• there should've been one last inspiring speech for sozin's Comet arrives.

    Iroh: "Tonight is the Night of Sozin's Comet, and I want to thank you all for your self-sacrifice, and your courage. There are three steps to stopping the Fire Nation's plans. First, we will need a rescue party to rescue the Invasion force from the Day of Black Sun. Next, my son, Zuko will stop Azula from claiming the Fire Lord position. Sokka will lead his friends to the Fire Lord's camp and try to stop his fleet from reaching Ba Sing Se. Meanwhile, i will lead the Order of the White Lotus to free Ba Sing Se for the Earth King. the Comet will last a few hours, plenty of time to stop the Fire Lord. And Ozai may be guarded by imperial firebenders, but is where the Avatar comes in. By the time Sozin's Comet has passed through, the Avatar will have defeated the Fire Lord. We will have control of the Fire Nation capital, and this war will be over!

    there should've been one last cheer before everyone departed to stop the Fire Nation.

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