• I watched ATLA a very long time along when I was younger, so I just recently re-watch it and finshed watching LOK for the first time. I'm sitting here in disarray, I feel like there wasnt enough of ATLA and LOK, yes I've been reading the comics trying to fill the void but it just doesnt feel like enought to me, I'm not sure if I just got super attached to the series because I never felt like this before when I was a kid. Does anyone else feel like this in anyway?

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    • Yeah, I kinda get it. If you're around my age, then the airing of ATLA to the end of LOK probably took up a good chunk of your life. It's been over half a decade and there's currently no known plans of continuing the story on a TV format in any major way. And that can suck if you're a huge fan of the franchise. Sure there's the Netflix series and it's sounding like it's going to be really good, but that's just a re-telling of a story we already know.

      As for the comics, nothing super significant can ever really happen in comics since licensing companies are always worried about that small chance that a series might be picked up for another season or movie or something (look at Samurai Jack, Invader Zim, Rocko's Modern Life, Roseanne, Murphy Brown, etc.). For that hypotethetical renewal, they don't want to have to worry about huge, akward exposition dumps for the new or casual fans who didn't read the comics. While at the same time, they don't want to alienate their super loyal fans who did read the comics by completely ignoring everything that happened in them or declaring them "non-canon."

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    • Wow, what a bummer honestly it sucks to know that the world of ATLA is just gone as an animated series and its only going to continue as a graphic novel. This is kinda werid to said but last night I listend to "leaves from the vine" and for some reason I just cried and cried, just hearing uncle iroh made me lose it. Hopefully soon I can stop feeling like this because it really eats me up as a human and shit, its just hard to fathom that all of it is just gone. I loved seeing Katara and Aang togther and I miss Toph beacuse I really wanted to see how her metalbending school would turn out in a animation, Not only that but Nick missed out on a great opportunity for zoko's mom. I read that comic and holy shit it made me tear up. 

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