• Year 47.

    I know, you're probably thinking WHAAAT? But, I was watching a little sea-related television recently and came up with the perfect ending story for Koko. Read all about it!

    Also, I added a BOATLOAD of new characters to the Character's Page as well as a new group. Go and tell me what you think, and DONT forget to vote for July's Character of the Month!

    I know this isn't that Year 51 update most of you have been chewing furniture about, but now that Koko is out of the way, NOTHING will stop me from finishing that chapter next!

    • Oh and in case no one realized this, I made my fanon to be like the Tales of Ba Sing Se---random and shifting storylines and all. It took me a little while to figure that out, but I realized that really is what happened there!
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