• Hello everyone, I have recently rewatched Avatar series and noticed one important thing.

    So, when Aang and Jet fight with Long Feng, Jet gets serious wounds and eventually dies. After a fight, others come to the battlefield and sees injured Jet. Katara tries to heal him but says that he is dying. Jet asks them to move ahead and says that he will be OK. Katara and others continue their searches even without a "goodbye".

    Everything seems logical but there is one thing that made me hate Katara (Jet is my favourite character, sorry) - when Katara meets Zuko in the prison in the tombs, after a short chat, she suggests to heal Zuko's scar with that holy water from the North Pole. Like what the hell? Your friend/crush/teammate dies and you do not even suggest healing him with that water and when you see a guy who tried to kill you many times, you suggest to improve his appearence? Fortunately, Katara did not use that water in the tombs, that allowed her to save Aang's life but still this moment is very suspicious. Katara was so angry and offended at Jet that she decided that he deserves to die? Did she just forgot about holy water? 

    Of course, maybe it seemed to be a good way to kill Jet for creators of the series, but I still do not understand why was it necessary to kill Jet and to kill him in a such a stupid way. He could be an interesting character who changed a lot - from rebel to a calm citizen, similar to Iroh for example. 

    P.S. English is not my native language, so sorry about possible mistakes! 
    P.P.S I hope there is anyone here to read my text!

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    • It was for plot reasons.  They needed a sacrificial lion who was likely to be missed by the fanbase but wasn't likely to be essential to the plot later on; and they needed the water to still be available to revive Aang in the finale.  Simple as that.

      As for the bit with Zuko: they needed to give more emotional impact to him not making a heel-face turn quite yet, and give Katara even more of a reason to be leery about him when he finally actually did switch sides. 

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    • An anonymous contributor
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