• I have read all of the atla comics and have some ideas about maybe new topics that could be in "lost stories part 2" but these will come from after the defeat of firelord Ozai but before the time of korra. They could range anywhere from a quick 3 page story to maybe a 100 page story (the size of one part of a normal comic)


    1. Maybe tophs most dangerous case she worked in during her time in republic cities police. Think about it, it was so dangerous even the chief had to get out of her office and help

    2. A fun story about yue having to watch sokka and suki and she gets jealous (this wold be like a quick couple pages)

    3. Aang and Katara's first date / thier wedding (shut up zutara fans kataang is canon)

    4. flashbacks of toph raising a kid (i think this would be super funny)

    Thanks for reading! these are just some of my thoughts. :)

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    • Interesting ideas. I'd be down for some of Toph's life in the police. That said, I feel the comics (especially the Lost Adventures) wouldn't be the place to address such huge events like weddings. To be fair, the hunt for Ursa was a pretty huge event to only explore in the comics, but still. Plus the fact that the Lost Adventures actually were plot ideas that didn't make the show as opposed to original stories. Honestly though I think my favorite part of the original stories was the knowledge that at one point Toph and Bumi had a fight. This makes me happy.

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    • Wouldn't Toph's most dangerous case be pretty much Yakone? What kind of criminal could top that? Don't get me wrong, I don't think they're bad ideas, & that's the one I find the most interesting...I just think it just sounds like it being an expansion of the Yakone Incident is probably a foregone conclusion.

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    • I would like to see how the Red Lotus was stopped the first time, as they got into prison.

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    • My ideas would be:

      A story of the Kataang kids' childhood.

      Something that tells how and why Noatak became Amon. How'd he learn to remove bending?

      the Red Lotus' story mentioned above. 

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    • I want those jerkbenders' backstories on a platter.

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    • Something else I'd like to see is a story where the Gaang plays a part in the creation of Pro-bending.

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    • I wouldn't, that's a bit too mythologizing. Just like the founding fathers didn't invent baseball, there should be many things in society the Gaang wasn't responsible for.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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