• I just rewatched the Stakeout from book 3 of Korra and noticed what I believe to be an inconsistency. After speaking with Zaheer in the spirit world, Korra immediately returns to her body even though it has been moved to an earth kingdom prison without her knowing. Why doesn't she return in spirit form to the physical world like Aang in Seige of the North or Jinora towards the end of book 2? Am I missing something here? I mean, she returned quickly after her body was taken so it's reasonable she just found her body there and they didn't show it, but it seemed more like a mistake to me... Thoughts?

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    • Plot. I mean magic. Plot magic.

      More seriously, in that same episode, the instant Aang wonders where his body is, he suddenly finds himself teleported there.

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    • While both Aang and Korra had very limited knowledge of the spirit world, I still think Korra had more at that point. With Aang, he needed help from Habai to get back to the Physical world, using that spirit looking beam to transport his spirit back. It seemed like that was a location where he was directly moved from Spirit world to Human world. With Korra, she is able to move between the two worlds on her own, and she actively returns her spirit to her body. This would signify that going between spirit world and physical world does not always mathc up locations, but rather ability to move your spirit to and from your physical body.

      Or Plot magic/ didn't feel it was necessary to show that mechanic.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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