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Thi is a technologist from Republic City. He once worked for the Creeping Crystal Triad, but later tried to turn his life around, inspired by the example of Avatar Korra.[1]


A brilliant technologist, Thi was able to make several truly impressive devices that he used on behalf of the Creeping Crystal Triad to try to expand their control over Republic City. The Crystals paid his bills, gave him tools, and gave him a workshop. As he was from the rough parts of Republic City, he thought that it was just how the world worked.

However, everything changed for Thi when he saw Avatar Korra in action during the Earth Empire attack on Republic City. Ever since, he tried to learn all he could about Korra, and came to realize that for all her incredible power, she was a true hero who used care and kindness to change the world. Eventually he could not justify working with and arming the Crystals anymore. The invasion also scattered the city with ample technology for Thi to experiment with.

When he told the triad he was out, Thi ended up in a fight against their lieutenant, Amrita, to escape from his own workshop. Thi made it, and set up a new hidden workshop elsewhere in the city near Yue Bay. Since leaving the triad, he tried to do his best to live up to Korra's example, including thinking of ways to take down those he formerly armed.[1]

Thi met Bolin on a team where he protected a train depot from saboteurs, working together with Erdene, Qacha, Meeka, and Dae to resolve the situation. After this incident, Bolin asked to meet the five again for a quick noodle lunch at Dancing Dan's Noodles near the Varrimovers International Studio. He explained that the production of new mover Sengo: Lady of the Winds was having problems, and that he suspected that benders were endangering the set. Being busy as President Zhu Li Moon's personal assistant, Bolin asked the team if they could do him a favor by handling security for the mover production.[2]


Thi is a rather loud individual. Since the Earth Empire attack, he aspires to live by Avatar Korra's example and do what is right.[1]


Thi is a master at putting together bits of technology into new, surprising, and often dangerous mechanisms. He mainly fights with pneumatic rods that can explosively extend with a touch of a button.[1]


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]


  • Thi is a pregenerated character for players to use in Movers & Shakers, using The Hammer playbook.[1]
  • The name Thi is given as an example of an Earth Kingdom name in the game's Core Book.[3] Given this, and the fact that he worked for the Creeping Crystal Triad, it is likely that Thi is of Earth Kingdom heritage, although this is not explicitly confirmed.