• "To Neo Bahamut: no more talk about GMOs."

    Don't order me around, I hate that, & it makes me want to reopen the debate just to spite you, & show you that you don't have any authority over me. I already said that I'm closing the argument. Don't backseat mod, especially when you have nothing to contribute to the discussion.

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    • I didn't read all of your last post on the "Extinct 'Important' Creatures" because I saw it had to do with GMOs and skipped it. When I said to stop talking about it, I was just trying to close up the debate myself as GMOs have nothing to do with the Avatar world; I was just trying to ask in a rude sentence way--but I did edit and add "please" to it. So when I received this message, I read your whole post and saw that you said you were going to close it yourself. Thank you.

      I understand that no one likes to be ordered, but you telling me "don't order me around" is the same as you ordering me around. But whatever--let's just close this up peacefully by not talking about GMOs in Avatar topics anymore, okay?

      Thank you for trying to close up the debate. I was just trying to end the arguments about GMOs myself. This was all a complete misunderstanding. Let's just forget about all this and be friendly again, please.

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    • "I understand that no one likes to be ordered, but you telling me "don't order me around" is the same as you ordering me around."

      Yes, & then it would devolve into "DTMNTTYWTD," "DTMNTTYNTTMWTD," "DTMNTTYNTTMNTTYWTD" into infinity. And I would be just fine with that.

      But I generally don't stay mad. If you understand why I got irate, then I'm fine.

      I will occasionally start debating tangents in topics, but if they extend more than a few TL;DR posts, then I say that if they want to continue it, they'll have to come find me.

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    • I understand why you got angry. I don't generally stay mad either. So, can we be Avatar fan friends again?

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    • Yeah, I don't make it a point to hold grudges.

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    • Me either. Everything's good. Just wondering--how do you compare the Avatar comics and Korra show to the original show? I thought the first book of Legend of Korra wasn't as exciting as Last Airbender, but the comics seem ok. Others are saying the comics are no good. What's your opinion?

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    • Korra: I generally like Korra more than the original show. Nothing in the original show was bad, it's pretty much as amazing as everyone says. But some of my complaints were that I'd seen the general setting a million times, & that the plot could have been tighter, both things that Korra does differently. But that's a tentative comparison, because Korra isn't even half as long yet.

      The Promise: It was pretty bad. There was a lot of character derailment, & pretty much the whole second act could have been cut out. I didn't even think that it was particularly fun filler, because Toph's students were so ridiculously 1-dimensional. Also, while it was supposed to bridge the gap between Korra & Aang, it did very little, hence why they keep making more trilogies. Also so that they can have a marketing tie-in for each Book of Korra.

      The Search: It's much better than The Promise. The art has improved, the story is more interesting, the characters act more logically. I don't really like the whole Ikem plot twist, I will find it absurd if Zuko's father looks absolutely nothing like him, but if it's not true, then what's the point of this guy? Once again, I'm withholding judgment until it's finished.

      If we're including the Mai comic, the art is just embarrassingly bad, but the story is far better than I expected from it.

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