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The Tomb of the Two Lovers is the resting place of the first human earthbenders, Oma and Shu. It is located within the labyrinth in the Cave of Two Lovers underneath the Kolau Mountain Range. The tomb lies in the middle of the ever-changing maze.[1]


While navigating through the tunnels and having been separated from Sokka and the singing nomads, Katara, Aang, and Appa discovered the tomb hidden deep inside the mountain. Initially, they believed they had found the exit of the labyrinth, but after Appa knocked down the large stone sealing the entrance and the light of their torches fell upon two large sarcophagi resting on an enormous round stone, they realized it was a tomb. Engraved in the sides of the resting stone was the story of Oma and Shu, telling the tale of two lovers, now forever resting together in the tomb.

After having read the story, Aang and Katara turned around to find a large statue of a younger Oma and Shu kissing, with the message "Love is brightest in the dark." The combination of the curse telling that no one would ever get out of the tunnel alive, unless they placed their trust in love, and the inscription of the statue accompanied with the depiction of the kiss, prompted Katara to suggest that she and Aang kiss in order to get out of the tunnels. Mesmerized by the idea of it, Aang attempted to hide his infatuation by stating that he did not want to kiss Katara. His awkward attempts to give a positive spin to his remark only made matters worse, and Katara, annoyed and hurt by his words, stormed out of the tomb, leaving Aang to wonder what was wrong with him.[2]


Tomb of Two Lovers interior

The heart of the labyrinth houses the eternal resting place of the two lovers.

A stone paifang gate, embedded into the wall, marks the entrance to the tomb. After the burial of the two lovers, the entrance was shut by a heavy round stone.

Inside, the tomb consists of one enormous room and everything is carved out of the mountain. Several statues and niches are located at the side. A large staircase leads down at the base of the tomb where two large sarcophagi rest on an enormous round stone. Each sarcophagus is modeled after the likeness of the person they hold, namely Oma and Shu. At the base of the resting stone, images are carved into the stone, telling their story.[1] Overlooking their eternal resting place, is a large statue of Oma and Shu kissing. Between them is a cartouche with a message reading, "Love is brightest in the dark."[2]


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