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This article is about the woman who sold monorail tickets in Ba Sing Se. For the woman who sold ferry tickets at Full Moon Bay, see passport attendant.

The ticket woman was a strict worker who stamped tickets for people boarding the Ba Sing Se monorail.[1]


Ticket woman and Iroh

Iroh flirted with the ticket woman.

This woman stamped Zuko and Iroh's tickets with a special ink label as they boarded the Ba Sing Se Monorail. She mispronounced Iroh's fake name, Mushi, as she read it on the ticket, and when Iroh informed her of the correct pronunciation, the ticket woman asked unhappily if Iroh was telling her how to do her job. He reassured her that he was not, and made an analogy to a flower in bloom, saying that her beauty was intoxicating. She softened with Iron's flattery and said he was "pretty easy on the eyes" as well, though Zuko was disgusted that Iroh flirted with this woman and stated that he was "going to forget [he] saw that".[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


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