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The toucan puffin is a small, piscivorous, insectivorous bird native to the outer islands of the eastern Fire Nation.[1]


While mostly black-feathered, the toucan puffin has a white belly and a blue breast with white spots around the eyes. Its most distinctive feature is its large, colorful beak banded in red with a black tip.


The toucan puffin is known to be extremely friendly but also lazy. While it has the ability to fly, it rarely ever does so, preferring to spend most of the day sleeping or hunting for food on the ground. It can commonly be seen on rocks in coastal areas, usually near the caverns where its primary food source, the cavehopper, often resides.[1]


The toucan puffin is based on the toucan, in regards to its large and colorful beak, and the puffin, with its black and white plumage.


  • When Sokka mentioned that Team Avatar was in enemy territory, he called a group of toucan puffins "enemy birds".[2]


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