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The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience is an interactive e-book based on the animated series The Legend of Korra that features exclusive production content from the first book as well as new material from the second book. The book also contains concept art, design works, and hidden content.[1]

The book was made available for free download on July 2, 2013. It consists of 101 pages, split into nine chapters of the aforementioned material, most of which had never been revealed to the public before. An iPad is required to view the content through the iBooks application, as the e-book was made specifically for digital reading.[1]


The book contains eight chapters:

  1. The Backstory (pages one and two)
  2. Chapter guide (pages three through 39)
  3. Characters (pages 40 through 52)
  4. Locations (pages 53 through 57)
  5. Storyboards (pages 58 through 70)
  6. Music (pages 72 through 78)
  7. Book 2 First Look (pages 79 through 91)
  8. Fan guide to Korra (pages 92 through 99)
  9. Credits and acknowledgements (pages 100 and 101)

The book also includes a short clip of the opening sequence from the second series.

Chapter One: Backstory[]

The backstory is a short excerpt that describes the changes that occurred in the Avatar World following the end of the Hundred Year War. Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko worked together to restore peace and balance among the four nations by forming the United Republic of Nations, a fifth nation created from the Fire Nation colonies where benders and nonbenders from all walks of life could live together harmoniously. The capital, Republic City, is a site of exponential technological advancement.

It is also revealed that Aang and Katara married and eventually had three children: Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin. Aang trained Tenzin in the art of airbending and passed down to him the teachings of the Air Nomads. The two restored the four air temples and established Air Temple Island in Republic City, where the nonbending Air Acolytes settled and lived according to Air Nomad culture.

To safeguard his next incarnation, Aang enlisted the help of the Order of the White Lotus. He died at the age of 66, and was reincarnated into the Southern Water Tribe as Korra.

Chapter Two: Chapter guide[]

The chapter guide features a brief synopsis for each episode of the first book, along with initial frame sketches and final screen captures for particular scenes. Each episode also provides a preliminary animatic, a sequence created from a series of still images edited together and displayed with initial dialogue and music. An external link to purchase each episode on iTunes is also located on the bottom left corner of each page.

Chapter Three: Characters[]

Lin concept art

Early concept art for Lin Beifong.

This chapter includes a brief bio for the main characters featured in the first book, including the members of Team Avatar, Tenzin, Katara, Lin Beifong, and Amon. Several pieces of concept art are also included for viewing. The end of the chapter features minor characters including Councilman Tarrlok, General Iroh, Pema, Hiroshi Sato, and Tenzin's three children. An external link to purchase The Legend of Korra—The Art of the Animated Series, Book One: Air is also located in each page.

Chapter Four: Locations[]

This chapter focuses on the emergence of the United Republic of Nations following the Harmony Restoration Movement. It provides both conceptual and finalized panoramic shots of Republic City. A section also focuses on the origins of pro-bending in Republic City, and a complete copy of the rule book along with a complete list of competing pro-bending teams is accessible from the side. Concept art and final screen captures of other notable landmarks in Republic City are also provided, including Air Temple Island and Aang Memorial Island.

Chapter Five: Storyboards[]

This chapter is similar to the chapter guide in that it features panels from early development, along with a single scene storyboard sequence for each episode. The final cut of each scene is superimposed onto the bottom right corner of the storyboard sequence so that a comparison between development and post-production can be easily made.

Chapter Six: Music[]

Chapter Seven: Book Two first look[]

Young Unalaq concept art

Concept art for young Unalaq.

This chapter features new exclusive content from the second book, including character bios, animatics, and the title card for the first episode, "Rebel Spirit". An animatic on page 73 shows Bolin leading the new Fire Ferrets to defeat in a pro-bending match, Mako pursuing a pair of criminals as part of Republic City's police force, Asami attempting to reinvigorate Future Industries, and Korra using the Avatar State to win an air scooter race against Tenzin's children.

A character section also reveals more information about Korra's father, Tonraq, and introduces new characters from the second book, including Korra's cousins Desna and Eska, Chief Unalaq, Varrick, and a dark spirit, a supernatural entity that serves as an antagonist in the second book.

Chapter Eight: Fan guide to Korra[]

This chapter provides external links to various social media, including Korra Nation on Tumblr and the official series page on Facebook. Links are also provided for The Legend of Korra iTunes page, where episodes of the first book and the artbook are available for purchase.

Chapter Nine: Credits and acknowledgements[]

This chapter recognizes the contributions of series founders Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, along with illustrators Joaquim Dos Santos and Ki Hyun Ryu, who designed and provided a large majority of the production content featured in the book.

Hidden content[]

  • On page 24, clicking Hiroshi Sato's image will reveal hidden designs and model sheets for the mecha tanks.
  • On page 41, clicking Amon's image will reveal a hidden video clip from "The Revelation" introducing Amon.
  • On page 43, clicking Mako's image will reveal a hidden video clip from "The Voice in the Night" of Mako getting ready for his date with Asami.
  • On page 52, clicking either Jinora's, Ikki's, or Meelo's image will reveal a hidden video clip from "Turning the Tides" of the three children aiding Lin Beifong in battling Equalists at Air Temple Island.
  • On page 60, clicking Meelo's image will reveal a hidden video clip from "Turning The Tides" of Lin holding Meelo prior to Tenzin's departure for City Hall.
  • On page 64, clicking Bolin's image will reveal a hidden video clip from "The Spirit of Competition" of Bolin battling the Black Quarry Boar-q-pines during the quarterfinals of the Pro-bending Tournament.
  • On page 87, clicking the dark spirit will reveal a hidden animatic from "Rebel Spirit" of Korra's first encounter with a dark spirit.


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