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This article is about the real world.
This article is about the chapter from The Shadow of Kyoshi. For The Legend of Korra episode, see "Reunion".

"The Reunion" is the fourth chapter of The Shadow of Kyoshi.


Kyoshi and Jinpa travel to Royal Caldera City, the Fire Nation Capital, where she is reunited with Rangi.


Kyoshi thinks it is strange that getting closer to some volcanoes makes her feel better as Jinpa waves Yingyong over the thermals in between. She sees the settlements on the smaller islands, including pastures and tea farms, and the tail formed by the landmasses that leads to Capital Island. As they fly lower, she notices preparations being made for the Festival of Szeto: strings of red paper lanterns on the streets, the vendors hammering their stalls, and dancers practicing on a platform. Kyoshi wishes she could enjoy it with the citizens instead of attending formal business as they continue up the slope of the caldera that housed Royal Caldera City.

Jinpa asks if they should announce themselves and she answers that the letter said they should go straight to the palace as she takes in the capital, thinking that it concentrates its status like the point of a spear with towers rising into the air. The Avatar sees lantern barges paddling across the several lakes in the bowl of the caldera, referred to by outsiders as the queen and her daughters and, in the center of the depression, the royal palace. It is surrounded by a ring of stone that exposes attackers and has a sparse garden within the inner walls. Kyoshi considers the lack of trees could be a security measure to prevent thieves and assassins from moving undetected. There is a central spire pointed to the sky and flanked by two pagodas with upturned eaves that make it difficult to sneak in from above. Kyoshi is angry with herself as she evaluates the Fire Lord's home like a building she has to get into and escape from due to the habits of the Flying Opera Company. Jinpa asks where they are supposed to land, not wanting to go over the wall since that might not be permitted as there are mounted cross-bows for security. She tells him to land in front of the main gate, but not too close.

Yingyong lands and they walk to the iron gate and it begins to open, moving upward. Kyoshi is delighted to see Rangi, who is wearing the armor of a higher-ranking officer, thinking that she has not changed. The firebender's silence unsettles Kyoshi, as she assumes Rangi does not care about her anymore, but then Rangi begins laughing and choking as she leans her hand against the wall. Rangi gasps for air and tells Kyoshi she sprinted over here across the grounds to look impressive while greeting her and that she must be out of shape. The Avatar feels relieved and Rangi, noting that they are in the palace gate's blind spot, yanks her inside, and kisses her.

Production notes


  • This chapter has only six pages, making it the shortest of the book.