• If Raiko were indeed an Equalist, I imagine that by banishing Korra, he'd be able to enact certain policies:

    A) Replacing the Metalbending police force with a force composed of Chi-Blockers.


    B) Declaring bending illegal.

    Maybe that's why he used the spirit vines as an excuse to banish Korra.

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    • I almost forgot:

      Raiko would pardon Hiroshi Sato, thus enabling him to retake Sato Industries from Asami.

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    • Executing plan b of this palm would send a clear flag that he was an equalist, not to mention the a and c would alert benders there was something fishy going on. Remember, the people of republic city still remember what happened the first time with equalists.

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    • They remember Tarrlok's oppression and that Amon got rid of him.

      And even if the city's benders realized something was wrong, there would be nothing they could do about it without being declared a threat to Republic City. It would be a "no win" situation for benders.

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    • Maybe an EX Equalist. But not one now.

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    • Yet banning bending would clearly be seen as equalist by even the non benders. The cause died after Amons betrayal. The benders would also have the upper hand in the battle if Korra, mako, bolin, Lin,etc. Came back. Still, they did lose the first time. A battle would definetly errupt like it did before. The equalist lost most of its support after among, raiko probably wouldn't be able to rouse up enough support his equalist actions. The equalists lost most of their weapons when Hiroshi was arrested and Asami took over. The benders would be more than a match for raiko if he enacted thosempolicies.

      Long story short, without the manpower and technology Among had, enacting these policies would not be possible, even if he is the leader of the city. Anyone could see these policies as equalist, raiko would lose the support of even the UF, because they are benders, and Iron II would know about them.

      Though it might be intense if Hiroshi was out of jail, if raiko did not do this secretly hiroshi could not raise up enough technology in a time span quick enough to get the upper hand for the equalists.

      Even if they had the technology Amon had, they will have lost manpower and loyalty they once possessed. The bedners would be superior unless raiko is a really really good planner.

      He could sent equalist hit teams to take out key benders throughout the city, send the UF on a wild goose chase well before, delaying their arrival until it was to late, and while korra is holed up with zaheer could implant a equalist government.

      However, he can still not take peoples bending away. Therefore, he would need to find ways to keep the strong benders from escaping and revolting. That would require more planning. Keeping the ENTIRE METALBENDING POLICE FORCE locked up in purely wooden cells would be hard enough. 

      All in all, Raiko, if he wants to enact equalist policies, needs a lot more manpower, technology, planning, places for his own use that he does not already possess.

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    • RaidenRadio wrote:
      Maybe an EX Equalist. But not one now.

      I agree, if he is he is hiding it. His leadership would be worse than Amons based on what we seen of him. He likes to blame other people for his problems(ahem Korra) and hasn't shown anything special about his presidency. Even a fraud like Amon was a better and cooler leader. However, I think the equalists are still out there, lead by the lieutenant. While that is possible, after Amons betrayal the cause was shaken and many people left and will not return. What remains is wither in hiding or was ratted out by Lin and the MBPF after Endgame. So it is very unlikely, while Raiko was maybe a former equalist, that he will enact such equalist policies. 

      My top points why not:

      Not enough equalists left, or known to him,

      Not enough time to mass produce weapons even with Hiroshi out of prison,

      Benders will notice the policies and become alarmed,

      A fleet of benders in Republic city harbor(UF)

      The metal bending police force

      Not enough planning(that we know of)

      Not enough prisons tohold all the benders

      No way to remove their bending

      Shaky equalist support after Amons betrayal

      We don't know if Raiko is a good leader or not

      He would blame all his problems on someone else.

      Need I say more?

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    • Has anyone forgotten?

      Raiko would replace the metalbending police with a police force composed mostly of CHI BLOCKERS.

      As for any other points, Raiko might find a way.

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    • Still, there is still a group of highly trained metal benders in the city, not to mention the other benders. Plus Raiko don't have a way to control benders like Amon. Since he cannnot take away bending, he would have no plausible way to ban bending. He would need at least 100 wooden cells alone just for the metal bending police force, not to mention all the other metalbenders in the city. Anyway, there would not be enough time to produce enough equalist supplies to enforce a equalist control of the city. Where would Hiroshi be able to build that much supplies before the Bender's realised what was up? Before Raiko starts, we would need to know how much support or how many equalists there are. Raiko couldn't enforce an equaliat reign in a city full of benders with just 50(if even loyal) chi blockers. We know that equalist support rapidly dropped after Amons betrayal. What remains is just a handful, if that, in hiding. Even the most loyal, the lieutenant, quit the cause after Amon. Raiko, even if he was an equalist, does not have the support, manpower, equipment, or logistics.

      Not to mention Raikos poll ratings, it would be nearly impossible to enforce a regime with little or no popular support. How is he supposed to raise shaky equalist support with what low support.

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    • Overall, enacting these polices that would send a red flag to any bender. Raiko does not have the support, equipment men, prisons, planning or leadership to enforce such a reign in the near possible future.  Granted, if he starts subtlety, secretly, with a good plan, he might be able to enact them in a least a year or so.

      BTW, where do Hiroshi find all that platinum for his Mecca tanks? That would be Really expensive!

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    • What part of "Chi Blockers" doesn't anyone understand?

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    • He DOES understand, but

      1). As far as we know, only waterbenders (which Raiko is not) can block someone's chi permanantly.

      2). Not enough loyalty to the cause or to himself. And if he just started kiddnapping and brainwashing people, the citezens of the Republic would bedome suspisious.

      3). All of the other points Zhao made.

      4). If he WAS an equalist, he would probably veiwed Unaloq and the Red Lotus as much more of a threat. (the followers of both being almost entirely comprised of benders)

      5). It doesn't look like he was intended to be a villain, just a useless, incompetent figurehead who only cares about publicity and money.

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    • Raiko doesn't have to be a Chi blocker.

      Just gather enough chi blockers to replace the Metalbending force.

      Perhaps he saw Unalaq and the Red Lotus as something outside Republic City. Unless both of them were within Republic City and threatened it directly, there was nothing to gain from exposing his link to the Equalists by going after both threats.

      Going on a tangent here, just because Amon was exposed does NOT mean that non-benders have stopped hating benders.

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    • Well, the point is moot now as it's pretty obvious that Kuvira is the villain this season. (Sorry for the spoiler if you havent seen Book 4 Ep 1)

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    • Hiroshi Sato will make an appearance right?

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    • That's what I heard. Though it's hard to say exactly what his role will be, though. But I doubt he'll be a major villain again, Team Avatar will probably meet him in prison or something.

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    • R.G. wrote:
      What part of "Chi Blockers" doesn't anyone understand?

      So, how could he replace the ENTIRE METALBENDING POLICE FORCE with a group of chi blockers, who can ONLY BLOCK CHI FOR A SHORT WHILE, and expect to go unnoticed by the public? Would he have to hire  to constantly chi block benders over and over again if he didn't have enough special cells for benders?

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    • Admiral Zhao The Unconquerable wrote:
      R.G. wrote:
      What part of "Chi Blockers" doesn't anyone understand?
      So, how could he replace the ENTIRE METALBENDING POLICE FORCE with a group of chi blockers, who can ONLY BLOCK CHI FOR A SHORT WHILE, and expect to go unnoticed by the public? Would he have to hire  to constantly chi block benders over and over again if he didn't have enough special cells for benders?


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    • 1. The writers have said that they're basically done with the Equalist plotline, so none of these hypotheticals can be even remotely true.

      2. Alright, so what if he has a small role as an Equalist who is quickly defeated? Except why would he even do that, considering he's heavily reliant on Benders for his political & personal safety? He needs the Air Nation & Kuvira to maintain peace in the Earth Kingdom, & the Air Nation becoming superheroes was based on his complaint that there would be no one to protect him from the Red Lotus with Korra out of commission.

      3. Not all non-benders are Equalists. Hell, not all villainous non-benders are Equalists. Varrick, for instance, is not an Equalist.

      4. /Thread.

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    • I know it will not happen, its just I'm trying to say why it wouldnt work even if the writers tried to do it. The would have to make the citizens of Republic City complete idiots to what Raiko was doing to do to make this happen.

      Like Neo said, not all non benders are equalists. There are not enough of them, save maybe a few, after their loyalty has been shaken by Amons betrayal(heck, even the most loyal lieutenant quit when Amon revealed his true colors). Raiko is not the leader Amon was- his polls are around 8 percent during season 3. He seems to have become better since then, but still, he cannot rile the crowd the way Amon could,and would have a harder time getting people to his side the waycAmon did. He would have a tougher challenge, and could not even distribute flyers for rallies without benders getting suspicious. How will he get people to join the equalists? Not only is their loyalty questionable after Amon, how will he attract more people without the wary benders finding out.

      So how will Raiko do the following:

      Somehow replace the entire Metal bending Police force

      Get people to his side without the benders getting suspicious

      Get enough Chi Blockers to enforce this

      Produce enough supplies to support an equalist army

      Somehow free Hiroshi Sato without benders knowing

      And all the other things I've mentioned?

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    • I know you pretty much shot down the argument before me, putting "/thread" was half me being a smartass & the other half because I thought of "the writers said they weren't going to do it & he works with too many Benders anyway" to be sort of the final nail in the coffin.

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    • There's no way Raiko would be able to install an Equalist government, unless he somehow captures a bloodbender with the same ability as Amon and forces/bribes them into supporting him. Even then, people would obviously notice that their bending was gone (and clearly if they were conscious), so they would be suspicious (well, duh), and the Equalists would be the first suspects if such an outbreak of loss of bending occured. 

      I'm pretty sure that the Equalist movement fizzled out after Amon was exposed (although this probably made true Equalists hate benders all the more) - seeing as Raiko is a non-bender, he probably made non-benders officially 'equal' in society.

      Also, how long are United Republic presidency terms? He's still in charge three years later, so people clearly didn't hate him that much to remove him from power.

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