• Hey there, KMP! As you may or may not know already, I'm an admin over at the Spanish Wiki (I think you know because I've asked you for help countless timesĀ :P).

    Anyway, I was also made admin of the Spanish Avatar Wiki Facebook page. We've grown over the years and as of right now, we have nearly 85,000 likes on the page. We grew tremendously, especially over the last 4 months. We had like 15,000 likes in May. Anyway, this wiki also hasĀ a Facebook page.

    I want to help make it grow as it currently has 7,000 likes. The way to grant a user admin rights on a Facebook page is simple. If you know who the current administrators are (and considering they can be contacted, the page hasn't posted anything in 4 years), they can make me an administrator by adding the e-mail linked to my account (

    I don't know if 888 will be able to respond to you quickly in regards to this matter, but do you think you could ask him for all of Avatar Wiki's accounts' passwords? Then maybe I could access the Facebook page and help it grow.

    Thank you!

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