• Okay but if Azula is meant to be FOURTEEN by the time of Sozin's Comet, how about we talk about the fact that Azula was most probably the youngest Fire Lord in Fire Nation history. I know at that point Ozai didn't care much about the title (too buzy glorifying his own new title) at that point, but still. I know Azula's pretty nutso to begin with and at this point she's got more than a few screws loose but the fact she banished all her servants is probably why there's no teenage Fire Lords. I mean Zuko's the exception, since war and all that. I dunno seemed a little weird to me.

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    • She's probably the youngest, although there have most likely been generations of Fire Lords we don't know of, and the Fire Lords we know of inherited the throne at a pretty young age. Both Sozin and Azulon became Lords in their 20s, and Zuko and Azula were both teenagers, but they are probably the exception since their father was still alive. Izumi seems to be the exception as she inherited the position around her 50s.

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