• Ok as as we all know, Gender Equality and LGTB rights were accapted or un-accapted based on which Nation or Era someone lived in. But here is a quastion I have, where do the nations stand on other social issues. Does the United Republic of Nations, Air Nation, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and/or Water Tribes¬†support or oppose things like Abortion, Gun Controle, Access to Contraception, Labor Rights, Civil Rights, the Death Penalty, illegal Immigration, the Right to Privacy, Disability Rights and Animal Rights?

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    • No bloody way they're staving off teenage pregnancy like they are without some form of abortion/contraception.

      Guns don't exist in this universe, come on.

      "Labor rights" is extremely vague & "civil rights" isn't much better.

      United Republic doesn't have the death penalty by all indications, the Water Tribes do, the Air Nation obviously doesn't, Earth Kingdom certainly does, & Fire Nation is a toss up.

      ...Illegal immigration is by definition illegal, that's what the "illegal" part means. Do you mean "what are their policies ON immigration"?

      Earth Kingdom. Privacy rights. Hah, y'okay. Other than that, they seem to exist at least in theory. Apparently not all that much to stop them from being violated on the whims of the rulers, as they were in the Equalist Crisis.

      There's never been any indication that it's just plain illegal to be disabled, but it's not clear if accessibility is an issue anywhere, mainly because we don't see any characters for whom it'd be a problem. Toph can "not see" almost everywhere she goes, & Ming-Hua's water arms work well enough to drive a car.

      Animal welfare seems to have taken quite a harsh turn in the Earth Kingdom after King Kuei kicked it. Wasn't great in the Fire Nation, from what we saw. Didn't seem to be an issue anywhere else, at least not overtly.

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