come into view. Ikki is jumping excitedly up and down while clapping her hands; Jinora stands solemnly in the middle; Meelo is vividly waving at the upcoming duo. Behind them, there is a circle filled with several wooden gates, all standing in a different direction. The elemental symbol of airbending is applied to every gate.
Ikki [Excitedly.] Korra's gonna airbend! Korra's gonna airbend!
Korra [Slightly amused.] What is that contraption?
The scene switches to a back shot of the three children as Korra and Tenzin pull up. Korra gazes in awe at the airbending tool.
Tenzin A time-honored tool that teaches the most fundamental aspect of airbending. Jinora, would you like to explain this exercise?
Jinora [Switch to a more far off shot, revealing part of the gates; she walks closer. Camera pans to the left, revealing the full extent of the gates as she talks.] The goal is to weave your way through the gates and make it to the other side without touching them.
Korra [Close-up; confidently.] Seems easy enough.
Ikki [Frontal shot; energetically.] Jinora forgot to say that you have to make it through while the gates are spinning.
Cut to a shot of Tenzin's boots as he walks up to the gates and takes on an airbending stance. Switch to a frontal shot; the camera pans up as he twists and turns his hands. The scene freezes on his face for a moment when he elevates his hands above his head. The camera quickly moves back to include the gates in the shot the moment Tenzin thrusts his hands forward, releasing a burst of air. His coat flaps in the wind, and the gates start to spin rapidly. The camera switches to an aerial shot of the events, moving forward to the gates, now all spinning. Briefly switch to a side shot of Tenzin as he tranquilly holds up a leaf, before switching to a shot from his point of view, the leaf held between his thumb and index finger.
Tenzin [Releases the leaf and gently moves it toward the gates with airbending.] The key is to be like the leaf. [Scene follows the leaf's movements as it reaches the gates and starts to flow through them.] Flow with the movement of the gates. [Scene follows the leave swirling and twirling, never touching the spinning gates. Cut to a side shot as it emerges on the other side.] Jinora will demonstrate.
Cut to a shot of Tenzin looking seriously at his daughter who is looking up. She decisively runs up to the gates, Tenzin follows her with his gaze. Cut to Jinora as she weaves her way through the ancient airbending tool. Cut to a side shot as she is rapidly switching direction each time a spinning panel comes near her.
Tenzin [Voice-over.] Airbending is all about spiral movements. When you meet resistance, you must be able to switch direction at a moment's notice.
Cut to an overview shot of Jinora making her way through the spinning objects. Briefly cut to her feet as she is walking up to the rim of the spinning panels; switch to a wider shot as Jinora exits through the other side of the airbending tool. Cut to a wide side shot as the panels are losing speed and start to spin slower. Jinora turns and blows another gust of wind through the panels, making them spin rapidly again. The camera pans to the right along with the gust of wind.
Korra [Frontal shot; determined.] Let's do this!
Korra decisively runs into the airbending tool, colliding against the first panel she encounters. Being thrown to the side, she slams right into the next one. Close-up of Tenzin as he grimaces in pain upon witnessing Korra colliding with every panel she comes across. Switch to a frontal shot of Korra inside the spinning airbending tool, as she is hit by two other panels. Aerial shot of Korra as she is catapulted from panel to panel and eventually tossed out on her behind in front of Tenzin and his children. She scrambles back on her feet. Cut to a frontal shot of the airbending family; they are blocked from view as Korra stands up completely again, an annoyed and determined look across her face. She runs back in, narrowly avoiding the first two gates, but colliding into the next ones.
Jinora [Frontal shot; calling out by shouting through cupped hands.] Don't force your way through!
Cut back to a shot of Korra inside the spinning panels as she is hit by every plank.
Ikki [Frontal shot. Clenching her fists and motioning expansively.] Dance! Dance like the wind!
Cut to Korra, grunting as she is knocked back by another panel.
Meelo [Making strange weaving motions by waving his arms with an undulating motion.] Be the leaf!
Cut to a side shot of Korra, grinding her teeth together as she runs up. After getting slammed in the face by a panel so hard, she spins around her own axis a few times before falling knocked out on the ground before Tenzin. Switch to a frontal shot of Tenzin as he takes a deep breath and shakes his head.

The screen fades into an image of Air Temple Island at night. Switch to a close side shot of Korra on the courtyard.

Korra Airbend! [Korra pushes her arms out in front of her hoping for something to happen. Camera moves back, revealing that she is aiming at a newspaper. Close-up of the newspaper; it has a picture of Lin Beifong on it. Switch back to the side shot; thrusts her arms back; frustrated.] What is wrong with me? Airbend!
Korra repeats the same action with her arms to no avail. Close-up of Naga as she softly growls. Cut to a frontal shot of a wide-eyed Korra, who is still standing in the same position, but now shaking in frustration and quickly losing her patience. Sighing deeply, Korra thrusts her fist forward at the paper, burning it and the wire it was suspended on to ash. Camera moves back to a broader shot.
Korra [Frustratedly.] Aargh! [Turning to Naga with her hand on her hip.] Maybe I'm just not cut out to be an airbender, huh, Naga?
Switch to a closer shot of Korra as her curiosity is suddenly peeked upon hearing a radio broadcast. She quickly locates the source of the sound; the camera pans to the right to follow her gaze and show the it hails from a side building of the temple.
Shiro Shinobi [Through the radio; voice-over.] Ladies and gentlemen! I'm coming to you live from Republic City's Pro-bending Arena, where tonight the best in the world continue their quest [Close-up of the radio.] for a spot in the upcoming championship tournament. [Switch to back shot of the radio, revealing three White Lotus sentries standing around the object, listening intently.] Grab your snacks and grab your kids because this next match is gonna be a doozy!
Camera pans up, showing Korra balancing on the roof. She squats down at the end and settling in eagerly; switch to a back shot as she looks out over Yue Bay toward the lit arena.
Shiro Shinobi This Mako's got moxy! He advances, fires two quick shots. [Close-up of the excited White Lotus sentries.] Yomo is hammered back to zone three! [Close-up of an equally excited Korra.] Clock is winding down, can Yomo hold on? [Close-up of the sentries as they squish their faces together with wide eyes to be closer to the radio.] He's teetering on the edge of the ring now. [Back to Korra with a wide grin and clenched fists. The view briefly shows the radio's lit dial. Camera zooms in on the lit radio frequency as the excitement and tension is building.] The Fire Ferrets line up to strik-
Suddenly, the light on the radio goes out and it is turned off just on the climax. Cut to Korra as her expression changes from one of utter excitement to horrific disappointment, her irises shrink and her eye twitches. Switch to a back shot of Tenzin. The three White Lotus sentries, huddled around the radio, jump up and turn around in surprise to face the airbending master. Frontal shot of Tenzin as he tosses the radio plug he unplugged on the ground.
Tenzin [Sternly.] Korra, come down here please.
Korra peeks down from on the roof. The three White Lotus members turn and quickly jump back in surprise to find the Avatar on the roof. Korra descends and lands between the White Lotus sentries, who still eye her in surprise.
Korra [Frustrated.] You shut it off at the best part!
Tenzin [Close-up.] I thought I made myself clear. I don't want you listening to this distracting nonsense.
Korra [Side shot of Tenzin and Korra as she walks up to him.] But it's their radio. And technically, you said I couldn't watch a match. [She gestures to the White Lotus Sentries as she walks up to him.] You didn't say anything about listening to one.
Tenzin [Close-up.] You- [He grunts, recomposing himself for a moment and points at her.] ... you know what I meant! [Side shot; an unconvinced Korra standing rather aloof; annoyed.] Anyway shouldn't y-? Shouldn't you be in bed by now?
Tenzin turns in annoyance, leaving a trail of wind to ruffle an unimpressed Korra's clothing and hair.

Scene changes to the base rock of Air Temple Island as a sky bison flies past it. Screen pans up to show a small meditating area, as the flying bison flies above it and goes away. Cut to a frontal shot of Tenzin sitting in front of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Korra, all perched in lotus while meditating. Korra scratches her behind. Cut to a close-up of Korra's face as she sniffs twice, and eventually opens her eyes. Switch to a side shot of the three children and Korra, as the latter leans forward to look to them: they are all sitting tranquilly. Upon seeing this, Korra sits up straight again, taking on the meditating posture again. The floorboard squeaks with every movement she makes. Switch to broader side shot.

Korra [Lowering head.] I think I'm doing it wrong.
Tenzin [Close side shot. Opens his eyes.] There's nothing to do. Let your mind and your spirit be free, [Switch to a frontal shot of Korra.] for air is the element of freedom. [Korra chuckles and waves her hands. Switch to a frontal shot of Tenzin; dismayed.] Is something ... funny?
Korra [Cut back to Korra; with an angry expression.] Yeah, you're telling me to embrace freedom, but you won't even let me listen to the radio. And forget about leaving this island!
Tenzin [Switch to a back shot of the young ones.] Please, Korra. [Pointing to Meelo.] Look at Meelo; he's able to meditate peacefully.
Korra turns to look at Meelo. Switch to a frontal shot of Meelo, who has a greenish bubble suspended on his nose that increases and decreases with his every breath. He is both drooling and snoring.
Korra Actually, I think he's asleep.
Tenzin [Surprised; takes a closer look at Meelo.] What? Well, at least he has the relaxing part down.
Korra [Frontal shot; annoyed.] Whatever. None of this airbending stuff makes any sense to me.
Tenzin [Close-up.] I know you're frustrated, but these teachings will sink in over time. Then one day, they'll just click. [He closes his eyes.]
Korra [Side shot. Takes on a meditating posture and takes a deep breath, but soon sighs.] Yeah, it's not sinking in yet. [She gets up and walks away.] I'm gonna go get a glass of lychee juice.
Tenzin [Sternly.] Korra, the meditation's not over yet!
Ikki [Frontal shot; smiling hopefully.] Daddy, can I have some lychee juice too?
Tenzin [Raising one eyebrow. Firmly, flat.] No.
Ikki's smile immediately turns to a frown, as Jinora peeks through an eye. Meelo, still asleep, sways forward before falling backward with a groan, where he continues his nap.

Scene fades to the air temple's courtyard at night, where several White Lotus sentries stand watch before Korra's room. Cut to the window from inside her room, as it is opened to a crack to show a White Lotus member standing below. Switch to a frontal shot of Korra peeking from the window. Cut to the guard below, walking off to his right. The moment he turns, Korra jumps out of the window and lands softly in the middle of the courtyard. Switch to a frontal shot of her as she is running away, and an aerial shot the moment she reaches the end of the rock the island is built on and jumps off it without hesitation. Cut to a point of view looking up as she softens the impact of her fall by raising the water with her waterbending. Switch to below the water where Korra elegantly cleaves through the water; the screen pans up to show that she is heading toward the brightly lit Pro-bending Arena, on which the camera starts to zoom.

Scene fades to black and opens again with a shot of Air Temple Island from afar. Camera pans to the right, showing the path that leads to the arena, before cutting to Korra raising her head from the waters at the side of the building. Camera pans up to reveal an open window several meters above her. Switch back to Korra who smiles and uses a water spout to elevate her toward the window; side shot as she throws herself through. As she slide-lands against the wall, she jumps up in the same movement, spinning rapidly around and dries the water off her with her bending. She walks away and turns into a hallway. As she passes a large room, her curiosity is peeked. The camera rapidly moves back from a frontal shot of Korra toward the back of the room, revealing that it is a pro-bending gym. Among the equipment are punching bags, dumbbell weights, nets, pommel horses, and earth disks. Cut back briefly toward Korra's grinning, excited face as she goes inside without hesitation, before changing back to the wider shot, showing how she walks up to the middle of the room and looks around at everything.

Toza [Korra turns in surprise.] Hey, [Cut to Toza, who is wearing a towel around his neck and walking up to her.] what're you doin' in my gym?
Camera changes to a side shot of the two. As Korra and Toza converse in the foreground, a man in his uniform and pads walks past the doorway to the gym in the hall.
Korra [Smiling innocently.] Uh, I was just looking for a bathroom and I got lost.
Toza [The man in the background turns his head to look at them. He catches sight of Korra and comes to an interested stop with his foot up in the air; Toza points at Korra.] Ah, the old "I had to pee" excuse! [The man in the background regains his composure and smooths his hair; Korra looks uncomfortable.] You know, I'm sick and tired of you kids sneakin' in without payin'! [The man walks in, enters the gym, and approaches the arguing pair with a smile.] I'm taking you to security!
Korra No, wait!
Bolin [As the pro-bender walks and comes into focus, his face is revealed; gesturing at Korra; both she and Toza turn to him.] There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you! [Cut to an annoyed Toza, and back to Bolin and Korra; lighthearted.] It's all right Toza, [Darts a meaningful glance at Toza.] she's with me.
Korra [Smiling; plays along quickly.] Yeah, I'm with him.
Bolin So, you see, we're together.
Korra [Smiles awkwardly.] Well, not together together, more like friends.
Bolin Right, friends. [Points at his chest; between his teeth.] No, no, I didn't mean to imply. [Clears throat.]
Korra [Softly.] Oh, you implied it.
Toza [Raising his arms, annoyed.] Ah, I don't care what you are! I got work to do.
Switch to a broader shot as he walks away while wiping his forehead with the towel that hung around his neck. He throws it to the ground and loosens his left arm.
Bolin Rrright this way, miss.
Cut to Toza as he lifts a barbell with earthbending, and throws it to the side. He does the same with another barbell.
Korra And thank you, sir! [Switch to close-up as she lifts a hand to the side of her face and whispers to Bolin.] Seriously, thanks.
They both walk away, smiling broadly, while Toza keeps repeating his exercise. The scene changes to a door being opened, with Korra and Bolin coming in. Korra glances around while Bolin smiles confidently.
Bolin Whaddya think? Best seats in the house, huh?
Korra directs her gaze in the same direction as Bolin, her mouth falling open; screen zooms out to a shot of the entire Pro-bending Arena from inside. All the spots are directed at the playing field, and the stadium is packed with people.
Korra [In awe.] Whoa! Unbelievable! [Cut back to Korra, who is looking around, and Bolin as two figures enter the room behind them and head to the only closet.] This place is even more amazing than I imagined!
Bolin Name's Bolin, by the way.
Korra [Keeps looking around.] Korra.
Mako [Bolin turns to Mako.] Psst, [Close-up.] Bolin.
Switch to a shot from Mako's point of view as Bolin turns around, and walks toward Mako.
Bolin Yeah?
Mako [Frontal shot while he puts on his pro-bending equipment; quietly to Bolin.] I told you, you have to stop bringing your crazy fangirls in here before the matches. Get her out of here.
Bolin [Shot cuts to Bolin; sighing.] Come on, Mako! Right, look, I kinda promised her she could stay, [Brightens, points over his shoulder at Korra.] but man, I got a good feeling, there's somethin' special about her. I know it! [He turns and walks toward Korra, grabs her by the shoulders and leads her to Mako, as the firebender looks at them, and the Avatar smiles.] Come here, I want you to meet my brother, Mako.
Korra [Switch to a frontal shot as Mako walks toward the ring; Korra offers her hand.] Mako? Wow, I-I heard you playing on the radio.
Mako [Ignores Korra completely.] Come on, Bolin, we're up.
Korra [Looks to her outstretched hand; rejected.] ... or I could meet him later.
Bolin [Frontal shot of Korra and Bolin; lightheartedly.] Yeah, sorry about that. My brother just gets real ... focused before a match. [He puts on his helmet and ties the strings.] Okay, I gotta go, wish me luck. [He shields his mouth with his hands.] Not ... that I'll need it.
Switch to a wide back shot of the entire locker room looking out to the arena as Bolin runs up to his team mates.
Korra [Excitedly.] Good luck. [Strikes fist in the air.] Knock 'em out!
Cut to an aerial shot of the ring as all the lights go off. A spot directly over the ring is switched on. Switch to a ground view from the arena, where the announcer emerges under loud cheers from the center of the ring, one hand raised. He is holding a microphone.
Ring announcer Introooooducing [Switch to close-up as he points and turns to the Fire Ferrets; camera pans to the right as a spot over the team is switch on.] the Fire Ferrets!
The platform the team is standing on slowly moves toward the arena. Bolin and Hasook are waving to the fans, while Mako solemnly stands in the middle. Cut to a closer shot of the three players; Mako and Bolin are smiling and they are all waving. Bolin puts his hand to his ear when a fan of him screams.
Fangirl [Screaming.] Aaaaaah! I love you, Bolin! Aaaaaah!
Shiro Shinobi [Close-up of him sitting behind a desk with a large microphone in front of him.] The rookie Ferrets came from out of nowhere [Switch to an overview shot of the field as the Fire Ferrets take on their place in zone one, the other team already awaiting them.] and have made it further than anyone expected this season. [Switch to an excited-looking Korra.] But tonight, they face their toughest test yet, folks.
Switch to a rapidly panning up shot from the side of the ring, showing the players as they all take on a fighting stance. Cut to a bell being struck. Cut to an aerial shot of the arena as the teams immediately start bending.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] And they're off! The two teams waste no time trying to blast each other out of zone one!
Closer shot as Bolin ducks under a fire blast and Mako fires one himself. Bolin raises an earth disc with his hand and kicks it to his opponent. Close-up of the focused firebender opponent, who destroys the disc with a quick fire arc from his hand. He retaliates with two blasts. Cut to a shot from inside one of the metal grates looking up; Hasook dives on the ground to avoid a fire blast. As he gets on his feet again, he pulls up water from the grate. Switch to a frontal shot of him as he uses the water to block a fire blast, but slides back a bit due to the power of the blast.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] Hasook is the first to feel the heat of the Tigerdillos! He tries to return the favor, but they're too fast for him, while Mako shows off his trademark "cool under fire" style!
Hasook pulls up more water and blasts it at the other team. Switch to his point of view. The earthbending player nimbly cartwheels to his right out of the way of the water blast, the camera following his motion. As he stands on his feet again, the camera switches to an overview position as he raises an earth disc with his hand and kicks it over to Mako. Switch to Mako who calmly moves out of the way of both the disc and a fire blast. He retaliates with two fire blasts, before ducking under a water bullet and avoiding another earth disc. Slow motion close-up of his focused face. The camera quickly moves back again as the speed returns to normal and Mako shoots a fire blast at the earthbender opponent. The firebender and waterbender opponent move to the front and attack. Switch to a side shot of the Fire Ferrets as Hasook and Bolin are hit with a water and fire blast respectively, and knocked backward into zone two.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] Oooh, the Tigerdillos score with a walloping one-two combo!
Frontal shot of the Fire Ferrets, as Bolin and Hasook quickly scramble on their feet. Mako directs his attention again to his opponents. Switch to Korra who is clutching her head in despair; switch back to a side shot of the fight. Mako jumps up and spins around his axis in the air, successfully avoiding an earth disc and fire blast. As he lands after flipping out of the way of another fire blast, he is hit square in the chest by an earth disc. Close-up of the metal grate, as the impact of the disc pushes Mako's foot over it; the grate immediately lights up red and a horn blows.
Shiro Shinobi Can their teammate hold on to their zone one territory? Guess not! [Shot of Mako's disappointed expression as he looks down at the line.] Mako's over the line! [Wide side-view of the entire playing field as the line before the Tigerdillos turns green and Mako rejoins his team mates in zone two.] The Tigerdillos get the green light and advance into Ferret territory!
Korra [Raises fist.] Come on, Ferrets!
Back view of the Tigerdillo waterbending player as he directs a blast at Mako. The water is blocked by Bolin's earth disc; Mako jumps up and retaliates with a fire kick at the waterbender. Switch point of view to that of the Fire Ferrets, as the player jumps over the fire blast and kicks an earth disc out of the way. Side-view of the Ferrets as the earth disc hits Hasook and knocks him back to zone three.
Shiro Shinobi Looks like Hasook's in trouble! He's in zone three teetering over the drink! [Mako jumps over a quick water blast direct at his feet; the blast travels on and hits Hasook. Another earth disc and water bullet pushes him over the rim. Cut to shot looking up from the water as Hasook falls in the moat.] And Hasook takes a dip! He'll be back for round two!
Cut to Mako and Bolin who dodge an earth and water attack. Side shot as Bolin raises an earth disc to protect himself against a water blast, but is pushed back to zone three. Mako lands in the third zone as well the moment a bell rings.
Shiro Shinobi Assuming the fabulous bending brothers can hold their ground until the next round.
Announcer [Voice-over; shot of the score board as the utmost right sign colors blue.] Round one goes to the [Shot of the cheering audience.] Golden Temple Tigerdillos!
Mako [Side shot of the Ferrets in fighting stance; Mako glances at Hasook.] Come on, Hasook! Get your act together!
Shot of a bell being struck. Switch back to Tigerdillos standing on a row, each player having their element at the ready to attack. Cut to an aerial shot as the Fire Ferrets are pushed back in the second zone; the line separating zone one and two turns red.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over; side shot of the advancing Tigerdillos.] The Fire Ferrets are knocked into zone two and the Tigerdillos advance!
The Tigerdillo earthbender direct a disc at Hasook who blocks it with his waterbending. Both Mako and Bolin attack the other team. The speed slows down as Bolin knocks the earth disc at the other team. Switch to a frontal view of the Tigerdillo waterbender as he attacks. As soon as his water blast has left his hand, he is hit square in the chest by Bolin's earth disc. Switch to Mako as he punches two fire blasts. Camera quickly moves to the right and the speed slows again to show Hasook send two water arcs at the Tigerdillos. Cut to the Tigerdillo earthbending being knocked to the ground. Switch to Bolin raising and firing an earth disc. Cut to a back view of the Tigerdillos as their earthbending player is knocked back a zone. Switch to a side-view as the firebending and waterbending member are hit back by a fire and water blast, respectively. A bell signals the end of round two. Cut to a frontal shot of a panting Mako who quickly dons a serious look again and celebrating Bolin and Hasook.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] The Fire Ferrets cinch the round in the closing seconds! It's one apiece, [Switch to a divided close-up: the Tigerdillos at the left and the Fire Ferrets at the right.] still anyone's match as we go into the third and final round!
A bell is struck and both team jump back. Cut to a back view of Hasook as the Tigerdillo waterbender raises some water and aims at Hasook. He tumbles out of the way and quickly runs on to avoid another water blast. Cut to a frontal shot of the Fire Ferrets as Hasook arms himself with some water and the Tigerdillo earthbender raises a disc. Mako destroys the disc with a fire punch and Hasook shoot his water bullet. As Bolin launches an earth disc, Hasook is hit by a water blast and crashes into Bolin.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] Hasook stumbles, and now he tumbles right into his teammate! [Cut to the fallen Ferrets as Bolin looks shocked; cut back to the Tigerdillo earthbender as he raises and kicks away a disc.] He and Bolin better untangle quick if they don't want to ... [Wider shot as the disc knocks the tangled Hasook and Bolin off the field.] oh, too late!
Side shot of right above the water as Hasook and Bolin fall in; a buzzer sounds.
Korra [Clutching her head; in despair.] Oh, no!
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] It's all up to Mako now! [Side shot of Mako as he ducks under a water blast, avoids three fire blasts, and evades two earth discs.] He's bobbing and weaving! He's weaving and bobbing! [Shot of Mako's feet as he stands at the rim of zone three; switch to aerial shot.] But he's not hitting back! [Frontal shot of a panting Mako in fighting stance; cut to Korra pulling her pony tails in suspense.] If Mako's knocked out, the Ferrets' fabulous season is over! [Frontal shot of Mako avoiding multiple fire blasts, earth discs, and water bullets.] He is dancing on the edge of the ring, surviving the three on one barrage! It seems his plan is to let the Tigerdillos punch themselves out! [Mako punches a fire blast; side shot as his blast vaporizes a water bullet and makes contact with the waterbender Tigerdillo, knocking him off the playing field.] And his plan is working! Han is in the pool! [Mako shoots multiple fire blasts and kicks.] They've got nothing left in the tank and Mako is on the offensive! [Aerial shot of Mako defending and attacking with fire.] It's two on one! [Frontal shot as the Tigerdillo firebender is knocked back by a fire blast against the back pole of the ropes and falls in the water.] Scratch that, it's one on one, and it's an earth and fire slllugfest! There's so much smoke and dust from the firefight, I can't even see where the Fire Ferret is!
Side shot as Mako and the earthbender keep attacking each other; Mako's fire blast destroy the earth discs in full flight, covering the field in dust. He shoots a powerful fire arc in the dust cloud. An overview shot as the Tigerdillo is knocked back into his zone three. Frontal shot as the earthbender raises a disc in front of him with a concentrated look; his eyes open wide. Change to his point of view. Mako emerges from the smoke, a fire ball ready in his right fist. He uses the momentum of his descent to increase the power of his blast and knocks the Tigerdillo of the playing field. The camera follows the earthbender as he plunges down into the moat. Cut to an overview shot of the entire arena, as a bell is struck multiple times.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] It's a knockout! What a wing-dinger of a hat trick, folks! [The score board lights up, showing that the Fire Ferrets won with a knockout.] Mako pulls off the upset of the season, winning the match for the Fire Ferrets!
The camera turns around Mako as he takes off his helmet while the crowd goes wild. Frontal shot of Korra, looking at the playing field in awe. The camera slowly zooms in on her and she smiles broadly. Switch to a broader back view of her as Bolin jumps back in the locker room.
Bolin Woohoo! Yes! [Frontal view. Holding one finger up; excited.] One more win and we're in the championship tournament! [He snaps his fingers. Takes of his helmet; casually.] So, what'd ya think, Korra? Bolin's got some moves, huh?
Korra [Side-view. Grabbing him by his shirt's collar; enthusiastic.] What did I think? What did I think? That was am​azing!
Korra playfully pushes Bolin backward. The camera pans to the left as he stumbles off screen. Mako and Hasook walk up toward the locker room.
Mako [To Hasook; accusing.] You did more harm than good out there. You almost cost us the match!
Hasook [Taking off his helmet; annoyed.] We won, didn't we?
Mako Barely!
Hasook [Continues walking as Mako stops; frustratedly.] Get off my case, pal! [Back shot of Mako and Bolin as they watch Hasook throw his helmet aside.] Ugh! [Slams the door exiting.]
Mako [Side shot of Mako and Korra; irritably.] Useless.
Korra [Turning to Mako; impressed.] You guys were incredible out there! [Mako stats walking; points at Mako.] Especially you, Mr. Hat Trick!
Korra's excited expression turns slightly sad at Mako's distant attitude.
Mako [Coldly.] Oh, you're still here?
Korra [Frontal shot of Mako with Bolin and Korra behind him, the latter glaring at him; irritably.] Oh, you're still a jerk?
Bolin Ooh! [Chuckles and turns to Korra.]
Korra [Turns to Bolin.] Anyway, [Excitedly.] I've been immersed in bending my entire life, but I never learned how to move like that! It's like there's a whole new style here! [Crossing her arms.] Think you could show me a few tricks?
Bolin Ab-so-lutely!
Mako [Frontal shot as he is untying his protective gear; annoyed.] Right now? Come on, Bolin.
Bolin [Frontal shot; puts his hand besides his mouth and speaks a bit softer.] Just ignore him. [Louder.] Yeah, I could show you the basics. [Pensively puts his left hand to his chin.] I'm just not sure how my earthbending would translate to your waterbending, [Lightheartedly.] but we'll figure it out.
Korra [Smugly.] Won't be a problem. [Crosses arms slyly.] I'm actually an earthbender.
Bolin [Awkwardly; eying Korra confusedly.] I'm sorry, no, no! I didn't mean to assume. 'Cause I, you know, I was just figuring ... with your Water Tribe getup ... that you are ... a Water Tribe ... gal.
Korra [Casually and smugly.] Nope, you're right. I'm a waterbender. And a firebender.
Bolin [Holding hand to chin; confused.] Mm. Mm-hmm. I'm very confused right now.
Mako [Close-up of back of his head.] You're the Avatar, [Bows head, while closing eyes.] and I'm an idiot.
Korra [Slightly mocking.] Both are true.
Bolin [Eyes widen in shock; Mako has turned around to face Korra and Bolin.] No ... way. [He turns to Mako, shields his face from Korra with his hand while pointing at her; whispering.] Th​e Avatar!
Scene changes to a slowly zooming in shot of the entire arena from outside.
Bolin [Voice-over.] All right! Let's see what'cha got!
Cut to a shot of Bolin, now in casual clothing, and Korra in the gym with two piles of earth coins between them. The camera pans to the right revealing a net hanging on the other side of the gym as Korra decisively turns and raises her arm, an earth coin following the movement. She knocks the coin away with her other hand, and quickly repeats the movement, knocking two of the earth coins at a net. The camera swiftly follows the objects as they slam in the net, before cutting back to Bolin. Korra is still standing in her solid earthbending stance.
Bolin That was great! Good power! But in a real match, you'd be a sitting turtle duck. [Cut to a frontal shot of a slightly disappointed Korra.] Not so upright and flatfooted! [Frontal shot of Korra and Bolin with Mako in the background as Bolin takes on a fighting stance, punching to air.] Stay light on your toes, right up until the moment when you need to dig in and strike. Then ... [He quickly raises two coins and almost immediately sends them flying toward the net.] pop, pop!
The camera stays with the two earth coins as they fly toward the net and nearly hit the exact same spot. Cut back to a side shot of Korra and Bolin; she stares at the net with open mouth, while he turns to her with a broad smile and gestures at the net, inviting her to give it another shot.
Korra [Slightly shocked.] Okay, let me try it again.
Korra looks decisive. Cut to a shot of her feet as she jumps from side to side, before throwing two coins at the net, mimicking Bolin's fast strikes.
Bolin [Impressed.] Wow! Nice adjustment! [Pointing at Korra.] You're a natural at this.
Mako [Aloof.] Not bad.
Korra [At Bolin, gesturing at Mako. Irritably; slightly down.] What's it take to impress this guy?
Mako [Close-up.] What? I said "not bad". [Close-up of Korra pouting at him. Cut back to Mako shaking his head; annoyed.] You know what, it's getting late. [Overview shot of Mako sauntering off with his hands in his pockets.] I think I'm gonna turn in. You kids have fun. [Close-up as he stops and glances back.] Nice to meet you, Avatar Korra.
Korra [Halfheartedly holding her hand up; sarcastically.] Yeah, been a real pleasure.
Mako [Back shot of Mako walking away; casually.] See ya upstairs, bro.
Korra Upstairs? [Slightly impressed and jealous.] You guys live here?
Bolin [Frontal shot.] Yup. In the attic. It's nothin' fancy, but we have some great views! [Side shot of them both.] So, back to bending. Why don't you throw that combo one more time?
Korra immediately hops up and down a bit before successfully throwing two coins away. Switch to a shot of the net as the two coins hit it, and cut back to a frontal shot of Korra, who smiles broadly at her success.

The scene changes as an airbending panel turns, and Korra is now back at Air Temple Island in her airbending clothes, with Tenzin and his children behind her. Korra looks a bit flustered. She takes a deep breath and sports an annoyed, determined look. Camera moves back to within the spinning gates as Korra sprints toward them. She manages to run inside the circle of gates, but is immediately hit by a spinning panel and knocked around again, while grunting in pain.

Tenzin [Frontal shot.] Patience, Korra!
Korra is thrown against more gates. As she is knocked to her knees, she loses her temper and bursts into a violent firebending tantrum, burning and breaking most of the gates. The camera moves away, as some of the gates are knocked out of their sockets and break in two or are burned down. Switch to a frontal shot of Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo; the camera pans to the left, revealing Tenzin as well, all gaping wide-eyed at Korra's outburst. Cut to a close-up of a panting Korra amidst the still burning and smoking debris of the ancient airbending tool.
Tenzin [Close-up; shocked, slowly, and somewhat quietly.] That was a two-thousand-year-old historical treasure! [Closing eyes in frustration.] What ... [Angrily shouting; his cape fluttering behind him.] What is wrong with you?!
Korra [Frontal shot; gesturing widely while speaking angrily.] There's nothing wrong with m​e! I've been practicing just like you taught me, but it isn't sinking in, okay? [Slants her head in frustration.] It hasn't clicked like you said it would!
Tenzin [Frontal shot; on a calmer tone with his eyes closed.] Korra, this isn't something you can force. If you would only listen to me ...
Korra [Frontal shot; angrily and louder.] I have been! But you know what I think? Maybe the problem isn't me! Maybe the reason I haven't learned airbending yet is because [Pointing at Tenzin.] you're a terrible teacher!
Switch to a frontal shot of Tenzin and his family as Korra storms off angrily. Tenzin, Jinora, and Ikki watch as she goes; Tenzin grunts in annoyance.
Meelo [Pointing a finger at Tenzin; energetically.] Yeah! You're a terrible teacher, Daddy!
Tenzin, Jinora, and Ikki all calmly eye Meelo as he runs forward, kicking and throwing some of the burnt up wreckage, imitating Korra's tantrum, while growling and screaming. Dejected, Tenzin bows his head while Jinora and Ikki both hug him to comfort him.

Scene switches to a far off shot of Air Temple Island at sunset; flying bison are soaring around the temple's tower. Cut to Tenzin and his children gathered in the dining room for dinner. Meelo and Ikki look rather bored, while Jinora is reading a book, and Tenzin has his arms crossed while sporting an annoyed expression; Pema enters carrying a tray of small dishes.

Pema [Puts down the tray on the table; upbeat.] Okay! Everyone here? [Frontal shot as she erects herself and looks around; motherly.] Wait. Where's Korra?
Tenzin [Side shot of Pema and Tenzin; frustrated.] Honestly, Pema, I am at my wit's end with that girl! I ... I don't know how to get through to her!
Tenzin's expression changes to a dejected one as he closes his eyes and slants his head. Frontal shot as Pema kneels beside Tenzin and places a hand on his shoulder. He opens his eyes at her touch and glances at her.
Pema [Sympathetically.] Dear, the best thing you can do right now is to give Korra some space.
Tenzin [His eyes widen as he looks to Jinora and Ikki; desperately pleading.] You must promise me that your teenage years won't be like this!
Cut to a frontal shot of Jinora and Ikki. Ikki looks uninterested and Jinora looks bored as she lowers her books slightly and glances over it.
Jinora [Emotionlessly.] I will make no such promises.
Jinora raises her book again, and resumes reading.

Cut to inside the Pro-bending Arena as the camera pans down to reveal the lit playing field; three people are standing in the middle. Cut to the locker room where three people are talking in the back. Bolin is sitting on the bench, while Mako is leaning against the wall, both looking defeated. The door opens and Korra walks in.

Korra [Close-up of Mako's sad face, cut to Bolin's; voice-over.] I didn't miss your match, did I? You guys look like you lost already.
Bolin [Frontal shot of the trio; dejected.] We might as well have.
Mako [Angrily.] Hasook's a no-good no-show!
Referee [Opens door.] You got two minutes to come out ready to play, or you're disqualified. [Exits.]
Mako [Bitterly.] Well, there goes our shot at the tournament ... and the winnings.
Korra [Points toward the other team in the room; Mako and Bolin briefly look up.] Can't you ask one of those guys to fill in?
Bolin Nah. The rules say you can only compete on one team.
Korra Well, then ... [Places hand on chest.] how about me? I'm a top-notch waterbender, [Crosses arms.] if I do say so myself.
Bolin But, you're the Avatar. [To Mako.] Isn't that cheating?
Korra [Close-up.] It isn't cheating if I only do waterbending.
Mako No way. I'd rather forfeit than look like a fool out there.
Korra [Offended and sarcastically.] Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence.
Referee [Enters again.] Time's up. You in or out?
Korra [Excitedly, instantly responding.] We're in!
Mako [Just as quickly.] We are?
Bolin [Excitedly getting up while Korra runs toward the closet. Just as quickly.] Yes!
Mako [Pointing at Korra; objecting.] Hey, I didn't agree to this!
Korra You can thank me later. [Opens the closet with the uniforms to get changed.]
Mako [Close-up of his dismayed face.] This girl is crazy.
Scene cuts to a side shot of the arena as the Fire Ferrets take their places at the center line.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] Looks like the Fire Ferrets have ferreted out a last minute replacement waterbender. [Cut to a closer side shot of the two teams. Korra's fidgeting at her outfit which is way too big.] Let's see if she's another diamond in the rough like the brothers from the school of hard knocks!
Mako [Close side shot of the Fire Ferrets as the teams take on a fighting stance.] Don't do anything too fancy or aggressive. [Looks at Korra.] In fact, don't do anything. Just try not to get knocked off the ring.
Korra You got it, captain.
Korra's helmet slips awkwardly, but she soon adjusts it.
Referee [Close-up.] Players! Are you ready?
The camera quickly zooms out as the referee holds up his hand and blows his whistle. Close-up of Korra while a bell is rung, signaling the start of the match. Korra smiles confidently and immediately conjures a powerful water blast with her foot which she uses to knock the opposing waterbending player over the side of the ring, who screams before landing in the pool. Close-up of the remaining firebender and earthbender player as they stare wide-eyed at the spot their teammate was just knocked over the ropes. Cut to Mako who grits his teeth and facepalms, before switching to a broader shot of an excited Korra running around, waving her hands in the air to celebrate her move.
Korra [Excitedly.] Woohoo! Man overboard!
Referee [Blows his whistle. Close-up as he points his finger.] Fire Ferret waterbender, penalty! Move back one zone!
Korra [Frontal shot; confusedly addressing the referee.] What? Why?
Mako [Frustrated; gesturing at the sides of the ring.] You're only allowed to knock players off the back of the ring! Not over the sides!
Korra [Apologetically.] Oh. Whoops.
Aerial shot of the playing field as Korra moves back one zone, and the waterbender that was knocked over the side, rejoins his team mates.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] And we're back in action after that hiccup, but I'm not so sure this replacement player knows what she's doing.
Back shot of Korra as the bell signaling the game rings again, and the teams immediately start to attack each other. Switch to a side shot of Korra as she pulls up some water and fires it away. However, she is immediately hit in the stomach by an earth coins and knocked back. Frontal shot as Korra comes to a halt and immediately jumps up to retaliate with a water blast shot via her feet. Close-up of a metal grate as Korra lands again, straddling the line.
Referee [Blows whistle and points.] Foul! Over the line! Move back to zone three!
Korra [Close-up; frustrated.] Urgh! [Muttering toward the referee as she runs toward zone three.] I'll show you over the line!
As Korra moves toward her zone, Mako and Bolin stand together. Close-up of the two brothers, as Mako grinds his teeth and sports an irritated look in Korra's direction. When a bell rings signaling the end of round one, Mako closes his eyes and lowers his head in annoyance, while Bolin twiddles his fingers in embarrassment.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over; shot of the scoreboard where the first tube lights up blue.] The Platypus Bears take round one! [Bell rings again and the Platypus Bears immediately start attacking.] The Platypus Bears know a green player when they see one, and they are focusing the brunt of their bending on this poor girl!
Frontal shot of Korra as she gets assaulted by all the elements of the other team. She used her waterbending to deflect the water blast of the Platypus Bears before conjuring up a shield to block a fire and earth attack; she is slight knocked back by the force of it. She quickly blocks another water blast with one of her own, but is kept on the defensive all the time. Frontal shot of Korra as she takes on a defensive stance; switch to a back shot as the opposing fire and earthbender ready their attacks. Frontal shot of Korra. She clenches her teeth and grunts with effort as she angrily raises two coins beneath her to protect herself against a triple water, fire, and earth combo. Move back to a broad shot of the playing field as the smoke of the explosion clears around Korra.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] Wait a minute! Did that waterbender just earthbend?
Shot of the crowd, panning to the left, as they gasps in shock. Frontal shot of the Platypus Bears who gaze at Korra in wonder. A whistle is blown.
Referee [Voice-over; back shot of Korra as she looks shocked over her shoulder, and turns, looking around.] Foul! I ... think.
Korra laughs awkwardly. She stops for a moment when her helmet slips over her eyes again, before resuming smiling broadly. Shot of Mako as he lowers his head and closes his eyes while sighing and shaking his head.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] Did I see that right? [Scene shifts back to Air Temple Island, where the White Lotus guards are listening to the game on the radio.] Hold on, folks, we're just waiting for the referee's official call, but ... [Closer shot of the guards as Tenzin approaches their table.] I-I think this replacement player could be ... no, there's no way!
Tenzin [Frontal shot of the guards all looking bewildered.] Pardon me, everyone, have you seen Korra this evening? She's not in her room.
Shiro Shinobi [Through the radio.] You've gotta be kidding me! [Camera zooms up to the radio.] She's the Avatar, folks! [Switch back to the shocked guards; a female one takes a sip of her drink, but immediately spits it out over the guard opposite of her after hearing that.] Playing in a pro-bending match! [Cut to a close-up of Tenzin as his eyebrows twitch in anger and he slightly turns red.] Can you believe that?
Tenzin [Angrily.] I'll get her myself!
As Tenzin turns, a gust of wind swirls some leaves around.

Cut to a frontal shot of the referee in the pro-bending stadium.

Referee [Raises his hand; solemnly.] The Avatar will be permitted to continue so long as she solely bends water!
Platypus Bears [Shot of the Platypus Bears as they raise their hands in protest.] Awww!
Cut to a broad shot of the playing field, the Fire Ferrets standing closest. A bell signals to resume the match. Close-up of the Platypus Bear earthbender as he stomps the ground and raises an earth coin. Camera moves back as he punches it away. The other Platypus Bears also direct their attacks in the same direction as the coin.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] This girl may be the Avatar, but she's no pro-bender and the Platypus Bears are intent on exploiting that weakness!
Side shot of Korra as she deflects the coins with a water whip, as well as the fire blast and water bullet. She nimbly back flips under another coin and water attack, before crossing her arms before her face to protect herself from a fire blast.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] They're giving her their best, and her best ain't good enough to stop it!
Swift back shot of Korra as the Platypus Bears launch another wave of attacks, before switching to another side shot as Korra is hit in the side by a fire blast, knocked out of balance by an earth coin in the stomach, and thrown back by a water blast against the head. Shot from right over the floor of the playing field as Korra bounces past, and falls over the rim. Frontal shot of Korra as she tumbles in the water.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] Aaaaand she's in the drink.
Side shot of Korra who swims underwater toward the platform. Frontal shot as she emerges from the water. While taking a breather, she looks up when a shadow falls over her. Back shot of Korra; camera slowly pans up to reveal Tenzin standing there with an angry expression.
Korra [Nervously.] Oh, hey, Tenzin. I thought you didn't like coming to these matches.
Korra chuckles nervously. Switch to a side shot as she climbs out of the water, and stands before Tenzin.
Tenzin Once again, you have flagrantly disobeyed my orders. You were to stay on the island! Let's go.
Tenzin turns and starts to walk away, but is halted by Korra's shoutout.
Korra [Decisively.] No! I'm kind of in the middle of something.
Tenzin [Back shot; Tenzin slowly turns around.] I have tried my very best to get through to you by being gentle and patient, [Gradually becomes angry.] but clearly the only thing you respond to is force! So I am ordering you to come back to the temple right now!
Tenzin points down to emphasize his words. Switch to a shot from his point of view of Korra.
Korra [Defiantly.] Why? So I can sit around and meditate about how bad I am at airbending? [Side shot; angrily.] You know, I'm beginning to think there's a reason I haven't been able to learn it! Because, maybe, I don't even need it!
Tenzin What? That is a ludicrous suggestion! [Points at Korra.] The Avatar needs to learn airbending! It is not optional!
Korra [Frontal shot, gestures at the pro-bending playing field behind her.] No! This is what I need to learn! Modern styles of fighting!
Tenzin [Frontal shot.] Being the Avatar isn't all about fighting, Korra! [Slightly leans toward her.] When will you learn that?
Korra [Promptly turns around.] I have a match to go finish.
Switch to a broad side shot of the two as Korra walks away from Tenzin to the nearby elevator.
Ring announcer [Voice-over.] The Platypus Bears win round two! [The moment Korra stands on the platform, it starts ascending. Meanwhile, Tenzin turns and exits the arena.] Round three!
Cut to on overview of the arena as the six benders stand at their starting positions. The moment a bell rings, the Platypus Bears immediately start their offense.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] The Platypus Bears come out of the gate and quickly go after the Ferret brothers! They're corralled in the corner, wedged in the edge of zone one, unable to come to the Avatar's rescue! And boy, does she need it!
Frontal shot of the waterbender of the opposing team as he raises water from the grate in front of him and bends it away; he advances and repeats the attack. Switch to a frontal shot of Bolin who has crosses his arms in front of his chest to defend himself against the first water attack. He retaliates by throwing an earth coin, but is forced to raise another coin in front of him to defend himself against the incoming second water blast. Meanwhile, the firebender attacks Mako, who attempts to retaliate as unsuccessfully as his brother. Back shot of the two brothers as the two opposing benders drive them into the corner of zone one, against the railing. Frontal shot as Mako and Bolin are being showered by water streams, which forces them to remain in the corner. Switch to a frontal shot of the Platypus Bears earthbender and firebender as the launch their attacks. Cut to a back shot of the Platypus Bears, slowly panning to the right. The waterbender directs one water blast after the other at Mako and Bolin, locking them in the corner, while Korra is constantly put on the defensive by fire and earth attacks.

Switch to an aerial shot of the crowd where Tenzin heads down an exit. As the crowd cheers, he turns around. Cut to a frontal shot of a concentrated Korra, dodging an earth coin, but being frontally hit by a water blast. Cut briefly back to a close-up of Tenzin, before returning to Korra who was pushed into the second zone by the water blast, where she catches an earth coins and throws it away. Switch back to Tenzin, who sighs while covering his eyes with his hand, the moment the buzzer sounds, signaling Korra has been pushed back into zone three.

Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] Looks like the Avatar's pro-bending debut is going to be cut short! She's been pushed back to zone three, and the water is calling her name!
Cut to a shot of Korra's feet as she nearly falls over the edge of the arena. The scene broadens to a full side shot, depicting Korra teetering over the rim. She dodges an earth coin and regains her balance. Close-up of Korra's face as her look of anger changes to one of focused determination.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] It's only a matter of time before ...
Overview shot of Korra as she takes on an airbender stance and begins to dodge the three opposing players' attacks in the method she was taught to pass the fan obstacles in her airbending training, changing direction at a moment's notice.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] Hold the phone! Stop the presses! She's still in the game, folks! And she's moving like an entirely different player! All of a sudden, the Platypus Bears' strikes are only striking air!
Frontal shot of the opposing firebender as he looks annoyed by this sudden change; he and his team mates attack again. Switch back to a close-up of a concentrated Korra who nimbly dodges their attack. Close-up of Korra's feet, moving like an airbender would. Cut to a broader frontal shot of her, as she evades more attacks. Cut to Tenzin who has turned around; camera zooms in toward a close-up of his surprised face.
Tenzin [Dumbfounded.] How about that?
Cut to a frontal shot of the Platypus Bear team. They all look tired, and their attacks lack their previous power. Switch to an aerial shot as a water blast is traveling toward Mako and Bolin who ready themselves to get hit. However, before the blast makes contact, the water loses momentum and falls to the ground.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] The Platypus Bears have no juice left, but Mako and Bolin are still fresh and juicy!
Side shot of Mako and Bolin who waste no time to counter. Mako promptly begins attacking them, directing quick fire blasts at the opposing earthbender, soon aided by his brother's earthbending. Side shot of the Platypus Bears as the earthbender is pushed back by a coin, and the waterbender is knocked off his feet by a water and fire combo. Side shot of Korra who spins rapidly around her axis, building up momentum to charge her water bullet. Overview shot of the playing field as the Platypus Bears are put on the defensive and are being hammered by the strong attacks of the Fire Ferrets. Frontal shot of Mako as he directs three blasts at the other team; switch to a frontal shot of the waterbender who is hit by every one of them and is knocked back several zones, into the water. Cut to the earthbender who takes a hit from an earth coin. Stumbling back, several water and fire attacks push him backward, all the way into the water. Side shot of the last remaining player as he is hit by two water blasts. Cut to a shot of the edge of the playing field; the player tumbles over it. Switch to a side shot from the moat, as two Platypus Bears are already swimming, and the third falls in. A bell is rung several times.
Shiro Shinobi [Close-up.] Knockout!
Tenzin Woohoo!
With an uncharacteristically excited look, Tenzin points both index fingers at the arena and pumps his fists, jumping for joy. As he looks around, he notices that the nearby spectators are all eying him. He quickly recovers his dignity, straightening his outfit and walking away with a solemn expression.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice-over.] The Fire Ferrets come from waaay behind and steal the win! [Overview shot of the entire stadium.] What an upset, folks! The rookies, Avatar in tow, [Shot of the scoreboard that now lists the Fire Ferrets in red as the winners.] have nabbed a place in the championship tournament! I can not believe it!
Korra looks around joyfully. Switch to a frontal shot of a smiling Bolin as he poses and pretentiously puts his hand behind his ears to listen to the applause. Korra approaches him and they high-five each other.
Korra and Bolin Hahaha, yeah! Yes!
Korra and Bolin smile broadly at Mako who approaches. Frontal shot of his serious face.
Mako [Apologetically.] Korra ... what can I say? You really came alive in that last round. The way you dodged their attacks ... you are a natural.
Side shot of the trio. Bolin has turned to wave at the crowd continues posing to better hear the applause.
Korra Thanks, but I can't take all the credit. [Bolin turns back around; close-up of Korra.] Someone else taught me those moves.
Cut to a shot of the temple tower on Air Temple Island later that night, with the moon perched high in the sky behind it. The camera pans down to the right, where people are repairing the airbending gates. Closer aerial shot to show Korra approaching Tenzin, who is supervising the Air Acolytes as they place new gates in place of the ones that Korra destroyed. Frontal shot of Tenzin as Korra stops a bit behind him.
Korra [Tenzin glances back and turns.] I'm really sorry ... about everything I said. [Pointing at herself.] I was really frustrated with myself, [Gestures at Tenzin.] and I took it out on you.
Tenzin [Frontal shot.] I think I owe you an apology too. I was trying to teach you about patience, but I lost mine.
Korra [Frontal shot; hopefully.] No hard feelings?
Tenzin [Side shot of them both.] Of course not. By the way, you were really good out there tonight. [Gestures with his finger to emphasize his words.] You moved just like an airbender!
Korra [Surprised.] Wait ... [Joyfully.] You stayed and watched?
Tenzin [Frontal shot.] I did. Pro-bending turned out to be the perfect teaching tool for you.
Switch between a frontal shot of each as they exchange smiles.
Korra [Frontal shot; Korra suddenly turns around, and backs up a few paces while jogging in place.] I'll see you tomorrow for airbending practice, bright and early! [Starts jogging away while waving.] And, by the way, I kinda permanently joined the Fire Ferrets and we're playing in the tournament in a couple of weeks!
Frontal shot of Tenzin as his face takes on a look of unpleasant surprise. He sighs heavily while lowering his head.

Cut to a shot with the camera slowly moving in on one of the towers of the Pro-bending Arena. Mako is sitting on the window ledge; cut to a closer shot, zooming in on him as he gazes across the bay. Switch to a back shot to show that he is staring at Air Temple Island. The shot slowly zooms in on the island, before switching to a slowly zooming in back shot of Korra at her window in Air Temple Island, looking at the arena. Cut to a frontal shot of her; she is resting her head on her hand. A pleased smile dons her face.

Fade to credits.






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