• I kinda wondered what would happen if Korra made a rap with, and here's my take on it.  I think it fits them quite well:

    Korra: I wrote this song for a purpose,

    To get the spirits do the grind,

    and with the Light Spirit, overloaded

    I always lose my mind--

    Asami: Oh yes, I always come for action, to save Korra all the time,

    Now let's get the party going, with Asami and Korra this time!

    It's A and K yea Asami and Korra, yup all the way, yeah! (x2)

    Korra: Why A and K, not K and R?!

    Asami: Cuz it's A and K, Asami and Korra!

    Korra: Why not K and R, like Korra and Asami?!

    Asami: Cuz it's A and K, alive and kicking!

    It's like, I'm alive, and you're kicking!

    Korra: You know what? I.  Have.  HAD IT!!!!!

    here's a link to the tune I want to use:

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    • It's terrible.

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    • And it wont be K and R but K and A.

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    • I dont like to bring people down...but I like to give advice. This isnt really original you wanna make a rap they would actually do? this doest really make sense you just grabed another song and changed the names. Try to get the creativity motor going, and come up with soemthing longer, indepth, a better tune, and just aleound better. And please make it original.

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    • please God no

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    • An anonymous contributor
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