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Shiro Shinobi [Narrating a newsreel.] The world has entered a new age. Harmonic Convergence created an energy shift the likes of which has never been felt before. And after two weeks, Republic City continues to recover from Korra's epic battle with UnaVaatu. Vines have sprouted up all over, creating pockets of wilds the spirits have come to call home. What other changes are in store for our city?
The scene begins with an aerial shot of Air Temple Island. Cut to a cliffside, where Bum-Ju flies away to the tree in the background.
Bumi [Running toward Bum-Ju.] Come back, Bum-Ju! [Crawls onto the tree branch and pulls out a small pink sweater.] If you don't want to wear the sweater I made you, that's fine. I'm sorry I got mad! [Crawls toward the end of the branch, and fails to catch Bum-Ju.] Bum-Ju, I'm running out of tree. Can we go down now? [The branch topples over Bumi's weight and breaks.] Ahhh! [Hanging for dear life.] Bum-Ju, a little help!.
Bumi soon loses his grip. Bum-Ju grabs him by biting his jacket, but only manages to pull the jacket off Bumi. As Bumi plunges, he waves his hands, bracing for impact. Moments before the impact, Bumi airbends, stopping his fall.
Bumi Look, I'm airbending! [Suddenly stops bending, causing him to drop onto the ground with a thud.] Ah! Ow, that still hurt a lot.
Cut to a forest, where Korra and Tenzin venture. Jinora follows them moments later, with a group of spirits trailing behind her. Cut to a wide shot of the forest, which shows the vines have actually overgrown a number of houses.
Korra How are we ever gonna clear away all these vines?
Korra pulls her glider behind her and firebends at the vines, which startles the spirits, causing them to disappear in hiding. The vines soon grow back, and the spirits return to Jinora, who comforts one of them.
Korra [Groans in exasperation.] Ugh, I don't get it. I can vanquish Vaatu but not a bunch of stupid vines? [Storms off.]
Tenzin I'm sure you'll find a way.
Jinora Why do you want to get rid of them? You changed the world. We're connected with the spirits again. The wilds are their home.
Korra I don't think that the people who used to live here are as excited about it as you are.
Korra pushes aside a bunch of vines, releasing a blinding glare of light. As the glare subsides, the outside environment is revealed to be part of Republic City. Cut to a far shot of Korra exiting the wilds.
Korra [Opens her staff.] I gotta go face the press and tell them I still don't have a way to get rid of the vines. [Downcast.] This should be fun. [Flies off.]
Cut to the City Hall, which is also overgrown with spirit vines. The press has also congregated around the entrance, while President Raiko stands in front of a podium.
Male reporter #1 Mr President, are you concerned that your approval ratings are now nearly as low as the Avatar's? [Close-up of the reporter, who is standing beside Asami.] Have you seen today's headline? It says "Raik-oh no. Polls pan pres' plans".
Raiko I'm not concerned with snappy put-downs in the press. I'm facing this calamity just like every other citizen. [Points at large vine.] There's a tree growing right through my office. You think I'm not doing everything I can to get rid of it?
Korra flies by and lands next to Raiko, creating a gust of air that ruffled up Raiko's hair, leaving him annoyed.
Reporters Avatar Korra, few questions please.
Male reporter #2 Avatar Korra, do you regret the way you handled the Unalaq Crisis?
Female reporter #1 Why are you forcing the integration of spirits in Republic City?
Korra Listen, I've been trying everything I can think of to get rid of these vines, but-
Male reporter #3 Why can't you fix this?
Male reporter #4 Are the vines here to stay?
Female reporter #2 Is this part of your New World Order?
Korra Look, Harmonic Convergence was just a couple weeks ago. I just needed a little more time to get everything back to normal.
Raiko The Avatar has put us all in a very difficult position, but my administration-
Korra [Sarcastically.] Oh, I'm sorry. Did I put you in a difficult position by fighting the giant force of pure evil that was going to destroy the whole world? [Grabs Raiko by the chin and bobs his head up and down.] Maybe your administration could have handled that.
Lin [Separating the duo, to reporters.] That's all, no more questions.
Raiko storms back into his office, while the crowd mumbles. As the crowd dissipates, Asami walks up to the downcast Korra.
Korra This is a disaster.
Asami [Consoling.] Don't worry, we'll figure something out.
Korra Easy for you to say. You don't have my poll numbers. Eight percent approval? Who are they asking?
Asami You can't take that to heart. People are just frustrated.
Korra I don't blame them. I should be able to fix this. I'm the Avatar.
Cut to Air Temple Island, where Ikki and Meelo are playing with Pabu, when they see their uncle running toward them, panting and sweating.
Bumi You're not gonna believe what just happened. Where's your father?
Ikki [Loud scream.] DAD!
Tenzin [Barges the door open, visibly worried.] What is it? What's wrong?
Bumi The most amazing, wondrous, fantastical thing just occurred. Okay, [Punches his fists.] Bum-Ju and I had a little fight. [Knitting actions.] I made him this sweater, and he didn't seem to like it, and I'll admit, it might need work, but it was my first attempt at knitting, so I was a little hurt.
Tenzin [Blankly.] Hilarious. [To rest of his family.] Time for dinner, everyone.
Bumi No, check this out. [Prepares to airbend.] I can airbend. [Makes multiple attempts to do so, but is unable to replicate the act.] Yeah wait, seriously, I was doing it. [Continues attempts to airbend, but to no avail, while Ikki and Meelo walk away when their excitement has died down.] No hold on, I just uh, maybe if I- [Kicks.] No. [Cut to the dining table.] I swear, I'm not making it up. [Continually makes airbending moves.]
Tenzin [Irritated.] Stop waving your arms around at the table. It's not funny anymore.
Bumi [As Korra and Asami walk in.] It's not a joke.
Korra What's up with him?
Bolin Bumi says he airbended earlier, but he can't now. Oh, and I guess he's not very good at knitting either. [Upbeat.] I gotta say, I love being a part of this family. [Cut to a fuming Tenzin.] You got the grumpy dad, [Cut to Bumi still attempting to airbend.] the wacky uncle, [Cut to a fatigued Pema, while Rohan cries.] the put-upon mom, [Cut to Jinora, Ikki and Meelo, the latter placing a chopstick on either side of his mouth.] crazy kids. Well, that's just great.
Asami Where's Mako?
Bolin Oh, you mean the brooding teenager? He's staying in the police station.
Korra Still?
Bolin I told him Tenzin invited us to stay here since our apartment is a vine habitat now, but, [Styles his hair like Mako, with an upset tone.] he said he had to focus on work. [Puts his hair back.]
Bumi Oh, did you see that? I think the napkin moved.
Kya [Annoyed.] You blew on it.
Bumi Wait! [Ponders.] Maybe I can only do it when my life is in danger. Bolin, bend a giant boulder at me.
Bolin Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.
Pema [Irritated.] If you're going to be bending giant boulders, you can do it outside.
Tenzin [Slams the table.] No one is bending giant boulders!
Meelo [Slams the table, and grabs a plate.] Look alive, Uncle Bumi!
As Meelo throws the plate, Bumi looks on in fear and stretches out his hands, stopping the plate in a ball of air.
Bumi [Surprised.] I told you!
The rest of the table looks on in total surprise.
Tenzin Unbelievable. You're actually an airbender.
Bumi Wait 'till I tell Mom, she's gonna love this.
Bumi loses control of his bending, causing the plate to drop onto the table and shatter. Cut to the police station at night, followed by the interior of the office as the phone rings.
Mako [Hits the table.] Ow! [Props himself up before receiving the call.] Police. He what? Slow down. Okay, I'm on my way.
Cut to the interior of the store, which is filled with shattered glassware. Mako, now in police uniform, opens the door and looks at the extent of the damage.
Mako What the heck did all this?
Shopkeeper It was my brother. He's out of control.
Mako [Pulls out a notepad.] Okay, just tell me what happened.
Shopkeeper We were arguing about the books, and Daw was yelling at me. And all of a sudden, things started flying around. He was creating this storm, like-
Mako Like what?
Shopkeeper Well, like he was airbending.
Mako Sir, that's impossible. There are only five airbenders in the entire world, and, your brother is not one of them.
Shopkeeper I know what I saw. He was freaking out yelling: "What's happening to me?!" Then, he ran into the back room and locked himself in.
Mako [Knocking the back room door.] Police. Open up.
Daw [Distraught.] Go away!
Mako [Authoritatively.] Get out here, sir, or I'm knocking this door down. One, two--
Daw airbends, unhinging the door which pins Mako down. He looks at the damage he has caused, visibly distraught.
Daw I'm so sorry! [Runs out before airbending away.]
Shopkeeper [As Mako tosses the door aside.] I told you. Airbending! [Mako stares at him in annoyance, before slumping down with a sigh.]
Cut back to Air Temple Island at dawn, where Bumi tries to airbend while his family looks at him.
Bumi Ugh, I can't figure this thing out.
Korra [To Tenzin.] Do you think being in the Spirit World during Harmonic Convergence could have given him bending?
Tenzin I suppose it's possible.
Ikki Maybe Uncle Bumi is just a late bloomer.
Kya [Feeling Bumi's energies.] I have been noticing a change in your aura lately.
Bumi And you didn't tell me? [Continues airbending while Mako and Lin approach the group.]
Lin [To Tenzin.] Invisible spirit monster attack?
Tenzin Lin, you won't believe this. Bumi just started airbending. [Lin and Mako widen their eyes in surprise.]
Lin I'm afraid he's not the only one.
Tenzin and Korra What?
Mako I got a call last night. About a guy who just started airbending out of nowhere.
Tenzin You mean there's another one? Where is he now?
Mako He ... blew a door down on me and got away. We got an all-points bulletin out on him right now.
Korra [As Mako and Lin walk away.] Wait, we'll help you look for him. Where should we start?
Mako [Awkwardly.] Oh, well, y'know, you should leave it with the police. It's ... police business. Y'know. It's um ... official.
Korra Okay. [Tenzin slides off while sticking out his tongue.] How are you doing? You know, you're welcome to stay here instead of sleeping at the police station.
Mako No, I'm fine. I should just, get going. So, as you were [Salutes.] ladies. [Marches off awkwardly, while Korra and Asami look at each other in confusion.]
Korra [Walking up to Asami's Satomobile with Asami.] This is so exciting! New airbenders in the city. I bet we can find that guy before Mako does. [Catches car keys thrown to her by Asami.] You know I'm not very good at this.
Asami [Encouraging.] You're the Avatar, master of all the elements. You should know how to drive. [Flips her hair.] Besides, it's relaxing. [The scene fades to her riding the driven car, visibly distressed.] Clutch! Clutch! [Korra constantly jerks and brakes the car, while a car stops behind them.] That's the brake. Let's try again. You ready?
The car behind honks at them, and Korra salutes to Asami, mimicking Mako. The ladies laugh.
Korra [Restarting the engine.] How long do you think talking to Mako is gonna be like pulling teeth?
Asami [The car behind turns and stops next to them, the driver glaring at them.] Well, Mako has never been the most ... "in touch with his feelings" guy, [Car drives off.] but it'll get better eventually.
Korra So, when I was gone, did he tell you that we broke up?
Asami Yeah ... we all knew. Sorry.
Korra [Blushes.] That's pretty embarrassing.
Asami Actually, I need to tell you something about that, [Unsure and awkward.] and I should have told you this sooner, but ... while you were gone ... I ... kind of ... kissed him. I'm sorry.
Korra [Laughs.] No wonder he's so nervous around us!
Asami You're not mad?
Korra No! I mean, I kissed Mako when he was going out with you, so ...
Asami [Annoyed.] You what?
Korra [Shocked.] I'm so sorry! I thought you knew!
Asami [Smiling.] I'm just kidding. I knew a long time ago.
Korra [Chuckles in relief.] Well, whatever happened with Mako, I'm glad it hasn't come between us. I've never had a girlfriend to hang out with and talk to before, except for Naga. This is nice.
Asami Vine! Vine!
Korra slams the brakes and swerves the car, narrowly missing the vines in the middle of the road. A hedgehog-like plant spirit phases toward the car and Asami gasps.
Fruithog Spirit Hey! Watch where you're going!
Korra What are you doing living in the middle of the road in the first place?!
Fruithog Spirit Don't ask me, Avatar! You made the world this way; we're just living in it!
Korra Look, I don't have anything against spirits, but these vines are causing major problems all over the city!
Fruithog Spirit Spirits, vines. We're all the same. Seems like the Avatar would know that. [Walks off.]
Asami [As Korra seats back staring into blank space.] Korra, you okay?
Korra [Realization.] I think that spirit just gave me an idea how to get rid of these vines ... [Ponders.] But I'm gonna need a lot of water.
Cut to Air Temple Island, where Tenzin meditates before the statue of his father, Avatar Aang, atop Aang Memorial Island.
Tenzin It's like a dream, Dad. After a hundred and seventy years, new airbenders.
Ikki Dad. [Runs toward her father with Jinora and Meelo. Ikki kneels onto his leg, while Meelo leaps onto his shoulders.] When that new guy's airbending, does that make him our brother?
Tenzin Well, in a way, all airbenders are our family.
Ikki Does that mean I have to share my room? Because I like my personal space.
Tenzin Of course not. But we might have to get used to not being the only airbenders around anymore.
Meelo I hope we have enough for an army. [Leaps off.] I want to be Commander like Uncle Bumi.
Jinora Air Nomads don't have armies, Meelo.
Tenzin But maybe, there will be enough to fill the temples again. [Tears form in his eyes.]
Jinora What's wrong, Daddy?
Tenzin I just wish your grandfather was here to see this.
Meelo Will you be airbender President?
Tenzin No, but I think the new airbenders will need lots of help and guidance to understand what it means to be part of our nation. That's a big responsibility.
Meelo [Outstretches his arms.] Don't worry dad, we'll help you. [Hugs his father while his sisters follow suit.]
Tenzin I know you will. [Hugs his children.]
Cut to a building overlooking a bridge which is overgrown with spirit vines. Korra, Lin, and Bolin are standing on the bridge, while Raiko and the small group of reporters approach them.
Korra I hope this works. [Turns back and looks at the press, annoyed.] What are you guys doing here?
Raiko I was alerted that you had a new plan to wipe out these noxious weed. So I thought you'd want everyone to be here to watch.
Male reporter #5 Avatar Korra, [Korra fumes.] do you really think-
Korra [Stretches out a hand; sharply.] No questions! Just stand there. Silently!
Korra approaches the vines. She focuses and enters the Avatar State and bends out swirls of water around the vines. As she closes the loops, she infuses positive spiritual energies to the water, causing them to glow gold. The vines slowly retreat, and the press look on in awe. When the vines fully retreat, Korra stops bending and bows in respect.
Korra Go in peace. [The crowd claps and the reporters approach her.]
Male reporter #6 How did you know what to do?
Male reporter #7 Will you send the spirits away now? [Korra turns in annoyance.]
Female reporter #3 How soon can we expect public water service to resume?
A loud splash is heard as the vines suddenly grow back, startling everyone. The vines grow denser than before, and has also grown to inundate the opposite block. A boy standing by the window recoils in shock at the state of the growth. The weight of the vine causes the building to tilt toward the bridge.
Korra [As reporters run away.] Look out! [Grabs her staff.]
The guards escort the worried Raiko away. Bolin and Lin run forward and both bend out a rock pillar to stop the building from toppling over. Korra barges open the door with airbending and looks at the worried occupants.
Korra Let's go, people! Hurry.
Korra looks on as the people evacuate. She opens her glider and flies to the window where the boy is trapped. She reaches out to grab the child when rumbling causes her to gasp.
Korra [Grabs the child as the tip of the building collapses.] Hang on.
Korra dives down and land on the ground. She flips and stops the tip with airbending while the remaining occupants flee the danger. She strains herself and slowly lets the tip land softly. Bolin and Lin walk up to her.
Bolin I think that could've gone better.
Cut to Air Temple Island, where Korra is meditating in a pavilion. Tenzin walks up to her.
Korra Can't talk. Meditating.
Tenzin You must be at the end of your rope. You hate meditating.
Korra I thought if I really tried I might be able to contact my past Avatars, someone who knows something to help me, but I can't. They're gone and I'm all alone. [Korra turns around.] Did I ruin everything by leaving the spirit portals open?
Tenzin You didn't ruin anything. You did what you thought was best for the world, and now things have changed. [Walks up to Korra and puts his hand on her shoulder.] Change can be good or bad, depending on your point of view.
Korra [Sighs.] I know the people's point of view. It's bad.
Tenzin You're not the President, Korra. Your job isn't to fix the daily problems of every person in Republic City. Your responsibility is to bring balance to the entire world, and that means no matter what you do, some people are not going to be happy about it.
Korra Right. [Drops onto the ground.]
Tenzin On the other hand, some people will be very happy. [Kneels next to Korra.] Like me. What you did during Harmonic Convergence may have brought back the Air Nation, and that can only be good for restoring balance. That is the act of a great Avatar.
Korra It's scary. I have all this power and all these people depending on me, but I don't know what I am supposed to be doing half the time. It seems like I should be ... wiser.
Tenzin True wisdom begins when we accept things as they are. You've started a new age, Korra. There's no going back to the past. [Bolin runs and interrupts Tenzin and Korra's conversation.]
Bolin Mako called! [Korra and Tenzin turn around.] The cops found a new airbender guy, but when they tried to bring him in, he ran away and climbed to the top of Kyoshi Bridge and won't come down. Ooh sorry, did I interrupt an Avatar wisdom session?
Korra [Walks past Bolin.] Avatar wisdom is the thing of the past, Bolin. [Taps Bolin on the shoulder.] Come on.
Bolin Oh okay. Is that a good thing?
Korra Depends who you ask.
Scene shifts to Kyoshi Bridge. Oogi flies down and lands on the bridge. Korra, Tenzin, and Bolin jump off Oogi. Korra walks up between Lin and Mako.
Lin [Through a megaphone.] Come down immediately, or we will be forced to take action.
Cut to Daw, who chatters, trembles and holding onto the bridge, while looking around wondrously.
Daw [As metalbenders approach him and take fighting stances.] Stay back! I'm dangerous.
Metalbender cop attacks him. He defends himself using an air dome, knocking off all the metalbenders.
Daw [Shocked.] Sorry!
The metalbenders fire their cables toward the bridge before swinging back to the ground. Korra grabs her glider and flies to the top of the bridge.
Korra Don't panic, I'm just here to talk.
Daw Please, I don't know what I'm doing and I don't want to hurt anyone.
Korra Tell me about it. Rough day, huh? I'm having kind of a rough day myself. You mind if I sit down here?
Daw [Hesitantly.] Huh.
Korra Look, I know you're scared. You've gone through a big change and its kind of my fault. But you're not alone, there are other airbenders and they want to help you. Actually, they are really excited to meet you.
Daw I don't want to be an airbender. Please, you're the Avatar, make it stop. Ahh! [Nearly falls off the bridge.]
Korra I'm sorry, I can't, but I promise you things will get better if you just give it a chance. Let me take you over to Air Temple Island and we can talk this through. Okay? [Offers her hand to Daw.]
Korra reaches out her hand in a welcoming manner. Daw hesitates, but soon reaches his hand back to Korra. He takes a step, but loses his footing, plunging down the bridge.
Daw Oh! Ahh!
Korra dives down, opens her glider and saves Daw. The crowd cheers at the save. Tenzin approaches Daw.
Korra Daw, this is Tenzin. He is going to help you.
Tenzin [Bows.] It is absolutely my pleasure to meet you, Daw. I have never met a new airbender before. Well, at least not one whose diaper I didn't have to change.
Daw Actually, I just fell off a bridge so I could use a fresh diaper right about now. [Tenzin raises his right eyebrow.]
Raiko So, is this the deal? [Metalbender cop opens the fence for Raiko.] We have crisis every other day now thanks to you.
Korra Listen, I know you're having a tough time getting used to these changes and I'm sorry for that, but you and everyone else are going to have to learn live with it. The vines and the spirits are here to stay.
Raiko Well, you know who's not here to stay? [Angrily.] You! I order you to leave this city. You've caused nothing but trouble since you arrived. [The crowd gasps at the decision.]
Korra Don't worry, I was already leaving.
Korra and Raiko walk away from each other in opposite direction. Korra looks down smiling.
Korra I can see my path now. There are new airbenders out there and I'm going to find them and rebuild the Air Nation.
Tenzin Don't think I'm not going with you. It's so exciting. Who knows who's out there now, discovering the gift of airbending for the first time?
Cut to a mountainous region. A retractable bridge extends. Several White Lotus sentries walk to the building, and the bridge retracts while they take fighting stances. A sentry walks forward and metalbends the octagonal door open, revealing an octagonal prison cell with an inmate seated in calm composure.
White Lotus sentry You know the drill, Zaheer.
Zaheer Of course. [Turns to face the wall, with his hands behind his head.]
White Lotus sentry Hope you still like rice.
Zaheer Have you ever read the poetry of the great airbending guru, Laghima?
White Lotus sentry What?
Zaheer Guru Laghima lived four thousand years ago in the Northern Air Temple. It is said that he unlocked the secret of weightlessness and became untethered from the earth, living his final forty years without ever touching the ground.
White Lotus sentry [Mockingly.] Is that how you plan to escape? With something you picked up from an old airbender children's story?
Zaheer Like all great children's tales, it contains truth within the myth. Laghima once wrote: "Instinct is a lie, told by a fearful body, hoping to be wrong."
White Lotus sentry What's that supposed to mean?
Zaheer It means that when you base your expectations only on what you see, [Puts his hands down.] you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality.
Zaheer suddenly airbends, slamming the sentry against the prison bars. He runs forward and turns the sentry's body, grabbing him by the neck. The remaining sentries prepare to attack, but withhold themselves.
Zaheer Uh, uh, uh. You wouldn't want to singe your friend, would you?
White Lotus sentry [In disbelief.] How? You're not a ... bender.
Zaheer Nature is constantly changing. Like the wind.
Zaheer pulls the keys off from the sentry. On unlocking the door, he airbends, slamming his hostage against the wall. He slides out of his cell, narrowly avoiding a sentry's firebending attack, before airbending the sentries off their feet. He leaps up and grabs the firebender, throwing him into the cell. Zaheer avoids an earthbending attack and leaps off a bent earth wall, before climbing up the wall with airbending. Perched, he avoids a fire blast and leaps behind the firebender, before throwing him to the cell with airbending. He runs up a wall, avoiding the attacks from the remaining two sentries. He airbends them off their feet, before airbending them into the cell. He quickly locks the cell.
Zaheer Now you might want to ration that bowl of rice. You've got three weeks until the next shift change. It's the dawning of a new age. The end of the White Lotus, and soon, the end of the Avatar.
Zaheer walks toward the edge of the cliff. He leaps down the cliff, using airbending to cushion his fall from ledge to ledge.
Fade to credits.






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