• Not too long ago, in the "Great Show, Bad Ending" thread, the titular TaiWolf had a spat with Deist Zealot. Counterarguments are one thing, what I find noteworthy is what happened when she & I responded to him.

    For her part, he quickly got personal, calling her "zealous" & later "petulant." My response was simply ignored, which I pointed out once, before declaring that I wasn't going to involve myself further. I have maintained this, not responding to TaiWolf on the subject directly since.

    TaiWolf, on the other hand, suddenly decided he was quite interested in hearing my rebuttals, when he showed up on my wall with all sorts of accusations. I briefly answered his complaint, before reminding him several times that I clearly voiced a desire to have nothing to do with his dramafest. I even invited him to lodge his own complaint here, if he felt I was doing something inappropriate, to which he declared that his only end was to "illustrate [my] hypocrisy."

    This is a big part of why I view what he's doing as harassment; all of the "debate" seems to be under false pretenses. When I'm actually trying to address his argument, he doesn't care, when I'm no longer interested, but just happen to say something he doesn't like, suddenly he decides he needs an answer...only to later say that he just wanted to show that I'm a liar, a hypocrite, a zealot, etc. If he doesn't want to accept my arguments, that's fine. I don't care where he wants to take his complaints, just as long as he doesn't bother me with them.

    He also has a history of doing this, having made the same accusations of "zealotry" to me before, despite his claim to the contrary, & admitting that he was "passive aggressively intimating my low opinion of [me]" & "mostly poking fun at your zealous cult of Korrasami fanatics." He claims that he doesn't remember "year old points," but whether or not he remembers them, he still seems to have the same motive.

    I've just decided that enough is enough. Coming to my space to try to silence mild criticism of him that I can back up with citations is crossing a line, & I don't feel I owe anyone endless explanations when they don't have basic respect for boundaries & proudly announce that they're arguing in bad faith.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, Asgard knows I know how annoying it was to sift through all of this shit in the 1st place.

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    • Corroborating this.

      To clarify a bit, here's a direct copy-paste of what this guy aimed at me in that thread:

      "You're right, zealous is too temperate of a word to describe your petulant stance that anyone who dares question the sublime likeness of perfection that is Korrasami is just a holdout. As if Makorra was already a point of discussion in this thread before you or Neo brought it up. Judging from what I've seen of your posts lately, this seems to be a trend too. Your enthusiasm for Makorra surpasses that of anything I've seen in this forum. Your blundering passions are distressing to watch."

      Note that, aside from his other antics (which Neo has already linked), the claim regarding either of us being the first to mention Makorra in the thread was verifiably false.  (And that's far from the only spurious accusation that he's made, either.)

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    • An anonymous contributor
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