• Hi there,

    A spammer came by the chat just now, and no matter what I do in the chat, my kicks and bans aren't sticking. The only way I can solve the problem is roundabout, but it's just strange. I've never had a problem with this before. Is there some bug there that he might be exploiting somehow?

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    • Strange. It could be a bug, if it's reproducible. If it happens again I would recommend using Special:Contact to send FANDOM a report of the issue.

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    • The problem was the fact that this was a global spam bot. I later encountered one of this guy's sockpuppets on the Spanish Community Central and noticed that it took forever for me to ban him.

      The problem isn't a bug, it's probably a lag caused by the 1,000 messages sent every second.

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    • Right.

      Did the whole 'going through his contributions page'-technique work for you?

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    • I could actually ban him while in the chat.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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