• It doesn't matter if you love them or hate them, they made you cry or the made you laugh, if you just found them wierd. All I want to know is when looking back, what stuck out to you the most, preferable from both series

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    • The most memorable episodes from Avatar are obviously Sozin's Comet & Great Divide.

      For Legend of Korra, it's tough to say, there are a lot of options. The Revelation, And the Winner Is, When Extremes Meet, & any of the season finales come to mind.

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    • ATLA:

      Day of Black Sun Part II: That Zuko speech always sticks with me, also really showed how calculated and dangerous Azula was WITHOUT any bending. Plus I was so happy they brought back that the Earth King told her about the invasion in Season 2, because it was such a quick scene.  

      The Southern Raiders: Just love Katara's emotions, how determined she is, and Zuko's aid in it all.

      The Guru: Wathcing Aang Open his Chukra's was great and actually a bit of a reflective period for me as the viewer. Togh inventing metalbeinding was just icing on top.Plus a great setup for the finale.


      Darkness falls: I beleive this is when Korra was separated from Ravaa? If not than that epsiode. Just seeing Ravva get beaten into extinction and all the avatars disappearing sticks in my mind.

      Long live the Queen: Just a great death on Camera. Well done. Loved Zaheer's post assassination speech as well. Very real and relevant.

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    • ATLA

      Zuko Alone

      Sozin's Comet(all parts)


      Korra Alone

      Beginnings (both parts)

      Those would be mine for both series.

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    • I haven't finished LOK, so I'm just going to do TLA. Also: these are in a jumble because I'm just naming them off the top of my head. Boy in the Iceberg The Avatar Returns Blue Spirit Zuko Alone All season finales Tales of Ba Seng Se The Desert Ember Island Players Firebending Masters Boiling Rock Southern Raiders Puppetmaster

      Sorry if these are too many, if I could remember a good deal of them then I put them on the list. "And yes, I did have pickled fish." Best line not from Zuko or Sokka.

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    • The Drill is what I think of whenever I think of Avatar. For Korra, I'd say either Welcome To Republic City or that first episode of Spirits.

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    • The Crossroads of Destiny. Pretty impactful episode, and a real game changer. I think this is where Zuko began to figure himself out.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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