• Clickbait-y title, I know, but these is an actual reason behind this. Bryan Konietzko announced that after the departure of Gene Yang and Gurihiru from the Avatar team, they have found a new writer and a new designer. Faith Erin Hicks will be writing it, and Peter Wartman will be the artist. Now, it of course wouldn't make sense that they would do this unless there are new comics coming up within a reasonably short timeframe. And with NYCC this weekend, it only makes sense that there will be more information available very shortly.

    More to the point, they were kind enough to release some of Peter Wartman's character models, which you can see here, and I can't help but think that they look excellent. His style is very close to Gurihiru's, and even though I think the comics so far have been generally okay, I am getting a little excited just reading about this.

    So what are your thoughts? What do you hope to see in the new line of comics that will probably follow it? And are you hoping it'll offer some closure?

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    • I'm excited to hear there will be more. All I ask for at this point is an eventual redemption arc for Azula, but there's so much more I would love to see. I'd like to see bloodbending rise up, the formation of the United Republic, and more of what characters we didn't see much of in The Legend of Korra did after A:TLA. I'd maybe even consider thinking about possibly seeing how Toph became a cop although part of me refuses to believe that's still canon.

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    • I'd also like to see more of a followup to Azula's story. More comics in general is definitely a good thing. Hmmm...I do wonder what the new writer's approach to it all will be compared to Gene Yang, as if she has different visions. she'll be continuing the story from where Yang left off.

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    • Maybe your point about a timeskip wasn't too far off? I don't know, Wartman's designs look pretty close to how the character's looked in N&S, so that kind of dampens that spirit. I think it would be more interesting, because that would basically force them to make a story about the origins of the URN, because of the timing with the LoK flashbacks.

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    • First of all, why no Zuko design?

      And I think Katara looks a bit older 19-20 ish-but the other do look more or less the same. I've said it before: I think a time skip is a really good idea. I'd like the rest of the comics to cover around the 107-111 AG period. I'd like to steer away from the Fire Nation, especially because I want to see it in Turf Wars or the next Korra comics, and I'd like some more spiritual stories. The Rift was my favourite of the ATLA comics.

      A few other things I'd like to see:

      More of the Northern Water Tribe and how they're doing, especially the regular people.

      Some hints at the Sun Warriors and possibly Druk foreshadowing.

      Zuko and Mai getting back together. (Although Izumi shouldn't be born for quite some years yet).

      Possible hints at the beginnings of the Red Lotus.

      More of Suki and Jeong Jeong/Piandao/Bumi.

      But hey, those are just my thoughts!

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    • Hmmm...Gene Yang didn't do well at all IMo, but I might consider giving Hicks a chance if the stories sound good.

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    • Gene I didn't think was perfect in his earlier comics like The Promise, but I thought they got better from there. Some of his additions I liked across the board, such as how each arc revolved around a problem with multiple sides and without a clear easy answer to, plus some of the spirits and similar elements he made I thought he executed well. Any world is going to be inevitably shook a bit when a torch gets passed between different writers, but I'm remaining in "wait-and-see" mode to find how that effects things going forward.

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    • Yang found his pace later on, but definitely started out rough.  I've heard good things about Hicks.  And Wartman seems to have a similar style and/or a good grasp on the style, so that's something.

      All-in-all: cautiously optimistic.

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    • To be frank, I was starting to get tired of Gene Yang since the stories became more predictable with each trilogy, and given how muddled some of the timelines and content became with insufficiently fleshed out ideas (anyone up to discuss the history of the Fire Nation?). Faith Erin Hicks is promising and I loved The Nameless City, so I'm optimistic. The character models look awesome and I'm not worried about the art- Wartman is amazing.

      I just hope for cleaner additions if they do expand on histories/content in general and more specific timing. Having to figure out when exactly the events of the comics occurred between 101-102 AG became messy with so much overlap all across the board.

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    • So what are your thoughts?

      I have happy thoughts! I was positively surprised when I saw this thread and immediately went on to check out my news source who already covered the news. However, while I knew that Gurihiru would be leaving, I didn't see Gene Yang leaving too. That was kind of unexpected, but understandable. All the more reason to be excited about the new creative team, Ms Hicks and Mr. Wartman. I've never encountered their names before, so I looked them, as well as their works, up and I think that it will be interesting with them. I'm curious as to where they will take things, but I have no doubts. ^^ Also surprised about the fact that the next issue will come out next year because isn't it a little early to announce a release date? I guess it'll be in the middle or towards the end of next year.

      I kind of do hope that we'll get a little more info about this news today at NYCC, but I assume we'll either get to hear things we already know from the article or that they won't mention it at all.

      What do you hope to see in the new line of comics that will probably follow it?

      Well, getting comic trilogies telling the Gaang's life after the show's finale with new adventures already is a lot, and it seems like they're covering the big stuff, so I wouldn't know what to expect. I would, however, like to see a little more about the Water Tribe (, but judging by the character designs, the new story will take place in the Earth Kingdom or Fire Nation again) because next to the Air Nation the Tribes are kind of a place I'd like to explore more. We didn't get to see a lot about the Northern Water Tribe for example, just 2 episodes in A:TLA and a little in Book Two: Spirits if I recall correctly (plus that tiny bit in Book 3: Change).

      Of course, more about the Air Nomads would be nice and I'd also like to learn more about spirits and their world. However, these two points aren't bound to A:TLA comics only; I think that the Korra comics (if they should continue after Turf Wars, which I hope we'll find out soon, maybe today) could give us more insight about those as well.

      And are you hoping it'll offer some closure?

      Define "closure". I think that one way or another, someone always will be disappointed and feel like that there could be much more contributed to the franchise. Honestly, I'd be content too if there weren't A:TLA comics after the show, as I found the show's ending satisfying for the most part. The same goes for Korra.

      I appreciate the effort that everyone behind the team makes to give the fandom even more content years after the series' end, so I couldn't ask for more really.

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    • To be honest I’m just so glad we’re getting more content. Following the announcements for both the probending board game and now these comics has been quite enjoyable the last few months. Well see how they turn out, but I’m certainly optimistic.

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    • Its great to see more news about it and I like the designs. I've been saying for a while we should get an Azula focused story that resolves her arc and then have a timeskip. I'm a bit unsure of this now since I think they might want to let the new writer have a more standard team avatar focused story to start with and since neither Azula nor even Zuko were in the concept designs. Anyway like many people I think a timeskip would be a great way to tell some new stories and it'd be fun to see the Gaang married and as young parents, plus seeing more of the foundation of the UR. If they did a last pre-timeskip comic that wasn't an Azula heavy story I'd like to maybe be a nice celebration of that era and perphaps feature some older characters like Bumi that might not be alive past the time-skip (and Bumi is the namesake of Aang and Katara's first born so its always nice to see more of the impact he had on the two).

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    • Water Spout wrote:
      Anyone up to discuss the history of the Fire Nation?

      Sure. We can discuss this on a different thread.

      I thought it was interesting how Gene Yang set up the inhabitants of Kyoshi Island as being descendants of the children abducted by Toz. I thought he was going to do the next trilogy and reveal the bombshell himself, but.... ok. Idontknow.gif

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    • I said it in a different thread, and someone also mentioned something of the sort.

      I want Aang to learn about the First Avatar, not being shown what we already know, and see him meet the first Air Avatar, the Second Avatar right after Wan.

      We all know that since Raava was ripped from Korra in Book 2 we wouldn't get any more Avatar flashbacks and backstoreis. I felt disapointed in that sense, but I'm fine, I'm okay with the way the story turned out and I do not complain, but now that we have the comics, I want the writers to realize the opportunity they have with it in exploring more past Avatars.

      Also, if timing is correct, I want to see the Kataang proposal at the end of one of the upcoming trilogies.

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