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The Pebble was a crococat belonging to The Boulder, a professional earthbending wrestler.[1]


The Boulder and The Pebble

The Boulder introduced his crococat to Toph.

The Boulder owned the Pebble for several years, though The Boulder hid his beloved pet from the public as it did not fit his image as a tough wrestler. Despite their good relationship, The Boulder occasionally had trouble with his pet, such as when he attempted to take The Pebble to a veterinarian multiple times. On each occasion, the crococat became extremely obstinate and aggressive. Once, The Pebble even knocked out the wrestler. Thereafter, he refrained from mentioning veterinarians around his pet.[1]

As it turned out, The Boulder had been unaware that his pet was female and pregnant, explaining its extreme hunger — the crococat had to bulk up to feed its young. Shortly after their birth, the Boulder named the Pebble and her kittens "The Pebblets".[1]

Sometime later, The Pebble and her young visited an Earth Rumble tournament, during which they were all wearing The Boulder fan merchandise. They were also given a "special shout-out" by The Boulder, where he adressed them as his "number one fans".[1]


The Boulder[]

The Pebble and The Boulder seemed to have a loving relationship, as he evidently had a soft spot for his pet crococat, while The Pebble also cheered on her owner at his wrestling matches.

Toph Beifong[]

Toph was very kind to The Pebble, and tried to figure out what was wrong when the crococat was showing signs of bad behavior. She was also the first one to find out that The Pebble was pregnant.[1]


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