• Lady Lostris wrote: It was scooting over as in the initial shot there was one open spot at the left with no cushion. In the next shot you can see that the girl who was initially sitting next to the open spot is now sitting where the open spot was, thus indicating that they scooted over as the girl now sitting on the other corner is the one that said the haiku as Sokka arrived.

    Not every girl is always showed in every frame as it depends on the closeup. So in that shot, there was only one missing girl.

    No...The girl originally on the stage is the one who is now sitting where the open spot was. Some of the girls might have scooted or changed positions, but you can tell by the first stage lady's outfit. Her head garment has that pink flower and whitish-colored wrapping and its edges go slightly down, and she wears that white beaded necklace and blue eye makeup. This is the girl sitting where the open spot was. And yes, at least one girl did change positions: the girl with the darker face was shown surprised in back row's left spot from front view, so the second spot to the right, but then changed next to the original stage girl, so the third spot to the right. And I know that not every girl is shown in the frame, depending on the close-up. But in the slightly diagonal close-up after the canoe haiku, showing 3 front-row girls and the teacher's cushion, there was no third cushion or girl in the back row, and because it was diagonal, it looked like there was room enough to show a little of the 4th back-row girl or her cushion. So it seemed like 2 of the back-row girls were missing.

    We are having an editing argument over this, and I just want to know what people think of the original stage girl, where she now sits, and also how many girls in the back row that the diagonal close-up could have covered. It did cover up the 4th front row girl, but since it was diagonal, it looked like there could be part of the 4th back row girl. And neither the 3rd or 4th back row girls/cushions were shown.

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    • The real question here is... does it even really matter?

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    • No, it doesn't really; I'm not gonna care when I'm 80. But I just want to know: would you consider that scene of both rows shown from the back and a missing cushion a goof (due to the missing cushion)? And who is the girl now sitting on the cushion in the area of the previously missing one?

      Lady Lostris says it's not the lady who was first on the stage, but that girl has the same head garment, blue eye makeup, and white beaded necklace as the first stage lady. And none of the other girls have the exact same outfit, although Lady Lostris says so. I want to know.

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    • In all honesty, you both seem to be going a bit overboard with this one little detail, and it shouldn't be worth either of your time disagreeing over it. Is something this miniscule really a detriment to the Wiki if it's one way or the other? 

      If it's really that important to you, then I suggest this: watch the episode closely on some website in fullscreen and take screenshots (alt + print screen) to prove either your point or hers. Upload them, discuss them with her, and resolve it once and for all, because there's no point in getting the whole of the Wiki in on this. 

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    • Yeah, we are going overboard on this. I've pretty much gotten over it, since it's just a TV show. And I did watch the Sokka's part of the episode closely--many times, probably 10, but whatever. Like I said, it won't matter when I'm 80. I was just trying to help on the goofs, and It's just fun to watch the episodes.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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