• If done right - would it be awesome to have an Avatar MMO? There are several possiblities if you go that route for stories, characters, locations, themes etc.

    For the Era: We have many options. Pre-Aang's, (*Edit* Not Aang's), Korra's, Post Koora's.

    I'm thinking that the Player could use between about 4-5 "Factions". Each having their own Bending forms plus about 2 or more special Bending forms. (Non Benders would have specialized skills)

    - Earth Kingdom (Earthbender) (Specials - Metalbending or Lavabending) (Sandbending could be used if Pre-Aang)

    - Fire Nation (Firebender) (Specials - Lightningbending or Combustionbending)

    - Air Nomads (Airbender) (Specials - Spiritbending (Air) or Soundbending *New*)

    - Water Tribe (Waterbender) (Specials - Spiritbending (Water) or Plantbending) (Bloodbending could be a story related form)

    - Non Bender/Republic City (Nonbender) (Specials - Weapons, Gadgets, or Pet.)

    I'll get into potential starting locations, potential threats, potential quests, potential characters etc. later if anyone wants. (May add other *new* special Bending if needed. Might even get into potential roles/classes if needed.

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    • Correction: It can't be set during Aang's Era as Airbenders haven't returned to the World.

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    • what would be the format for combat?

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    • If I'm understanding your question correctly; you'd use a skill bar. Your character would likely take a stance once combat starts based on your chosen Bending/Non Bending form. Then, you'd chose skills that relate to that element/style.

      Let's say you choose a Waterbender; in combat you'd go into your stance then select a skill like "Water Whip". 

      I'm not an expert on MMOs so, if anyone else has better recommendations; go ahead.

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    • maybe I should have been more clear. I want to know more about how combat would work. Like for example, turn-based or real-time? Does dodging simply take the form of an accuracy debuff or do people need to actually get out of the way to not be hit?

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    • I'd guess it'd be real time combat. Although, it could be turned based due to how Bending animations could work. I'm not a programmer.

      I'd love to see the character customziation though! Choosing your Faction/Bending style, Hair, Face, Clothes, maybe Lore/Backstory, etc. That would be fun! Maybe you could choose advanced choices like being a Sun Warrior or Swamp Tribe. Although, those might just be unlockable later in the story?

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    • An anonymous contributor
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