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This article is about the Equalist rally. For the episode, see "The Revelation (episode)".

The Revelation was an Equalist rally held with the intention of gaining more supporters for the Equalist movement and publicly displaying Amon's ability to remove bending. Several members of the Triple Threat Triad were kidnapped to serve as Amon's subjects for bending removal, including Bolin, who had recently been recruited into the group. Shortly after it began, Avatar Korra and Mako infiltrated the rally in a successful attempt to rescue the earthbender before his bending was taken away. Amon allowed the benders to escape, knowing that they would spread the news of his ability.[1]


In an attempt to gain more supporters, as well as display their leader Amon's ability to sever bending, the Equalists set up a rally at a hidden location. This location was revealed through a set of invitations which could be obtained from advocates of the revolutionary group, such as the protester. The backs of several invitations could be pieced together to obtain a map which revealed the rally's location.[1]


Bolin and other Triple Threat Triad members were kidnapped.

In order to gain victims for the rally, the Equalists sent a group of chi blockers to kidnap members from the Triple Threat Triad. The chi blockers broke into the Triad's headquarters and made off with Lightning Bolt Zolt, Shady Shin, Bolin, and several other members of the triad.

Mako and Korra, who had been searching for Bolin, arrived just in time to see him and another man being pulled away in a large truck. The two raced after the Equalists on Naga, and after much pursuing, a few Equalists hopped off of motorcycles and chi blocked Korra and Mako, successfully throwing them off their trail. Before the chi blockers could do more harm, the polar bear dog was able to scare them off. However, the two friends lost Bolin's trail.[1]

The rally

Amon shared his alleged life story with the audience.

Avatar Korra was able to gather the location of the rally by taking several fliers from an Equalist protester in Republic City Park.

She and Mako put on disguises and entered the building pretending to be nonbending citizens. They took their seats and watched as Amon came onto the stage and told the Equalists how he allegedly had been raised on a farm by two nonbending farmers and how a firebender killed his parents and burned his face, forcing him to wear a mask. He claimed that a spirit had given him the ability to take away bending and that the spirit claimed the Avatar had failed the world and balance had to be restored.[1]

Removing bending

Lightning Bolt Zolt collapsed after Amon removed his firebending.

Amon went to Lightning Bolt Zolt, and said he was going to take his bending away, but to be fair would give him a chance to fight back. Lightning Bolt Zolt was at first pleased with this deal, but Amon defeated him with ease and removed his bending. Amon continued this process for the rest of the people in line, forcing Mako and Korra to rush to come up with a plan.

They eventually came to the idea that there was steam throughout the building, and if Korra could bend it to create a thick fog nobody would notice if they grabbed Bolin from offstage. Korra agreed to this plan, and went back in an attempt to bust open some pipes. However, the doorman soon spotted what she was doing and attempted to beat her, but she defeated him with ease and noticed that she had busted some pipes in the process of fighting him, which she used to create the fog as the plan had said.[1]

End of the rally

Amon ordered the Equalists to let the Avatar escape.

Just as Bolin's bending was about to be removed, the fog washed on stage, causing all of the spectators to flee the scene. Mako ran and grabbed Bolin offstage and attempted to escape. On the way out, the siblings were caught by the Lieutenant, who fought and defeated them with ease. Korra soon came up behind him, and defeated him with a swift surprise blow, grabbed Bolin and Mako, and the trio fled the scene.

Amon soon came out, but only in time to catch the trio running from the scene. The Lieutenant asked Amon if the Equalists should pursue them, but Amon said no, because the Avatar would be the perfect messenger of his power.[1]


As a result of the Revelation, the public's awareness of the Equalist movement rose, and the Republic City population became aware of Amon's prowess. The Equalists became a larger threat, and this eventually led to Councilman Tarrlok's creation of a task force to weed out Equalist facilities, such as places where chi blockers were trained.[2]


  • There were originally plans to have a "foaming mouth girl" at the rally, but this plan was scrapped as the creators felt it undermined the creepiness of the event.[3] The character is still present, but does not act unusually.[1][4]