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The Thin Claws were a force of elite warriors and scouts who directly served the Chief of the Water Tribes, holding the distinguished role of being the ruler's sworn brothers. Based at the Northern Water Tribe's capital Agna Qel'a, they were part of the Northern Guard and thus the military of the Water Tribe.[1] In contrast to the rest of the military, however, the Thin Claws were often dispatched on missions overseas, including covert operations.[1][2]


In year 17 of the era of Yangchen, a Thin Claw scout infilitrated the shang city of Bin-Er on the orders of Chief Oyaluk. The man was tasked with following and possibly capturing Kavik, an informant whose association to Avatar Yangchen and the Unanimity project had become known to the Water Tribe leadership.[2]

After finding Kavik, the Thin Claw tailed the informant until the latter realized that he was being followed. Kavik tried to evade the Thin Claw, but the warrior proved to be an excellent tracker. The Thin Claw eventually cornered the informant, using his waterbending to concentrate the surrounding sources of water at his hands, thus depriving Kavik of means to fight back. Before he could do any more, however, the Thin Claw was knocked out by Ayunerak, a Order of the White Lotus member who subsequently took Kavik under her wing.[2]


  • Though not outright stated, Kavik's wording suggests that the Thin Claws were a solely male unit, as they were recruited from the Northern Water Tribe[1] which did not allow women to train as warriors until 100 AG.[3] Conversely, one possible Thin Claws member, Akuudan, was a Southern Water Tribe native,[1] albeit a relative of the Northern Royal Family.[4]
  • Kavik speculated that Tayagum and Akuudan had once served as Thin Claws. Though the two did not directly confirm their membership in the group, they admitted to had served in a high-profile, secretive military capacity for Chief Oyaluk during the Platinum Affair.[1]


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