• Please stop inserting a goof that isn't a goof, or I will just lock that page from editing. I have no desire in going back and forth with all the edits. So for the last time, the girls don't disappear. You're right that they're in front of the wall with two blue fans, though when Suki is binding Sokka's limbs, the angle is very different from the one that shows the other women there, making it not a goof that you can't see them, but merely a logical consequence of the different angle.

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    • Maybe it is because of the scene having a different angle when Suki is binding Sokka's limbs in the middle of the "battle", before he hops around, the other girls are not seen. 

      However, when Suki first grabs hold of Sokka's arm when he charges her, she is in front of the wall of blue fans, and the other girls had been right there as well, only behind her, when Sokka had landed on the ground for the first time and she fans herself. How do the girls being there and then not seen, even though Suki and Sokka are still, at the beginning of him charging and her spinning him, in front of that wall, not count as "vanishing"?

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    • In that way, yes, they indeed vanished, so I added the goof again with suitable wording to make it clearer what was meant.

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    • Thank you. I did not want an editing war, and was confused of how the other girls disappearing not being a goof, since they were seen with Suki in front of that wall before Sokka charges. Therefore, since I thought it was a goof, and someone had already put in the goof section that the girls disappeared before I added goofs about the amount of girls and Sokka's boomerang strap, when that was deleted in our edits, I tried to put it back in with more information to prove it.

      You don't have to worry about locking up that page from editing. I just didn't understand how that couldn't be a goof, for at least the beginning scene of Sokka charging and Suki swinging him.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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