• This is a continuation of a discussion of PSUAvatar14's wall, which I feel is best open to all, about acknowledging in the Trivia section of Buttercup Raiko page that her name is a homage of sorts to the classic story The Princess Bride (TPB). While there are many differences in TPB and the events in Night of a Thousand Stars, I do think there are key similarities to warrant its inclusion (though it is conceivable to be due to cognitive bias on my part).

    Unlike the name Raiko, Buttercup is an English name so it seems a little out of place for an Asian-inspired fantasy world. The other character with an English name is May-Jim, though it is a cojoined frog spirit. If the writers wanted to give Raiko's wife an English name, why pick "Buttercup" of all the names to choose from?

    In TPB, Buttercup was arranged to be married to Prince Humperdinck, heir to the throne of Florin. Humperdinck covertly hired three outlaws to kidnap Buttercup and kill her on the shores of a rival country, Guilder, as a pretext for war between Florin and Guilder. Similarly, Varrick covertly hired waterbenders to kidnap Buttercup Raiko (and her husband) as a pretext for war between Republic City and the Northern Water Tribe (NWT). In both cases, the kidnapping is considered an act of war, which would force Republic City into a obligatory war with NWT (and ally themselves with SWT) rather than a discretionary war that Raiko can always avoid.

    I should also note that the kidnapping of the princess bride as a pretext for war is also central to the plot of TPB, not a minor or obscure subplot. Even without official confirmation (or denial) from the writers themselves, I think we still have enough to have this trivia item in her page. Thank you. Icon_biggrin.gif

    "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
    Inigo Montoya in the The Princess Bride
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    • Ginger is an american name.

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    • Good point. Now we have two human characters with English names. Maybe Ginger is reference to Ginger Rogers? It still does not weaken the overall argument on Buttercup Raiko though.

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    • Or maybe it's because she's a ginger.

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    • or maybe its reference to Ginger Grant the "movie star". Tim Hendrick is a movie buff and watched old shows, having put a bunch of references in Ember Island Players. We'll figure that out one day but I digress from the topic. @_@

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    • 3 words: Damsel in Distress.

      Kidnapping a chick is common, & the reason d'etre being to force the man to do something about it is also common. Everything after that could easily be coincidence.

      I don't know why they chose to name her Buttercup, but if they were going to put a reference in there, one would think that they would include an identifier. Perhaps a specific phrase. There is no shortage of Princess Bride memes.

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    • Well, trivia items can include confirmed similiarities and notable similarities. I don't think we have enough to conclude that "Her name is a homage to The Princess Bride..." unless the similiarity is confirmed by the writers or something. However, to edit the similarity as "She shares the name as the titular character in The Princess Bride..." may be fine if it is notable, though the threshold for notability is subjective. We have included notable similarities on other pages including some trivia items on The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South:

      • The name of the mover (Chinese: 努篤南方英雄) and the main character bear resemblance to those of the early silent film documentary Nanook of the North.

      The similarities with The Princess Bride meets my own personal threshold of notability. Does it meet other Wikians? If so, we just to need avoid any speculative language when including this trivia item. Otherwise, it's been a nice discussion nonetheless.

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    • Quoth Wikipedia:

      Buttercup may also refer to:

         Buttercups, the common name for Verticordia aurea
         Buttercup squash, a variety of the winter squash species Cucurbita maxima
         Buttercup, a fictional superhero
             Buttercup, a character in The Powerpuff Girls
             Buttercup (Kaoru Matsubara), a character in Powerpuff Girls Z
         Princess Buttercup, a character in The Princess Bride
         Little Buttercup, a character in HMS Pinafore
         Buttercup (Toy Story), a character in Toy Story 3
         Buttercup, Belize, a village in the Belize District
         Wittman Buttercup, a homebuilt aircraft
         Buttercup, the diabetic police horse in the movie Half Baked
         Buttercup (TV series), a Filipino television series
         Buttercup (fairy tale), a Norwegian fairy tale
         Buttercup Dickerson (1858–1920), a 19th-century Major League Baseball outfielder
         Sicilian Buttercup (chicken), a breed of chicken
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    • (Cough) Powerpuff Girls (Cough)

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    • They totally both wear green & have black hair.

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    • Neo Bahamut wrote:
      They totally both wear green & have black hair.

      True. The question becomes is that similarity as notable as the kidnapping as a pretext for war? The threshold of notability for the Trivia section is subjective on this wiki. Not always a slamdunk, but we do have them.

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    • I would argue that it's more notable, but that's only because I think that the "similarity" with Princess Bride is the least notable thing possible.

      It's freaking Damsel in Distress.

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    • Yep. It is a Damsel in distress story alright... with an absurd MacGuffin: the princess bride has to be kidnapped and killed to start a war between two countries. I am sure William Goodman could have picked a more reasonable underlying plot for his story but random silliness is one of the things the makes The Princess Bride an interesting read. You might want to check out tvtrope entries for Damsel in Distress and Living MacGuffin. xP

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    • An anonymous contributor
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