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Long Feng and Dai Li agents
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"You're from a comfortable family, not beholden to anyone by money or debt. You're too low-level to be worth anyone's attention, but just skilled enough to be useful."
Yangchen talking to Kavik.

"The Proposition" is the seventh chapter of The Dawn of Yangchen.


Yangchen offers Kavik a chance to be her errand runner, gathering information for her in secret while she performs her Avatar duties in public.


While in his room, Kavik asks Yangchen to just get the punishment over with, to which Yangchen responds with her intention to recruit him instead of punish him.

Yangchen explains that, in order to be an effective Avatar, she needs to make informed decisions which require good information. She adds that, unfortunately, most of the people advising her are spies collecting information for their own masters or feeding her false information. Therefore, she performs her traditional Avatar role when in public, but uses a small number of associates whom she trusts to gather information in secret.

Kavik is confused by Yangchen's explanation, as he does not understand why she would pick someone with whom she does not have any connection. Yangchen mentions that their lack of connection is precisely why she wants him, since he is from a comfortable family without debt, too low level to attract attention and skilled enough to be useful. Although Kavik is initially offended by the Air Nomad's remarks, she further explains that she had believed his lie about his family and she is usually good at telling when somebody is lying to her face. She also mentions that the only reason he did not escape from the Blue Manse was because she intervened, complimenting his skills.

The Avatar explains that her group of associates is small since she had to resort to close friends, people who owed her favors and fanatic devotees to the Avatar. After Kavik refuses her proposition, Yangchen reinforces that the waterbender fits neatly in the category of people who owe her, since she had let him go without punishment after attempted theft of intelligence, a crime most Avatars would not take lightly.

Kavik is shocked at her attempt to blackmail him, but she reiterates that she is giving him a chance to do some good, but only with Yangchen as his broker. She then professes that it is not fair to threaten him with the inside of a jail cell, so she airbends Kavik out of the way, leaves his room, and re-enters the main chamber where she announces to the waterbender's parents that, in recognition of Kavik's good heart and bravery, she is offering him a place as her companion.

Tapeesa shrieks with joy and Ujurak starts crying, seeing as a position as an Avatar companion would mean Kavik would go down in the annals of history. As his parents embrace each other, Yangchen reminds Kavik that he is free to refuse the offer. Kavik, pressured to accept by the happiness of his parents, expresses that he hates her, to which Yangchen tells him that she would let him sleep on it.