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Toz was an infamous and powerful warlord in the Fire Islands, known for demanding annual tributes from all of the villages under his control. His regime collapsed shortly after the first appearances of the Kemurikage.[1]


Toz lived prior to the formation of the Fire Nation in the disaggregated Fire Islands, where he became a warlord. He fought with other warlords for land and eventually amassed a territory consisting of several villages. He decreed a mandatory annual tribute from all of the villages under his control, even during times of famine.[1] His regime eventually became very powerful and surpassed all others in the archipelago.[3][4] He wrote journals on his experiences.[2]

Toz alone

Abandoned by his men, Toz's regime collapsed.

One year, a village refused to provide Toz with tribute, which prompted him to order the abduction of all of the village's children as punishment. The children were never seen again and the mothers from the village died soon after from sadness. Shortly thereafter, the Kemurikage began to frequently haunt Toz and his men: they drifted into the warlord's encampment in the middle of the night and took children. Because of this, Toz's men abandoned him out of fear of the dark spirits, resulting in the collapse of his regime.[1]


Toz's regime inspired the other warlords, and they all began hoping to unite all Fire Islands under their respective rule,[4] which was eventually accomplished by the first Fire Lord.[1] Even after its unification, people in the Fire Nation continued to remember him as "Toz the Cruel"[3] and "Toz the Strong". His journals eventually came into the possession of the Fire Nation Royal Family, and Fire Lord Zoryu was known to have consulted his writings on at least one occasion.[2]


Graphic novels[]


  • One of the villages under Toz's control had huts with doors bearing elaborate swirling patterns similar to those seen on Raava.


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