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The Reckoning of Roku is the fifth novel in the Chronicles of the Avatar series and the first to focus on the life of Avatar Roku. Written by Randy Ribay in his debut for the franchise, it is scheduled to be released on July 23, 2024.[2]


Roku never expected to be the Avatar. Even his best friend, Crown Prince Sozin of the Fire Nation, doubts the accuracy of the Fire Sages' announcement. After all, Sozin is the strongest Firebender of their generation, while Roku struggles to grasp basic airbending principles — even after months of training under Sister Disha, his airbending master.

When Sozin requests the new Avatar's aid in preventing the Earth Kingdom from claiming a remote Fire Nation island, it doesn't surprise Roku that Sister Disha advises him to decline. Convinced the Earth King's aggressive expansion of territory points to a more insidious agenda, Roku steals away with the help of an irritating young Airbender named Gyatso. As the reluctant companions delve deeper into their wayward mission, they realize the fog-shrouded island harbors a secret that could lead to catastrophe in the wrong hands.

Plagued by self-doubt but eager to confront the dangers ahead, Avatar Roku must learn where to place his trust and what it means to be a spirit of no nation . . . even if the lesson comes at a great personal cost.


1. "A Spirit of No Nation"
2. "The Letting Go"
3. "A Way Through"
4. "A Visitor"


  • The novel will be the first in the Chronicles of the Avatar series not to be written by F. C. Yee.
  • The cover art for the novel will be the first in the series illustrated by a different artist than Rola Chang.
  • The release of the novel was originally delayed from its July 23 release to August 20, before being moved back to its original date.[2]