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The tiger seal,[1] also known as the zebra seal[2] or the polar sea lion,[3] is an animal that lives in the icy bays of the South Pole region. When Avatar Aang was released from the iceberg, a beam of light shot up into the sky, waking several tiger seals who started to howl in unison.[4]


The tiger seal exhibits facial features that are predominantly feline, with a cat-like snout, ears, and whiskers. The rest of the creature resembles a seal, with flippers, a sleek body, and a tail. The adult tiger seal is gray with a pattern of lateral black stripes along its body and head.[4]


The tiger seal is an aquatic creature native to the South Pole region. The markings enable it to hide and get closer to fish without them noticing. Its main food source is the otter penguin.[1] Tiger seals prefer to lie together in large masses and howl loudly when disturbed.[4]


The tiger seal resembles both the tiger and the seal aesthetically. The seal has large flippers as forelimbs and its body is streamlined, narrowing into a substantial tail. The creature is a play on the real-life leopard seal.



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