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This article is about the passport that Toph carried. For other similar uses, see Toph Beifong (disambiguation).
Beifong family document

Toph Beifong's passport was inscribed with her name and featured the Beifong family emblem, a flying boar.

Toph's passport was a first-class Earth Kingdom passport owned by Toph Beifong. It was a green piece of paper with beige trim and a piece of ribbon tied to the top, stamped with the official emblem of the Earth Kingdom and inscribed with her name. It was also printed with the golden seal of the flying boar, the emblem of the Beifong family. The higher priority of the passport could be used to grant certain special privileges, such as faster processing of documents and friendlier treatment from government workers.


When Team Avatar traveled to Full Moon Bay with Than and his family, Aang tried to purchase four tickets for a ferry to Ba Sing Se. The passport attendant promptly rejected him because he did not own a passport. Even when he said he was the Avatar, the official refused to sell him the tickets in disbelief. Toph subsequently approached the official and showed her the Beifong passport. The attendant recognized the passport as an important document, and agreed to give her the four tickets.[1]

Toph tried to use her passport again in Ba Sing Se to grant herself and Katara entrance to the Earth King's party without an invitation. Despite the importance of the document, it seemed that its power was limited, as she was not able to gain access and the girls were removed from the queue by the royal guard.[2]


  • The writing on the passport reads 土國頭等護照 北方拓芙, meaning "Earth Kingdom first class passport - Toph Beifong".


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