• Since I've been registered in this Wiki, there is the Insights Box which shows at the "Pages without categories" point a whole of 57 "pages". I don't know if this is that important to be changed, but as everyone of those pages could fit in one category, I wanted to ask why there is no such category? I don't know exactly how the category-system here works, but I must admit that this "57" quite annoys me. (maybe this sounds stupid, but it's just how it is)

    Furthermore, these 57 pages are also exactly the pages without a link, so this number shows up twice.

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    • Those pages are just comments, so there is really nothing we can do about it. Why would anyone categorize a page comment? We don't even have those here ever since they were disabled, but if it really bothers you, add the following code on this page:

      div.insights-red-dot {
      	display: none;
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    • I just meant it could be done because of formal reasons

      But this code is also fine

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    • Those comments have been there a long time. They're the result of a vandal renaming the Film:Suki page (which had a lot of comments at the time) to something else. When you move a page, Wikia's bot starts to move all the comments to the new destination. Before it was done doing that, however, one of our users already reverted the namechange, so the bot had to rename all the comments again. That's where the mishap happened. Some of the comments just got left behind and formed pages by themselves. I've told Wikia (now Fandom) about this a couple of times already to help fix that, but nothing came of it. Those comments are now on my "to delete"-list, but I admit that I have been lazy in the execution of that list ^^".

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    • An anonymous contributor
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