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    Recently, I've experienced a glitch that's prevented me from tagging the article Film:The Last Airbender in a discussion post. This is rather, well, annoying as it prevents me from tagging the appropriate pages for a post. Have you experienced this same bug, and if so, have you found a way around it?



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    • I just tried it and, yes, I apparently have that bug too. Now I come to think of it, that has been frustrating me quite often.

      There is also another bug I get. It’s quite rare, but sometimes, when a post has no tags on it and I try to add some, none of the tags are actually added. In the end, I just have to leave the post with no tags. Does this happen with you?

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    • Yes, I've also experienced that glitch. It's rather frustrating, isn't it? Unfortunately, I think we may just have to deal with it.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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