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Toph Beifong, also known as The Blind Bandit, was a blind earthbender from Gaoling and the daughter of Lao and Poppy Beifong. She went on to become the earthbending teacher of Avatar Aang.

The Burning Earth

PS2 version

The Swamp

Toph appeared as a vision to Aang in the Foggy Swamp; she was wearing white clothes and was laughing as she ran away from him. As she disappeared, he realized that he had just seen his future earthbending teacher.

The Blind Bandit

Toph first encountered Aang and Sokka at Earth Rumble VI, when Xin Fu, the host, announced that some previous contenders had withdrawn from the competition and offered their spots to members of the audience. Aang and Sokka enthusiastically volunteered themselves and defeated Toph in the final match. Based on their encounter, Aang had determined that Toph was meant to be his earthbending teacher, but Toph left before they could talk further.

Following the tournament, Toph returned to the Beifong family estate. That night, she was visited by Aang and Sokka, but Aang was promptly captured by Xin Fu, who intended to hand him over to the Fire Nation. Together with Sokka and Katara, Toph defeated Xin Fu and freed the Avatar from his abductors and agreed to go with Aang to be his teacher.

The Library

After Toph and the group left Gaoling, they traveled to the Misty Palms Oasis in order to deliver vital information to Professor Zei.

Along the way, Toph taught Aang basic earthbending. In the DS version, she used a boulder and had Aang knock it to her. She responded by repeating her action, increasing the speed as she does so until it either crumbled away completely or Aang was unable to keep up with the speed. On one occasion, Toph was offended by a comment Aang made toward her, causing them to engage in a bending fight. Once Aang knew some earthbending, the two of them had to defeat a group of sandbenders who where attempting to steal Appa.

When they met Zei and gave him the plans, he told them that in order to interpret the plans, he had to go to Wan Shi Tong's secret library. Thus, Team Avatar set off into the Si Wong Desert to find the location of the lost library. When they arrived, Aang, Sokka, Katara, and Zei entered the building while Toph, because she could neither see nor read, remained outside with Appa.

While Toph was outside, the library began to sink into the sand. Using earthbending, she halted the library from descending completely until Aang, Sokka, and Katara had safely made it out, escaping Wan Shi Tong's clutches. However, sandbenders arrived at the same time and captured Appa. Focusing all her energy on stopping the library from sinking, Toph was unable to help the flying bison this time and he was abducted. She informed the others when they emerged, which caused Aang to rage at a nearby by sandbender Toph had managed to subdue by using the sand.

City of Walls and Secrets

Without Appa, the gang was forced to make their way through the desert on foot. When they arrived at Ba Sing Se, they met a peculiar tour guide named Joo Dee who showed them their new house in the Upper Ring. When they asked to be taken before the Earth King, she brushed off their request, much to their frustration.

They later encountered Jet who had been brainwashed by the Dai Li, and used him to find their hideout underneath Lake Laogai. Toph used her earthbending to reveal the entrance to the rest of the team. She and Sokka were captured, but were rescued by Aang and Jet; however, Jet got injured by Long Feng in the process.

The Drill

They later stopped the Fire Nation from breaking through the wall by invading the drill. Toph helped by slowing it down from the outside by lifting earth columns into the drill as well as helping Sokka defeat Mai and Ty Lee. She further helped by bending the mud back into the machine, which caused the pressure to build up, enabling Aang to make it explode all over the drill.

Into the Inferno

DS Version

The Awakening

Toph was on the ship shortly after Aang woke up from his coma and stood to the side while Sokka explained what had happened during his coma.

The Runaway

Toph got into a scam with Katara which got them put in a wooden cell. Once out of the cell, they made their way into town where Toph helped Aang defeat Combustion Man by moving boulders in the way of his blasts, so the rubble could be used to knock him out.

The Puppetmaster

Toph and her friends encountered an old woman who offered them shelter for the night. Toph, sick of Sokka's ghost stories, readily agreed. While making their way to the woman's home, Toph and Sokka heard a noise coming from a cave nearby and decided to investigate.

After exploring the cave and overcoming metal and earth obstacles alike, they found Fire Nation prisoners and subsequently freed them. They returned with the former prisoners in time to witness Katara defeat the old woman with a new technique, bloodbending.

The Day of Black Sun

Toph was not active during the invasion until later on when she, sporting battle gear and a helmet, helped Aang locate a secret base hid beneath the capital. She smiled gleefully at Aang's wariness about jumping into the deep hole she created.

Toph used her earth and metalbending to help Aang cross the lava in the underground volcano, avoid spiky paths, and traverse high cliffs in order to reach Ozai's chamber before the twenty minute eclipse ended. They eventually discover the chamber only to face Azula and later two Dai Li agents. If they succeeded in reaching their destination in time, they could attack Azula to get money from her, while she was still defenseless. If unable to do so, they would go straight into battle with her.

After defeating Azula and her Dai Li agents, however, Toph and Aang were forced to flee as the Fire Nation Army regained their firebending and became too strong to defeat. With their submarine transport destroyed, they escape on Appa toward the Western Air Temple, though due to the limited seating space, they were forced to leave their friends behind, who became prisoners.

The Western Air Temple

Toph was relaxing with the rest of the gang when Zuko visited them. Before a confrontation could ensue, Combustion Man returned and attacked them. Toph watched in shock as Zuko rescued Sokka from being hit by the assassin's attack. Once Sokka and Zuko regrouped with them, they all worked together to defeat Combustion Man, with Toph moving boulders near Zuko and Sokka to protect them from the assassin's blasts. They all attacked him at once, finishing him off once and for all.

Time at the temple

While the other members of the team spent time with Zuko, Toph spent most of her time relaxing and did not play a big part in the events until the team was forced to evacuate the temple when Azula attacked them. She and the others fled to Ember Island, where they prepared for their second attempt at defeating the Fire Lord.

Airship sabotage

On the day of the invasion, Toph went with Sokka to destroy the airships. Using her metalbending, she helped him fight his way through the ship to reach the command deck, pushing through various traps and enhanced-firebending soldiers. Reaching the top of the ship, Toph destroyed the wings, causing the ship to fall. Suki then arrived in a balloon, catching the pair so they could escape, leaving the soldiers. Toph, with Sokka and Suki then found Aang after he defeated Phoenix King Ozai, celebrating their victory as the comet dissipated on the horizon. She jokingly mocked Ozai, saying he "used to be famous", letting the former Fire Lord walk away in shame.