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Tokuga's insurrection was an attempt by Tokuga, the leader of the Triple Threat Triad, to seize control of Republic City after an outbreak of turf wars between the various triads throughout the city.[1]


During the invasion of the United Republic of Nations, several parts of Republic City—including its downtown area—were destroyed by Kuvira's spirit energy cannon and Team Avatar's battle with her enormous mecha suit. This resulted in the dispersal of the various triads of Republic City, after which Tokuga took advantage of the chaos to depose Viper and become the leader of the Triple Threat Triad. He used his new-found power to forcibly recruit members of the other triads.[2] Some crime groups such as the Rising Flame Triad yielded and submitted to his authority,[3] whereas others like the Creeping Crystal Triad fiercely resisted.[2]

After a heated conflict between the Air Nation, Avatar Korra, and Wonyong Keum over ownership and use of the Republic City spirit portal, Wonyong hired the Triple Threat Triad to attack the portal and drive away the airbenders defending it. During the attack, the airbenders were joined by Team Avatar, who showed up to reinforce the Air Nation. As the fighting continued, a group of enraged spirits, led by the dragon eel spirit, emerged from the portal. Korra attempted to persuade the dragon eel spirit to return to the Spirit World, fearing an increase in tensions between the spirits and Republic City citizens. The dragon eel spirit refused, claiming that Korra had failed to protect the portal, and turned dark. After declaring that one of the humans had to pay for starting the fight, they charged toward Tokuga. The triad member attempted to defend himself against the spirit's attack, but he was overwhelmed and mutated into a human-spirit hybrid. As a result, he ordered the Triple Threats to retreat. With the battle over, the spirits returned to the Spirit World.[2]

Preparations for insurrection[]

Tokuga attacks Wonyong

Following the battle at the spirit portal, Tokuga attacked Wonyong Keum and seized control of Keum Enterprises.

Having undergone a physical metamorphosis, Tokuga was no longer content to merely fight over territory with the Creeping Crystals and other triads, or serving someone else, instead deciding to lead the Triple Threats to take over Republic City. Tokuga also held Korra responsible for his mutation, mistakenly assuming that she had deliberately summoned the spirits and ordered the dragon eel spirit to attack him. Putting his plans into motion soon after the battle at the spirit portal, Tokuga and two Triple Threat members forced their way into Wonyong's office, taking him prisoner and seizing control of all his assets.[2] While searching through Wonyong's possessions, Tokuga discovered a set of blueprints for a gas pump that Hiroshi Sato had given Wonyong years ago in the hope of having Wonyong join the Anti-bending Revolution, which now formed the basis of Tokuga's plan to takeover the city.[4]

The morning after the battle, Mako and Bolin told Lin Beifong of Korra's belief that Wonyong Keum had hired Tokuga, but Lin refused to investigate further, not wanting to go after the rich and well-connected businessman without solid evidence. Going off on their own, Mako and Bolin questioned Two Toed Ping and received a lead from him that Tokuga was using street children to pass messages between Triple Threat members. Based on this information, they tracked down Skoochy, who told them that Tokuga was using an abandoned warehouse by the docks as a hideout. Lin's task force carried out a raid on the warehouse that evening, only to find the warehouse rigged with explosives; Mako held back the flames with his firebending, despite his broken arm, allowing the police force to narrowly escape.

Tokuga, in the meantime, overheard Zhen expressing doubts about his leadership and assaulted him in front of the rest of the triad before revealing to them his plans of domination. Having taken care of their financial needs with his subjugation of Wonyong, Tokuga told his men of their next target: a weapons depot outside of Republic City where the police were keeping all the vehicles and weapons they had seized following Kuvira's invasion.[1]


Attack on the depot[]

Tokuga reveals hostages

Tokuga revealed he had hostages, forcing Team Avatar and the Republic City Police to stand down.

Having discovered Korra's relationship with Asami, Tokuga had Zhen and other earthbending Triple Threat members break into the businesswoman's office and kidnap Asami the following evening. Learning of Asami's disappearance, Korra wrongly assumed that she had been taken by the Creeping Crystal Triad. While Korra searched for Asami, Tokuga led the Triple Threats in attacking the depot and brought Asami and Wonyong along as hostages. The Triple Threats were soon able to seize control of the weaponry there and used it to overwhelm the police, shortly before Korra, Mako, and Bolin arrived on the scene. The two groups briefly fought, whereupon Mako and Bolin were both subdued by triad-controlled mecha suits, and Tokuga used the captive Asami to force Korra to stand down, allowing him and the Triple Threats to escape with their stolen equipment and hostages.[1]

Preparations for the next stage[]

Armed with the tanks and mecha suits stolen from the depot, the Triple Threats launched an attack on the Creeping Crystal's hideout, easily overpowering them and forcing Jargala and other triad members to escape. The Triple Threats seized control of the surrounding neighborhood and refused to let anyone leave their homes. Tokuga even threatened to destroy the area if the police attempted to retake it. The Triple Threats stashed their airships and other in the abandoned Earthen Fire Refinery, along with Wonyong and Asami.

Tokuga strangles Wonyong

Tokuga threatened to murder Wonyong Keum to force Asami into cooperating.

When Tokuga returned to the refinery, Asami tried to convince him to let her and Wonyong go, now that he had forced Korra to stand down, but Tokuga replied that the Avatar had not suffered enough. He explained that he wanted Asami to build a gas dispersion pump using the blueprints he had taken from Wonyong, intending to mount it on one of the stolen airships and use it to spray poison gas all over the city. When Asami refused, Tokuga threatened to strangle Wonyong to death to ensure her complicity. Asami began working on the pump but secretly sabotaged the weapon so that it would pump the gas into the airship's gondola, rather than outside it.[4]

Attack on the Earthen Fire Refinery[]

Tokuga and Jargala

Tokuga duelled Jargala at the old Earthen Fire Refinery.

Meanwhile, having no other options, Korra, Mako, and Bolin visited Jargala and the Creeping Crystals and convinced the remnants of the triad to help them rescue Asami, having knowledge of where the Triple Threats' new hideout was. Jargala accepted their help, as it meant regaining her old turf. To avoid being detected, she led them through a series of underground tunnels to the Earthen Fire Refinery, where they emerged just as Asami was adding the finishing touches to the gas pump. Team Avatar and the Creeping Crystals battled the Triple Threats, quickly gaining the upper hand against them, but Tokuga and several Triple Threat members managed to escape on the airship, taking Asami and Wonyong with them. Jargala and the Creeping Crystals remained behind to fight for their turf, while Korra, Mako, and Bolin went after Tokuga.[4]

Final battle[]

Tokuga's speech

Tokuga explained his motives to the people of Republic City.

Tokuga's airship traveled to the spirit portal, which had since been fortified by General Iroh and the United Forces on President Raiko's orders, and was currently the site of a mass demonstration led by Zhu Li Moon and Tenzin in protest of Raiko's decision. Addressing the assembled crowd, Tokuga declared that he was stepping in to restore the United Republic's status as the world's dominant superpower, claiming that Raiko and Korra had failed the city and that the spirit portal was a symbol of future destruction. He ordered Raiko to permanently withdraw the United Forces from Republic City, and that if his demands were not met he would attack the crowd with poison gas. He ended his threat by mentioning that he had Wonyong and Asami on board as hostages, so if the United Forces would attempt to shoot them down, they would also be responsible for killing the two businessmen. Not wanting to back down as he had done against Kuvira, Raiko seemingly complied with the demands but secretly ordered Iroh to have United Forces airplanes bring down the airship, despite the fatal result this would have for Asami and Wonyong. Korra arrived at the portal shortly afterward and, after being warned by Iroh about his orders to take down the airship, and used Oogi to fly up to the airship.

On the airship, Asami convinced Wonyong to aid her to escape. While she set off the sabotaged pump herself, flooding the gondola with gas and subduing the Triple Threats on board, Wonyong obtained two gas masks from an emergency cabinet for the two of them. Because of his half-spirit physiology, however, Tokuga was unaffected by the gas, and he soon overpowered Asami and ripped off her gas mask. By that point, Korra had boarded the airship and quickly attacked Tokuga and rescued Asami with airbending. Tokuga shattered the windows of the gondola, allowing the gas to flow down toward the assembled crowd. As Korra battled with Tokuga, Asami piloted the airship through the portal and into the Spirit World to prevent the gas from harming anyone, reasoning that if Tokuga could withstand the gas due to his spiritual physiology, the Spirit World would be unaffected as well. Down below, Tenzin and the Air Nation used their bending to keep the gas away from the people, while Zhu Li evacuated civilians and Raiko fled.

Tokuga almost defeats Korra

Tokuga almost defeated Korra.

Back on the airship, Tokuga was able to use chi-blocking on Korra, but before he could finish her off, Asami violently banked the airship to the left, sending Tokuga falling through one of the broken windows. He managed to cling on to the window frame with his tentacle arm, but Wonyong appeared and severed the end of Tokuga's arm with a fire axe taken from the emergency cabinet, declaring that he was the owner of Keum Enterprises while doing so.

His grip lost, Tokuga was sent falling from the airship. He survived the fall and escaped into the Spirit World before he could be arrested. Meanwhile, his other followers were captured by Team Avatar, and Korra was able to convince the angered local spirits to stand down.[4]


Korra anticipated that Tokuga would lay low for a while but would return eventually.[4] Indeed, the criminal quickly began plotting on how to get revenge in his exile in the Spirit World.[5] Nevertheless, without Tokuga's leadership, the triad situation in Republic City was bought under control, and Bolin took the opportunity to resign from the police force, explaining to Mako that while he had enjoyed it, he did not want to be tied down. Wonyong, grateful toward Korra and Asami for saving his life, and wanting to make amends by helping to keep the peace in Republic City, relinquished his claim to the land around the spirit portal in order to prevent further conflict with the spirits. The land was later gifted to the Air Nation, who would protect the portal and the spirits from those seeking to exploit them.[4]

Zhu Li's acceptance speech

Zhu Li Moon became President of the United Republic of Nations.

While Raiko fled from the portal soon after the first sign of trouble, Zhu Li risked her life to stay behind and help evacuate the crowd from the danger area. This, as well as Zhu Li's assistance during the Evacuee Crisis, helped attract voters to her, especially after Varrick published a mover showing Raiko retreating from the scene, further reminding voters of his surrender to Kuvira. Zhu Li won the election with 68 percent of the vote and became President of the United Republic of Nations.[4]

In Republic City's crime scene, Tokuga's failed rebellion resulted in the weakening of the Triple Threats. In turn, this allowed smaller crime groups like the Rising Flame Triad to regain their independence,[3][6][7] and provided room for the Creeping Crystal Triad and Terra Triad to greatly increase their power.[8][9][10]


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