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    So, I was snooping around here to see if I had missed any pages that might be necessary to delete over on the Spanish Wiki as well, but it seems that after a few seconds of checking the archived discussions on the "Votes for deletion" page, it pops me back to this page. Any idea why that is?

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    • Yes, one of the js functions for the page is inadvertently redirecting back to the "Votes for deletion" page. I have amended the script, so this should cease being a problem upon approval by staff.

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    • Alright, sounds good. By the way, on a somewhat related matter, I decided it's time I learn JS. I'm trying out "codeacademy", but I was wondering where you learned. Was it hard? Or is it relatively easy like CSS? It definitely looks a bit more intimidating and from the looks of it, you can do a hell lot more than just change colors and add imagesĀ :P

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    • Haha, it can definitely be used to do many weird and wonderful things. From the top of my head, I've dealt in animations, asynchronous loading of content, user interfaces, a mapping tool, and used it to communicate specific instructions to wikia's API to send and receive specific backend information from their servers. It is indeed very useful.

      I didn't necessarily learn from any one place, I picked up the general syntax and basic functions by reviewing all sorts of scripts on Avatar wiki back in its heyday and wikia in general. I used W3schools for basic reference if I needed to look up or review stuff. The best thing about javascript on mediawiki sites is that they allow use of the Jquery library, which makes writing javascript functions at least an order of magnitude easier and far more practical. If you look closely at all of our shorter scripts, every single one has logical flow to them - the difficult part is understanding the syntax and what everything means.

      I won't lie and say it's easy, but if you start now and keep at it, and use it solve simple problems for people as you go, you should get the hang of it fast. It's like learning a language, the more you use it, the more you learn, the more vocabulary you get, the more you can hold a conversation (in this case, solve more complex problems) and so on. Anyway, use W3schools, it's great, and look up "Jquery documentation" on google if you want the unabridged version.

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    • Wow. This really sounds like a lot of fun. I get what you mean by reviewing and playing around; that's how I learned CSS. However, I always approached JS differently because I always imagined it would be so much more complex, but in the end, I guess it really comes down to practicing like crazy.

      Thank you for this!

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