• Hey bro I don't know if you'll responod to this but I'll just give it a shot.

    So i was on Youtube looking asomeone commented sayingt videos from the Legend of Korra, and someone commented saying that the writers confirmed that Korra's avatar state is more powerful due to her connection to Raava, and Aang doesnt really have much character development compared to Korra who goes from Hotheaded and naive to more wise and calm.

    I just want to know if it's true the writers confirmed both of these because while I favor Korra more (both character and show) I just to see if it's for my own sense of clarity? If it's not too much to ask

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    • Hmm, I don't recall any statements from the creators where they said that. Did the commenter give any indication of where they might have come from?

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    • Not really, reading their comments it looks like they used their own analysis (i dont know if i spelled that right) and they said the writers confirmed it in like 3 or 5 of their comments

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    • An anonymous contributor
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