• Sorry for the slow update to those of you who might've been wondering.

    I added a small mini story about Bumi and 2 new pictures to Year 19.

    Also, if you haven't noticed, Year 9 has had a few added stories now that Year 1 has a bit pertaining to the Search Comics. (SPOILERS WITHIN).

    Year 9 and 10 are not really done yet because of this...but it doesn't effect the rest of the story all that much in detail.

    ALSO! Year 55 is still out, and no comments, so I think I forgot to tell you about it. No pictures as of yet, but part 1 of the story is on there and it involves Space Swords...

    Lastly... TYATHYW is one vote away from a Triple Fanonbending Award, and Typhoonmaster has agreed to do a review of the fanon "Very Soon", so that's exciting!

    As always, thanks for reading and enjoy the fanon as I continuously try to make it better and then go on a long hiatus for many, many weeks.... XD

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