• How detailed should the map be when it comes to including temporary locations such as Zuko's campsite and Earth Empire factory? What about places like Quarry campsite and Beach cave that doesn't seem to be noteworthy?

    Also, considering that Republic City is so central to events around The Legend of Korra, I think that it will be useful to have a separate map of the city in the same format we have for the Avatar World. I know that some episodes such as this one have provided a map of the city. The same could apply to other cities such as Ba Sing Se or any other capital city by backtracking certain episodes, if there is one. There is also a possibility of creating our own map. However, even if such a map is available, this city map project might fall short due to the lack of enough information to be able to accurately pinpoint each spot.

    All of this brings up another question: how did folks know the location of obscure places like the aforementioned Quarry campsite and Beach cave? If we know where people get the information from, perhaps creating a map of capital cities would be more feasible by using the same tools they use. PS: it is important to point out that the location for some places like Yu Dao are currently unknown.

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    • Well, I would like the map to contain all the locations that we do know of, because picking and choosing what is noteworthy and what is not for the map isn't really a debate I would like to get into.

      For the separate map, I think you might want to put that to the War Room and check if the community sees merit in the idea. It is certainly possible however to integrate multiple maps into the one interactive display that we have now.

      Those locations are known because of this site. Since you seem to be interesting in making changes to the map, I have given you access to the main editing tool that you can use from the map itself. It should make things easier for you to add/remove/edit pins, and I do need someone to at least bugcheck the thing.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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